The Pig Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She dreams big and does everything she can to make her dreams come true, all whilst remaining elegant and delicate.

Pig Woman

The Pig woman is sincere, direct and can have a lot of patience. Humble and usually timid, she prefers to work from the shadows and is always next to the ones she loves when they need support.

This lady keeps quiet when she doesn’t know people very well, but the more she starts to trust, the kinder and more cheerful she reveals herself to be.

The Pig woman in a nutshell:

  • Pig years include: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031
  • Strengths: Attentive, enthusiastic and sensual;
  • Weaknesses: Cautious, victimizing and unstable;
  • Life challenge: Learning not to be afraid of big decisions;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can offer her comfort.

It’s easy to trust her because she wouldn’t let anyone down. When it comes for this lady to participate to any social meeting, she’s very diplomatic and respects the rules.

A big dreamer with sparks in her eyes

The woman born in the year of the Pig is an amazing lover who likes to think deep. She wouldn’t establish a physical connection without being emotionally attached.

It may take her a while to develop feelings, but you can be sure her loyalty will last for a lifetime. She likes adventure, but not in the bedroom, where she keeps everything settled.

If it is for her relationships to grow, this lady needs to have faith in the person with whom she’s in love and to feel his warmth. A man who’s nurturing and sincere will have all of her love.

Because she’s sensitive, she gets emotionally attached and can smother her lover with too much love. That’s why this Pig lady needs to be careful not to push her lover away.

When it comes for her to host a party, she’s the best at cooking the food and welcoming guests. Not to mention that everyone loves her for her politeness. This lady forgives quickly and is not known for holding grudges.

The Pig woman is childish, no matter how old, and this can be a problem for those who want a more mature woman in their life. It’s just that being girlie makes her feel comfortable and secure as it’s easier to escape reality and all the responsibilities this way.

She may never want to make a big decision because she likes being taken care of, staying at home where it’s comfortable and having a person who deals with all the important things happening in her everyday life.

The lady in this sign has an excellent memory and often lives in the past because she gives a lot of importance to events that are long gone. She most likely feels the security of her childhood years very intensely.

It can be easy to determine why she feels in a certain way just by looking at what it happened during times in her life that are long gone. She will hold on to all the pictures, letters, toys and friends she used to have in her school years.

She likes a domestic life and would never protest for women’s rights. A homemaker and hostess as good as her is rare to find because she really enjoys having people over.

The lady born in the year of the Pig dreams big and has a lot of chances to make her goals a reality. It’s often that she also has premonitory dreams. This lady likes to twist reality and to dress-up, exaggerating all the time when telling a story.

You will find out that she’s all the time going to carnivals and masked balls, or that her way of seeing things is much more romantic than others’.

As one of the most sensual ladies in the Chinese zodiac, the Pig woman has charm and a sex appeal that can make any man go crazy about her. It’s easy to spot her because she’s the one on whom all the eyes are upon, and also the lady who doesn’t speak too much.

Having a poetic air and a sensitive soul, her eyes reflect very well the intensity at which she would like to experience noble feelings. When it comes to love, she wouldn’t get along with domineering men who don’t like to think deeply.

The Pig and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Pig1935, 1995Compassionate, generous and determined;
Fire Pig1947, 2007Merciful, courteous and sensual;
Earth Pig1959, 2019Melancholic, practical and friendly;
Metal Pig1911, 1971Honest, good-hearted and courteous;
Water Pig1923, 1983Cultured, melancholic and peaceful.

She’s a romantic

The woman born in the year of the Pig wants to be loved and will withstand any form of pressure if fallen seriously for a person. Expect her to always want to give a hand because it’s in her nature to offer all of her help and support.

It can be difficult to refuse her anything because she has a subtle way to convince people. Miss Pig can be pretty composed and judge very harshly, so many would not be able to understand her most of the time.

She will sometimes isolate herself and not communicate with anyone anymore, which is certainly not to the liking of many individuals who happen to be in her life at that certain point.

If you happen to be in love with this girl, pay attention to all this because her devotion and care are rare flowers. While she will have many partners before discovering who her true love is, she will be sensitive, giving and innocent with each and every one of them.

Miss Pig wants to get married because she’s a romantic, but the fact that she trusts everyone can be a real problem as many will take advantage of her naivety.

However, she won’t spend too much time feeling sorry for herself when disappointed, so expect an impressive return and a more energetic beginning from her side.

She’s flexible and doesn’t mind letting her partner be free as long as she feels love and trusts from him.

When in a relationship, the Pig woman expects all the love that she gives to be returned. Her partner needs to understand that she’s the type who requires constant attention and to never feel entrapped in a connection in which only she’s the giver.

It can be said her psychological build up is characterized by instability in her emotions. This lady can be too optimistic and funny one moment, then depressed and anxious the other.

It’s normal for her personality to change all the time and for her to become addicted to all the pleasures life has to offer. It can be easier to impress and convince this lady rather than it is with the man in the same sign.

She simply adapts and is very passive when others want to get their way, especially when with the man that happens to be in her life at some point.

It doesn’t matter if she has some interests herself, things that she wants won’t be allowed to happen because she would go with what her partner wants.

Not to mention she’s very naive and can believe anything someone is telling her because it gives her a pleasure to be the martyr whom everyone else is cheating.

Only when she’ll get older, this attitude will begin to be regretted. She doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd and prefers a mediocre existence. The Pig female won’t make too many efforts to accomplish great things, preferring to appear helpless because she isn’t in any way motivated.

However, determination and ambition are replaced by patience, a reserved attitude and attentiveness to details. She has her sixth sense developed even further than the Goat, no one being able to fool her intuition.

Sensitive to lies and very accurate, it can be almost impossible to deceive this lady because she immediately senses bad intentions. Some may say she’s sensitive to the pathological.

Cautious to never get hurt, the Pig woman hates any kind of surprises. When people criticize her, she feels miserable and down. That’s why many can find it difficult to stick around or to try and make her feel good.

She tends to feel sorry for herself and to cry for no reason. You can be sure she’s always thinking people don’t appreciate her efforts and great personality as they are supposed to because she tends to victimize herself to the extreme.

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