The Pig Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He is great at multitasking and tends to have more interests than most people around him, whilst counting a lot on his intuition.

Pig Man

The Pig man is courageous, impressive, giving and always positive. He doesn’t mind dealing with the big things in life and can surely be counted on.

Also known as the man in the sign of the Boar, he’s devoted to his friends and tends to stay next to people for a lifetime. His interests are many and a little bit all over the place.

The Pig man in a nutshell:

  • Pig years include: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031;
  • Strengths: Respectful, kind and elegant;
  • Weaknesses: Insistent, jealous and evasive;
  • Life challenge: Learning how to avoid people who take advantage of him;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is romantic and truly devoted.

Determined, this man is the flexible type who would rather be gentle and kind than aggressive. He doesn’t mind playing by the rules and is an enjoyable person to be around.

A charming and relaxed personality

It’s not easy being the Pig man because he puts a lot of pressure on himself. Not to mention that he’s a little bit feminine, showing his delicateness when life becomes harder and frustrations start to take over.

But all in all, he’s kind and would never let someone down. He may remember every little mistake his friends made and be caring only with those he loves, but if you happen to be one of his friends, you can rest assured he’ll take care of you.

This male individual likes spending time at home with his family, on which he closely watches. It’s true he can be a little bit lazy and secretly wishes to just sit around, but this is a good thing for he will never get sick with stress-related diseases.

Don’t try to make him change his mind about something because you won’t succeed.

Liking the finest and most expensive things in life, he will accept gifts from anyone who’s willing to surprise him. But he will spend more than he has when young, only for later to discover that money is not that important.

However, he will become wiser at managing his finances with age. He really understands his place and doesn’t want to be a guru in the business sector.

He likes to drink, eat and to take long baths. There’s no one easier to love than him, and he has every trait that make this affirmation true: kindness, friendliness, generosity, affection, honesty, humbleness, patience and loyalty.

The humanity would be at a great loss without his kind, that’s for sure. He knows how to charm because his soul is delicate and poetic, so he can please anyone.

It’s easy to be around him because he can make anyone feel confident. Even the most introverted people want to open up to this man. He can inspire intimacy because he’s innocent and spontaneous.

His freshness suggests that he will never lack too much soul and care for others. Calm and almost impossible to anger, he’s the one who says “sorry” first and doesn’t want to compete.

Never interested in leading, it’s hard to tell if he will ever be firm. This male Pig could never hurt someone or be vengeful because it’s simply not his style.

When he sees people who do harm and are evil, he can’t seem to understand and prefers to avoid them. It can be said he insists on being naive and on believing that everyone is good.

The Pig man can think with his heart and be subjective because he doesn’t detach and gets involved in everything. Therefore, he should strive to be more objective and cool.

He’s curious and very intelligent to be able to multi-task and to have more interests than anyone could ever imagine. But he’s not the best at focusing, preferring to let his heart deal with the projects he’s working on.

At least his intuition will always let him know of what’s true and what’s not. His sixth sense and third eye can give him a lot of precious information, so it’s OK to let him rely on them.

One of the humblest personalities in the Chinese zodiac, the Pig man prefers to keep a low profile, even if he knows he’s worth so much more and that he would achieve great things by being more aggressive.

He wants only peace and avoids conflicts, usually playing stupid when seeing an argument is about to start. You can make jokes about him, he won’t mind or remember you for being offensive. However, don’t expect him to laugh because he can’t see how to do it when the conversation is about him.

The Pig and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Pig1935, 1995Compassionate, generous and determined;
Fire Pig1947, 2007Merciful, courteous and sensual;
Earth Pig1959, 2019Melancholic, practical and friendly;
Metal Pig1911, 1971Honest, good-hearted and courteous;
Water Pig1923, 1983Cultured, melancholic and peaceful.

He makes a good partner

The man born in the year of the Pig will get married after trying a few relationships with different ladies. He likes to talk about sex and to experiment between the sheets.

If someone would reject him, he would simply look for another person with whom he can settle.

The Pig man can be jealous, which makes him less likable in romantic relationships. If reassured that he’s being loved, he can be less possessive, yet only after long battles of convincing him his partner doesn’t want other men.

If with the right person, he can love like no one else, being deep and truly devoted. Mister Pig is even the type who recites poetry because he’s very literate. Have him residing close to water and he will feel the most romantic.

Faithful and reliable, any woman can trust him to be a good partner. Those who are looking for an intense love story should definitely choose him.

Not to mention that when it comes to sex, he has the highest endurance in the Chinese zodiac. As a matter of fact, he’s quite famous for his passion and for making sex a priority.

He’s not easy to deal with because he keeps his negative feelings to himself. This is why many people let him have his own way, even if he may not be right.

While not the most imaginative the first time you meet him, he’s still capable of role playing and to make anyone happy by adopting a different personality.

If you are the type who prefers the unusual when it comes to love, then go for this man. However, be aware that he gets bored of conventionality and wants someone with whom he can have a lot of fun both between the sheets and outside.

The Pig man likes to stay up nights and talk, so expect him to be often tired during the day. Those who are looking for sensuality and startling new beginnings in a relationship are definitely the ones with whom he can have nocturne conversations.

The least interested in fame and recognition, he often associates these with having to be mischievous and deceptive. He runs away from competition more than athletes do at marathons.

Not the type to ask himself philosophical questions either, he just wants to live his life, to have harmony, friends and enough money. You’ll never see him asking for more than all this.

Life for him is as it comes, accepting things for what they are, not for how they should be. Everything in his life is simple, just like himself. He’s never ashamed of what he feels, and he’s quite sensitive.

With his heart always in the right place, the Pig man is never casual when it comes to his relationships. He wants to give, to think of others and to care for them in the best way he can.

He’s the type who loves animals and children and who could never hurt a fly. And he’s not compassionate, generous and kind because he has to, he simply has these traits deeply rooted in his personality.

That’s why people may want to take advantage of him from time to time. Since he thinks everyone is like him, it’s possible for him to get scammed and disappointed.

And still, he will continue to believe people are good and no one has the intention to do him any harm.

It’s impossible to convince him of the contrary, so it would be better not to try because you would only engage in a never-ending conversation that can’t bring about any results.

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