1971 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Pig Year – Personality Traits

These people are all the time ready to invest substantial efforts in any kind of endeavor, especially when others are involved too.

1971 Metal Pig Year

People born in the year 1971 are Metal Pigs in the Chinese zodiac and don’t mind taking on responsibilities or paying people back for their nice gestures. They seem to be very good at leading others, but they don’t mind living a simple life and not having an imposing social status.

1971 Metal Pig in a nutshell:

  • Style: Ambitious and resilient;
  • Top qualities: Lucky, hard-working and witty;
  • Challenges: Insecure and suspicious;
  • Advice: They need be more mindful of the risks they are taking.

It’s more important for them to live in peace and to not be stressed than to worry too much about work. These natives are very honest and famous for expressing their feelings openly. This means their love is always sincere and they sometimes can hurt people with their straightforwardness.

A serious personality

Metal Pigs are known for always being on time, for having an open mind and for repaying others after receiving a favor.

Furthermore, these natives have a kind heart and don’t mind giving a hand, so their friends really appreciate them for whom they are.

While good leaders, they are too lazy and happy with their life as it is, which means they’ll never chase success or become too active. If natives of this sign and element want to easily achieve their goals, they need to be more persistent.

Very hard-working, they’re not taking on responsibilities or work they haven’t carefully considered. Most of them are very open to express their feelings and to talk about emotions, but they can neglect others in this endeavor.

As soon as in love, they’ll pursue the person they like until getting him or her, not to mention how much they can impress with their sincerity and sweetness.

When it comes to their luck in romance, the males usually have a more favorable fate than females.

All Metal Pigs are known for keeping their family happy and for being involved in steady connections with their partner. However, the women may become too entangled with love, which means they need to be more cautious and struggle for their family to live in harmony.

When it comes to money, they seem to attract wealth fast, but they simply don’t know how to reduce their spending and increase their income, therefore, these Pigs will always have financial problems, especially when not paying attention to their budget.

It would be a good idea for them to start learning accounting and to invest in steady opportunities. It’s important they don’t become greedy because this can bring them a lot of bad luck.

While not enjoying conflict in any way, they’re still always ready to stand next to the ones they love and to their opinions, especially when being right. Because they’re hard working, it’s very possible for them to be managers at work and to keep the peace between colleagues.

Therefore, these natives are ruling by harmony and not by being domineering. When involved in a project, they’re completely committed, no matter if it’s about work or love.

The Chinese Horoscope says the natives of the sign and element are all the time ready to invest substantial efforts in any kind of endeavor. Just like all the other Pigs, they’re trustworthy and reliable.

They may have problems when thinking others are just like them and disappointment starts to make its way into their life. As a matter of fact, Metal Pigs tend to trust people immediately and to not cease from doing this until getting betrayed.

Therefore, being more cautious when it comes to judging characters would very much help them be happier. Furthermore, they’re very likable and for this reason, always surrounded by many friends.

All Chinese zodiac Pigs love living in comfort and indulging in their senses, which means their home will always be decorated in the most stylish way. They tend to pay attention only to pleasure and to spend too much, so being a little bit more reserved when it comes to what makes them happy would be a great idea for them.

Very strong and well-built, these natives enjoy expensive restaurants and can end up having health problems with their stomach. Keeping everything balanced is what could help them have less issues in their life.

Saying “no” to pleasure and putting money aside for a rainy day can turn them into more efficient people.

Metal Pigs have a lot of passion, thing that means they can become extreme, no matter if it’s about love or work. They tend to trust everyone, especially after spending a lot of time with a person.

Whenever having to express their feelings, they don’t mind doing it, but many can take advantage of them for being too honest, not to mention how their secrets can get revealed.

Metal Pigs born in 1971 are very friendly, expressive and hard-working. They don’t mind doing more than it’s already required of them because this is something that brings happiness into their life.

Generous with their money, efforts and time, they’re also known for their perseverance, especially when one of their projects needs to be completed. It’s not usual for them to give in when challenged.

Furthermore, they rely more on emotions than on logic, which means they aren’t really objective. However, they know diplomacy and would do anything to keep the peace in any relationship.

Metal Pigs will always strive to bring about reconciliation rather than to argue. They’re never imposing their own opinions, but when challenged, they become fierce, especially if fighting to prove their point. Having great objectives in mind, they can be very aggressive if provoked.

Love & Relationships

Metal Pigs give a lot of importance to physicality and intimacy, so it’s impossible for them to ever experience a platonic love.

They don’t mind being honest and telling what’s going on in their mind, which means they seem less romantic than others. However, this may not be true because they’re only looking to be sincere and to make others love them.

It’s possible they’ll talk too much about their feelings and others will get scared when seeing they can’t stop expressing themselves.

These natives are never shy or inhibited, not to mention that when they’re saying something, everyone can be sure they’re meaning it.

Therefore, their decisions are always firm and well calculated. In their unconsciousness, they believe everyone is like them and that Casanova characters are only present in movies or books.

When interested in someone and getting rejected, they simply prefer to move on and to look for a new love. Many will think of them as quitters who keep giving in without a fight.

However, this is not the case because they’re simply only changing their interests according to what life is offering them.

It’s difficult for Metal Pigs to understand what seduction means, so they need a partner who is as honest and communicative as them.

They’re very loyal to their other half and always seeking to reveal their sexuality. Furthermore, it’s difficult for them to have the second place in a relationship.

Career aspects of the 1971 Metal Pig

Strong and very determined, Metal Pigs can easily achieve success in any career. If open to develop their caring side more, they can be great doctors and social workers.

Having high ideals, they would do a great job as writers. Many of them are known as successful musicians.

Natives of this sign and element are very kind and warm, qualities that get revealed when they’re doing charity work and volunteer for different causes.

Because they can tolerate many things and are very understanding, the job of a teacher suits them very well.

They should avoid getting involved in business as it’s very easy to cheat them when it comes to finances. Furthermore, they could have great achievements in science, art, engineering and technology.

Lifestyle and health

People born in 1971, the year of the Metal Pig, are friendly, mannered and refined. Loving to do things perfectly and enjoying luxury, they can still be considered snobs by many.

These natives simply take pleasure in helping out their friends, but can become ruthless when being crossed. Always interested in gaining more knowledge, they’re very intelligent and a little bit pretentious.

The fact that they have determination is something positive about their personality, not to mention how helpful this thing can become when having to face a challenge.

The fact that they’re very serious and love very intensely makes them a little bit overwhelming for some individuals. Furthermore, they tend to trust people’s too much, which means many will take advantage of them.

The organs ruled by this sign and element are the lungs. While they may have a strong respiratory system, it’s suggested for Metal Pigs to still protect themselves against lung diseases by taking care of their respiratory system.

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