2018 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Dog Year – Personality Traits

These people seem to empower and motivate others, being appreciated for their understanding nature.

2018 Earth Dog Year

Children born in 2018 are Earth Dogs, which means they’ll also be the most down-to-earth natives of this sign, when adults. They’ll know what their limits are and what they can or can’t do. Furthermore, they’ll be more reliable and less agitated than their counterparts.

2018 Earth Dog in a nutshell:

  • Style: Pragmatic and dedicated;
  • Top qualities: Bold, faithful and gentle;
  • Challenges: Sarcastic and obsessive;
  • Advice: They need to accept that others have their own opinions.

Not at all selfish and very family-oriented, many will appreciate them for this and their honesty, loyalty or straightforwardness. The Earth element is known for closing transitions and for limiting the ideas of people. Therefore, Earth Dogs born into 2018 will be logical and focused on achieving what can be done, rather than dream about the impossible.

Aside from being very aware of their surroundings, they’ll also have a powerful intuition and care very much about others. They’ll not act until finding a rational reason to do it, not to mention they’ll be very strict.

An opinionated personality

Dogs born in 2018 will be cautious and pragmatic, even if their ideals and expectations will be very high.

Having these qualities, they’ll work hard to make their dreams come true and expect others to be as devoted and stable as they are.

They won’t be shy when having to express their opinions, so many will know them as straightforward and extremely honest, maybe sometimes to the extreme.

However, everyone will rely on them to offer good advice and to solve any kind of problem. When compared to the rest of the Dogs in the Chinese zodiac, these ones will be smart enough to listen to other people’s opinions and to accept different views than their own.

Because the Earth element brings about steadiness, they’ll be realistic and plan silently for their life to become better, without ever making impulsive decisions.

Furthermore, they’ll be very good at handling their own emotions, so it will be very unlikely to have them dealing with extreme feelings.

Possessing great intuition and being sensitive, they’ll be very efficient when working in teams, not to mention they’ll know how to bring the best in others and how to convince people to reveal their talents.

They’ll indeed be very worried about life and have a pessimistic attitude, but at least they won’t be obsessed with finances and the materialistic side of life, even if great providers for their family.

It will be suggested for them to ask for help from an accountant when wanting to invest their money. Others will always admire these natives for being themselves, even if they’ll have many moods and very high expectations from the ones they’ll love.

Earth Dogs born in 2018 will have intense emotions and a sensitive soul. It will be easy for them to identify what others are feeling, so they’ll struggle for harmony to be the thing that characterizes all of their relationships.

Many will like them, not because they’ll do something special, but more for being charismatic and enjoyable, not to mention how much they’ll love carrying out all kind of conversations and offering their advice.

Some will never see these traits of their personality as positive, so it’s possible they’ll annoy many of their friends when seeming nosy and feeling superior.

However, these Earth Dogs will in fact never be patronizing, more like the opposite. They won’t mind being led to success because they won’t have leadership abilities anyway, and prefer to act as the second violin.

Others will feel empowered and motivated to achieve great things by them as they’ll be true friends and valuable advisers for many of their loved ones.

Furthermore, they’ll be appreciated for always understanding and for offering their support in times of need. It will be easy for them to bring about peace in fiery arguments and to make compromises in order for harmony to get comfortably installed.

Without peace of mind, they won’t ever understand how others can think in a different way than them. It will be almost impossible for these natives to deal with the fact that some conversations and issues need debating and that harmony is not all the time a solution.

They won’t be able to see how fighting and a little bit of agitation can bring about freedom and relaxation, but things can become oppressive and very agitated when feelings are not being expressed.

This problem with Earth Dogs born in 2018 will be deeply rooted in their character and will appear when they’ll be dealing with others.

These natives will give their best to keep everything harmonious in their life, so it will be difficult to determine if their peace has been forced or is real.

They won’t talk about their anger or frustrations, which means their negative feelings will accumulate and eventually outburst. It can be said these Dogs will be masters at suppressing their negative emotions, thing that will not influence their subconscious in a positive way.

They’ll be very radical in their thinking and the older they’ll get, the more they won’t understand others, which is very sad considering how capable they’ll be of strong friendships.

When older, they’ll be very stubborn and eager to make their opinions heard. As soon as making a compromise, many will notice how they won’t in fact mean it.

They’ll have to realize negative feelings are part of their existence as well, for only this will help them reach the harmony they’ll so much need and the ability to flawlessly develop from an emotional point of view.

These natives will have many skills and be extremely perceptive when interacting with others. Their career will be prolific because they won’t mind working hard, not to mention their efficiency will all the time be appreciated.

Earth Dogs born in 2018 will keep a reserved attitude and be quiet, even if very capable of convincing others to help them achieve their goals, at any given time.

Having a kind soul and a generous nature, they’ll always be ready to give a hand when others will need them, this being the reason why many will simply love having them around.

They will be loyal and do everything for their loved ones to be happy. Injustice and unfairness will make them very angry, so they’ll struggle for equality and fairness every step of the way.

Many will appreciate them for their honesty and for being direct, not to mention that no matter how stubborn, they’ll always listen to other people’s points of view, even if not acting on them.

These natives will be more than happy to offer their advice and to be of help when others will require assistance. Their integrity and astuteness will have them being admired by all the important people in their life.

Furthermore, they’ll be very good judges of character and intelligent partners of conversation.

Despite possessing a lot of confidence, they won’t really know how to socialize because their nature will push them to enjoy quiet evenings with their friends instead of attending large meetings or going to parties.

It will be easy for these natives to talk about anything, not to mention how efficient they’ll be in times of crisis because they’ll keep calm and only show their quick-temper once in a while, for short periods of time.

Love & Relationships

Earth Dogs born in 2018 will want a stable relationship ever since very young. They’ll be family-oriented and very conservative when it comes to parenting.

If two of them will get married, their union will last for a lifetime. It can’t be sure how happy they’ll be in a relationship with another sign because no matter how loving, loyal and affectionate, these qualities can’t all the time be appreciated.

For example, some people will think their friendly love is not in any way interesting. More than this, these Dogs will never be spontaneous enough for those who have a lot of energy and are always wishing for something new to happen in their life.

If associated with such a person, they’ll very much argue with him or her, even if struggling to be understanding and flexible. More adventurous personalities will probably run away from them, as much as possible.

If Earth Dogs born in 2018 will learn relationships are also based on disputes and not only on peace, they’ll be more capable to make their love life spicier and to be very interesting for a certain type of people.

Becoming more independent and assertive while also chasing harmony will help them enjoy only happy and stable relationships.

Career aspects of the 2018 Earth Dogs

Colleagues of Earth Dogs born in 2018 will always count on these natives to give a helping hand and to make the projects they’d all be working on easier.

These Dogs will be very appreciated at their place of work. Having a noble air and being good at doing anything that isn’t too out of the ordinary, their results will be simple and valuable because they’ll invest a lot of efforts into them and be very conscientious when dealing with their work, thing that will also help them be respected and highly regarded.

It will be easy for them to be doctors, politicians, writers, lawyers, psychologists, nurses and even artists, not to mention many other professions that will give them the opportunity to help others will make them feel happy.

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