1959 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Pig Year – Personality Traits

These people plan things out accordingly and never rush to accomplish an objective because this is just not them.

1959 Earth Pig Year

Earth Pigs born in 1959 make for very good friends because they know how to behave and they are generally liked by everyone. They are dignified and have a very punctual personality, letting no one wait for them.

Moreover, they put in a lot of efforts in general, which will undoubtedly lead to a drop in efficiency and productivity from over-exertion.

1959 Earth Pig in a nutshell:

  • Style: Sentimental and dreamy;
  • Top qualities: Affectionate, diplomatic and lucky;
  • Challenges: Conflictual, pessimistic and arrogant;
  • Advice: They need to keep some discretion regarding their personal lives.

However, their efforts are duly rewarded as well because financially, they are literally moguls. Money swirls around them, it grows in their backyard, lucrative deals just come up to their door, and they live a very comfortable life in this way. Also, they aren’t really romantic, to begin with.

An understanding personality

Those born in 1959 are sociable and communicative, so much in fact, that they will be attending social events all week-long when they finish work.

Even at home, there is a constant atmosphere of partying and unrestrained joy. When they go to work, they strive to satisfy everyone, the customer and their boss.

What’s more, these natives are pragmatic and realistic. They never dream about unrealistic achievements, and they don’t deceive themselves with illusionary desires. What is unlike to come true has few chances of becoming a reality.

Towards their true aspirations, they will work endlessly, with great ambition and perseverance.

They are tolerant to nice people, helpful to those in need, and very appreciative of hard-working individuals. But they don’t suffer injustice, whatever form it may take.

They abhor having to see people treated unjustly, for groups of people to ostracize and isolate some individuals on purpose. They usually take action if they see such things unfold.

They have plans and they never go about doing anything without having a precise strategy in mind. Organized ideas and systematic thoughts are the hallmarks of the Earth Pig.

For all this realism and step-by-step approach, they aren’t robots who only want to ascend the social ladder. They are sensitive to the plights of others as well.

They love cooking for their friends and family. It’s just like a ritual of some sorts, a pleasing thing to do that creates a happy and comfortable atmosphere. Even more, they like to eat, gorge themselves with a symphony of tastes.

They wait it out, plan things out accordingly and never rush to accomplish an objective because that would ruin everything instead. Good things will come to those who wait, that’s how the saying goes, and the Earth Pig knows this intimately.

Moreover, they are one of the most sociable natives of the zodiac. They can’t stand it when they are alone. Groups of people, that’s their drug, the source of energy that keeps them going.

Just like the name says, the Earth Pigs like to bask in excess, to find a sense of comfort in only the most extravagant and beautiful things.

They like fashion, good foods, pricey paintings, and decorations, and this is why they often end up broke. Particularly, they can end up in a bind with their health due to overeating.

These natives are not known for their weakness and cowardly attitude. They will not abandon the boat at the first sight of a storm, nor will they back off from danger.

All challenges are to be met with impunity and boldness. They will face off against anyone and anything that gets in their way.

They always finish what they start, any project, any assignment, and they always respect deadlines. Once taken, a promise must be met with extreme punctuality. They are very determined and responsible.

Of course, this compensates for their love of comfort and tendency to procrastinate, to wallow in luxury and good food.

Love & Relationships

Things go a little harder with love and romantic relationships because the Earth Pig natives take it slowly, very slowly. Moreover, they don’t really know how to attract their partners and how to maintain the spark of interest.

However, they are deeply loyal and devoted once they find a way to make the next step.

Men of this sign, for example, want a long and steady relationship with only one woman for their entire lives. Someone to share everything with.

With marriage comes an even greater commitment. Earth Pig women, on the other hand, tend to have it a little easier because they are more romantic and sensitive.

Career aspects of the 1959 Earth Pig

The Earth Pigs are all compassionate and thoughtful. They will never step on bodies to achieve their goals.

Collateral victims are unacceptable, and they would rather sacrifice their time and effort to help someone get up after a disappointment, rather than ignoring it.

This same attitude guides them to an early retirement and true satisfaction at work, where everyone seems to respect and admire them.

Over time, they have tried finding multiple ideas for jobs, searching for the ideal workplace, what they liked first and foremost. However, their career is based on hard work and diligence. No matter what they do, they do it better than anyone else.

Ideally, they would make excellent teachers. Because of their strong empathy and compassionate personality, the kids would love them, and the students would admire them.

Obviously, they will be used and manipulated because of this well-natured and kind disposition. There are always people who want to take advantage of such pure-hearted individuals.

However, disappointments and failures will only drive them forward faster and faster. Money-related problems, more specifically, will help them tremendously to grow up.

Health and lifestyle

The Earth Pigs have to be extremely careful about overheating problems. The stomach and the spleen are the two organs that get affected the most. Indulgence is good, but when exaggerated, it only leads to health issues.

Even more, they should learn to be courageous and stop overthinking so much. It brings them a lot of regrets because they often miss out on opportunities.

Sure, being pragmatic and thoughtful is always good because it helps you avoid dangers and take only risks that you can control. But if they waste too much time, then nothing will be accomplished.

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