2007 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Pig Year – Personality Traits

These people are known to take part in many adventures and to achieve victories even when the odds are completely against them.

2007 Fire Pig Year

People born in 2007, the year of the Fire Pig, are friendly, idealistic and sometimes needy. Regardless if men or women, these Pigs have a lot of energy and tend to finish all of their projects, no matter how difficult.

However, because they’re desperate to achieve success, they can be impatient and anxious when working on something.

2007 Fire Pig in a nutshell:

  • Style: Charming and elegant;
  • Top qualities: Eloquent and sociable;
  • Challenges: Temperamental and spiteful;
  • Advice: They don’t need to be afraid to say what they think out loud.

Since they don’t mind taking advice from others and are very open, it’s easy for them to get along well with everyone and to develop strong friendships.

An assertive personality

Under the influence of the Fire element, Pig natives born in 2007 can no longer be afraid of taking the initiative.

Despite having many good qualities, natives of this sign tend to go with the flow and to follow others, but only those who are driven by kindness and intense feelings. Therefore, Pigs can become too passive and even lazy.

Luckily, Fire forces these natives to take action and to have a lot of energy. Fire Pigs be involved in many projects and fight for several causes, all of which will gather all of their focus and energy.

While usually assertive, Pigs want peace and to get along well with people, which means they don’t like opposing others.

On the other hand, Fire Pigs are more able to stand on their own two feet and to make their opinions heard. This means they’re the most idealistic natives of this sign, not to mention they have very good chances to succeed rapidly in life.

Fire Pigs are energetic, open, expressive, bold, emotional, intense and passionate. When trying to achieve success, there will be no one and nothing to sway them from the right path.

People in this sign and element are known to complete their projects and to always keep their word. Many of them will have a lot of power and lead others, not by taking care only of themselves, but also of their subordinates.

They’re courageous, confident and known to take risks no matter the situation because they really trust their intuition, especially when logic doesn’t seem to have an answer.

Fire Pigs are known to take part in many adventures and to achieve victory when the odds are completely against them. They’ll never end up being complacent because they simply love dealing with new opportunities and moving on.

Furthermore, they’re family-oriented and depend a lot on the ones they love. These natives are also hard-working because they want to make their loved ones happy and to enjoy luxury.

They don’t mind giving their time and money to anyone, being ready to help strangers in the street as well, because they simply love taking care of others.

However, since they’re emotional, Fire Pigs can become very nasty when things are not going their way. It seems they don’t really know how to deal with failure and their energy or drive can turn into extreme depression or anxiety in such situations.

People born in the year of the Fire Pig need to understand both success and failure are helpful in life. Problems can be avoided and their entire energy shouldn’t be focused on difficulties or disappointments.

Therefore, these natives must be aware of the fact that everything is coming to them in the form of a lesson from which they can learn a lot.

Fire Pigs can’t be happy if only working for themselves, so it’s possible for them to be involved with all kind of causes, not to mention they have high ideals and humanitarian tendencies.

When such generosity is combined with the highly energetic and ambitious Fire element, they become the most passionate fighters, especially for those who have been done wrong.

These Pigs seem to deal with many responsibilities without struggling because they simply love people and want justice to prevail.

They’re very passionate about their own relationships as well. When chasing someone, they become more energetic and sensual than other natives of the same sign.

Besides being great lovers, they can also offer their partner many interesting and fun times.

Different from Water Pigs, they never get to be overwhelmed by their own emotions or to become stuck in a routine, like Earth Pigs.

Fire natives of the Pig sign will always make sure their partner is having a great time with them. As a matter of fact, this element makes Pigs even more obsessed with pleasure and therefore, crazy about expensive food and wines, also about sharing these things.

In the same way, they’ll buy all kind of perfumes, creams and bath salts, in order to spoil themselves and to always look good.

While having many positive traits, this doesn’t mean Fire Pigs don’t feature some weaknesses as well.

For example, they can be impulsive and make rash decisions, not to mention no one can predict what they’re going to do. Therefore, these natives are suggested to think things through and to be more focused. It’s possible for them to be regarded as very stubborn, so they should keep their mind open all the time.

Love & Relationships

Lovers born in 2007 have some great personality traits that will help them develop strong relationships with others. These natives would never judge people in public, even if they can sometimes get angry and really upset.

It’s unlikely for them to be negative for a long time because they have a sweet personality, regardless of the harsh words used by them in some conversations.

People surrounding these natives should be tolerant and patient. Men born in the year of the Pig are romantic and dream about a marriage with someone they can love passionately. However, they are shy when trying to get their soulmate, so it’s possible for them to miss on great opportunities.

As soon as married, they’ll become great providers and be very faithful to their wives. However, it seems difficult for them to express their feelings, so their loved ones will often not understand them.

Ladies belonging to the Pig sign are beautiful, generous and soft, which means men will always want to protect them.

However, inside, these women are strong and confident. When married, they can be very supportive and considerate with their partner because many of them want to have a family and to enjoy a relaxed life. Their husbands will always feel secure around them.

Career aspects of the 2007 Fire Pig

These workers have a kind soul and are not known to lose their temper very often. They’re never dramatic and don’t mind compromising in order to bring about peace, as they want a lot of harmony in their life.

For this reason, it’s easy for them to have a career in charity and volunteering. They can understand any problem and are forgiving when others are making mistakes, not to mention how willing they are to give a helping hand when someone is in need.

Famous for their patience and goodwill, they could become appreciated teachers and loved coaches.

If they want to own a business, it’s suggested for them to be more courageous and to take some risks when making investments. Some obstacles in their way will never impede them from becoming wealthy and successful.

The Chinese Horoscope says they’re very good with property, so investing in Real Estate would be a good idea for them. Determined to succeed and always active, Fire Pigs can choose from many careers.

Being intelligent and passionate about philosophical concepts, they can become successful lawyers, writers and even artists.

Some of them may have high ideals about helping others, so they may become teachers and social workers. They could really inspire young minds to be more passionate and focused on success.

Health aspects

Fire Pigs are usually resistant against illnesses because they have a strong build. Seeming to possess immense resources of energy, they are always healthy and proud of this thing.

However, having too much confidence, they can miss on some symptoms that when neglected, may turn into serious health problems.

Furthermore, Pigs tend to be very busy, so it’s important for them to take a break from time to time. When the seasons are changing, they may experience difficulties with their breathing, not to mention they should pay attention to their diet because they’re sensitive to diabetes and heart problems.

Pigs would never give upon achieving their goals or give in when in trouble. While this may be very effective for their career, it’s not in any way good for their health.

Therefore, these natives should regularly visit the doctor and pay attention to minor symptoms their body is displaying. Fire Pigs are said to rule over the heart, so they should eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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