1983 Chinese Zodiac: Water Pig Year – Personality Traits

These people seem to be great communicators, having an amazing way with words, as well as an optimistic demeanor in most situations.

1983 Water Pig Year

Able to adapt to any new situation and intelligent, Water Pigs born in 1983 are also very good with words. These natives are all the time taking their responsibilities seriously, especially when it comes to work, not to mention how their relationships with others are usually stable.

However, they seem to have many personalities and can suddenly turn against the ones they love the most.

1983 Water Pig in a nutshell:

  • Style: Active and well-intentioned;
  • Top qualities: Hard-working, sincere and reliable;
  • Challenges: Wasteful, obstinate and impulsive;
  • Advice: They need to stop letting themselves influenced by other’s opinions.

Headstrong and very much interested in other people’s opinions about them, Water Pigs often don’t benefit from strong family ties and therefore, manage to make it in life on their own.

A dutiful personality

Water Pigs in the Chinese zodiac are serious, compassionate and generous. They seem to always live their life to the maximum and to make others want their company because they’re fun.

Generous to the extreme, they don’t expect anything in return when helping others. Being repaid in honesty is simply enough for them to be happy. These natives want peace and would do everything in their power to keep things in their life harmonious.

While this is admirable about their personality, it also makes it easier for others to take advantage of their kindness. Pigs are all the time looking to do a lot for others and to give a hand, even if they’re known to never ask for assistance themselves.

While this can be stressful and overwhelming, they don’t mind it in any way. As far as money goes, they prefer to spend rather than to save.

Always buying designer’s clothes, they obviously know when sales are happening and how they could find the best bargains.

Water Pigs are known as intelligent and very capable, also to have a great way with words. When it comes to work, they don’t hesitate to take on any responsibility and to be very serious.

However, they’re known for not being objective or depending on others, mostly because they’re too headstrong. Because they have a double personality, they can be good and evil at the same time, having their emotions being controlled by other people’s actions.

These natives seem to be very smart and dutiful, even if a little bit subjective. As soon as having their mind set to something, they won’t give up until obtaining it, no matter how many obstacles and regrets they may be feeling along the way.

It seems others want to help them in any way, so they need to invest a lot of hard work in order to accomplish what they want, but also to accept being given a hand. They’re very good at socializing and at being good friends.

Water Pigs know how to conduct a business, which means they’ll earn a lot of money as entrepreneurs.

They seem to have a lot of good luck with wealth, even if they don’t need that much to feel good. As soon as getting their hands on good opportunities and starting to use their unique ways with others, they’ll manage to possess real fortunes.

However, they need to stop being extravagant when shopping and start making budgets. Being influenced by Water on the double, they’re the most sensitive and compassionate Pigs in the Chinese zodiac.

These natives possess amazing social skills and are famous for being giving or understanding. They seem to love helping others, not to mention how effectively they can care for the ones they love the most.

Furthermore, these Pigs are great communicators who really know their way with words. Highly optimistic and always happy, they can only see the best in others or in different situations.

They very much enjoy making new friends, going to parties and other type of gatherings because they can really have a good time with their friends and are never harsh or judging if these happen to make a mistake.

Just like Pigs in the Metal element, they easily trust others and can be influenced by anyone, but they’re also good at influencing others themselves. They need to pay attention to people because many will want to use them.

The Water element helps Pigs be diplomatic and to see only the best in others. Natives of this sign and element simply refuse to believe individuals can be evil and need proof of bad behavior in order to no longer trust a person.

It’s great to have them as friends because they’re loyal and very supportive. Furthermore, they seem to have a lot of passion and to easily express their feelings because they simply love talking.

People born in 1983 are very open about their secrets because they want transparency and are not afraid to pursue it. Being open and sincere, they can make anyone feel comfortable around them.

However, they’re known for indulging too often and therefore, for cooking extravagant dinners, buying designer’s clothes and drinking expensive wines. If they don’t want to end up being completely broke, they need to ease their spending a little bit.

Furthermore, they should be careful with whom they’re trusting and try as much as possible to have a more analytical mind.

There are many people who can influence them in a bad way, especially since they’re always expressing their feelings and don’t mind sharing many of their secrets. It’s essential for these Pigs to talk less about their weaknesses because these discussions can be used against them.

Love & Relationships

Generous and supportive, Pigs can be the perfect partners, also because they exude sex appeal and have a lot of affection, not to mention how much they love cuddling in bed.

They seem to enjoy the simple life and really appreciate having a home, a family and peace of mind. As soon as finding the right partner, they’ll be committed to this person for a lifetime.

Water Pigs are very serious when it comes to love, not to mention they have great respect for their partner and his or her feelings. However, if cheated on and lied to, they choose to leave and to never look back.

Water Pigs are attentive to others’ needs and very delicate, but all these positive traits can’t compensate for the fact that they also have a few weaknesses. For example, it’s very easy for others to take advantage of them and to hurt their feelings.

More than this, these Pigs are known to be the least self-confident natives of this sign. In order for them to feel more secure and sure of themselves, they need to be involved in stable relationships.

As a matter of fact, the right partner can make them achieve great successes in life. This is all happening because they need to feel emotionally secure and to belong to a person.

Of course, being so focused on emotions brings about many problems, one of them having something to do with how sensitive these people are and how a meaningless criticism can upset them very much, no matter how true and honest.

The same emotions can have Water Pigs easy to impress and therefore, the ones of whom others are always taking advantage of. Because they tend to immediately trust people, they are more prone to states of depression and disappointment.

Maybe this is the reason why they’re all the time acting shy at first meetings. Perhaps they’re trying to protect themselves from getting hurt.

As a matter of fact, they can be very cold at first dates, but after deciding to make a commitment to someone, they become extremely passionate and deep about their own feelings.

Being curious and having strong emotions, Water Pigs can develop great intuition and become very good with business. While not in any way loud or imposing, they can really make their voice heard when closing a deal and negotiating the terms of a contract.

Career aspects of the 1983 Water Pig

Pigs love lending a helping hand at work, not to mention others can always count on them to always do their job. They seem to thrive when having to be creative as they have great attention for details, thing their superiors pretty much admire in them.

These natives are not scared of taking on any responsibility, so they could be great doctors, veterinarians and brokers. A career in the entertainment industry or interior design would suit them very well too, but they also have amazing talents for sales and the hospitality industry.

Water Pigs are smart and can understand very complex concepts, which means they’re suited for any career.

They could become social workers, teachers, psychologists or public relations specialists. Those of them who love to express themselves more should try being writers, designers or artists. Many Water Pigs are famous actors and TV show hosts.

Health aspects

Always looking to have fun, Water Pigs can often end up only indulging in pleasure and not doing anything else. Therefore, they can eat, drink or smoke too much, perhaps until getting sick.

Because they don’t like exercising and tend to stuff themselves with food, many of them might become overweight.

When alone, they become depressed, so it’s suggested for these natives to surround themselves with as many friends as possible.

What they should also do is have a healthy way of life. Water Pigs seem to rule over the kidneys, which means these natives should limit their alcohol intake and the consumption of fatty foods.

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