Pig Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Pig may keep some things to themselves but when it’s time to speak out, they can be more opinionated than anyone.

Pig Chinese Zodiac Animal

Those who are born in the year of the Pig have the touch of genius, are amiable and very kind. Their main traits will help them have peaceful and fulfilling lives.

They are honest and prefer to judge only after looking at a situation from both sides. It’s easy to be around them because they’re always expressing what goes through their mind.

The year of the Pig in a nutshell:

  • Pig years include: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031;
  • Strengths: Cooperative, gentle and enduring;
  • Weaknesses: Narcissistic, inconsiderate and cynical;
  • Blessed careers: Performing arts, Animal health, Administration and Hospitality;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is sensual and loving and who gets along with everyone.

They don’t like arguing and people love them because they are caring. It’s important they learn how to be more determined or they can turn into these lazy people who no longer care about anything.

A flexible personality

Active and passionate, these natives are convincing and insightful. It seems like they can remember everything without too many efforts.

Usually stubborn, Pig individuals don’t mind giving in if it’s about bringing back the peace. They love sharing what they have but all the giving has to come from them and they should be appreciated for it.

Wanting a balanced life and giving their best to differentiate the good from the bad, they can’t accept being lied to. They are usually wise and good conversationalists who check the facts before speaking.

It’s alright to trust them because they are always looking at the scientific data to the last detail. However, wanting to know the truth all the time can make them quite cynical and it can also push their friends away.

At least there’s no one more innocent, honest, honorable and flexible than them. Attentive and kind, Pigs are mannered individuals who would never let someone down. They don’t only want to do something, they want to do it the right way.

That’s why people admire this attitude of theirs all the time. Everything about these natives is about being nice, kind and giving. It’s like their main purpose on this planet is to be of help.

This is the reason why many will want to take advantage of them. Not only they’re easy to scam, they don’t mind it either because they think the basic nature of every human being is to be good.

It’s easy for them to put themselves last and to work in the benefit of others. And when it comes to companionship, there’s no one better than them at this.

But don’t think that having them as friends will put an end to all of your worries because while they’re devoted and generous, they still need to approve of someone before being the serious friends they can be.

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When it comes to giving these natives a hand, you can be sure they will rarely ask for it or even agree to be helped.

They don’t speak too often but as soon as they have started, there’s no one to stop them anymore. Just like the Monkeys, they have intellectual interests and are keen to learn all the time.

Many will say they’re snobs, but they are only giving their best to keep everything in good taste and for them to be as mannered as possible. They only want what’s beautiful and that’s about it.

There’s no one to beat them at dressing up stylishly and knowing the best foods. These natives are simply crazy about expensive restaurants and good wines.

Because they are always positive and joyful, it’s normal for them to often go out and to make new friends. Very easygoing and not at all demanding, others appreciate them for being loving and giving.

When you don’t know what to do about a problem or you have someone who needs a warm meal, you can just turn to the Pigs and they will give a hand.

Because they’re honest themselves, they expect everyone to be the same. Therefore, they trust everyone that comes their way. If someone would scam them, they would forget all about it the next day as they don’t really hold on to grudges.

However, this won’t last for too long because they would eventually draw the line and become very angry about the issue.

Attached to their home and passionate individuals, they need comfort, so their place will always be where everyone feels great and welcomed. They have the tendency to oscillate between being obsessed with work and too lazy.

Therefore, there will be moments when they won’t even clean their house and moments when everything will sparkle.

But all in all, Pigs are devoted to their home and believe in strong connections between the members of a family. It’s easy for them to adapt to anyone and anything because they have patience and are smart.

Pig’s love traits

The lover born in the year of the Pig will be careful when falling in love, but they will forget all about being cautious after they’ll commit to a relationship.

These people make one of the most stable lovers in the Chinese zodiac. While not the smartest when it comes to romantic matters, they can understand their partners and know how to act around them.

It doesn’t matter how much experience someone has, they will still impress them by being simple and a true charmer. Because they get along with everyone, Pigs are usually lucky when it comes to love and relationships.

Pig’s love compatibility

Best matches

Tiger, Goat and Rabbit

Bad matches

Snake and Monkey

They are relaxed and very friendly, which makes them very popular among the representatives of the opposite sex. These natives value friendship more than anything else, so you won’t be able to find someone more devoted and honest than them.

They have affection and are faithful when it comes for them to have a lover in their life. But they can trust too much, so many will look to betray and deceive them.

The Pig woman is soft and caring. Many men see her as this sensual and loving partner who needs protection and to be appreciated. But she has this side of her that can’t be ruled or in any way controlled, even if she doesn’t show it to others.

Career prospects

Bold, active, proud and sometimes filled with jealousy, Pig natives are also great professionals who would do a great job doing something creative and with their hands.

Many will find them slow at work. But they only need a good idea before they start a project and become the most efficient at what they are doing.

Honest, they can’t stand seeing someone has been done an injustice. If a person seems to mess with them, they turn into these doubtful, headstrong and tight individuals who won’t share anything about themselves anymore.

Because they get along with everyone and are friendly, they would do a great job working with charities or in the social field. They are very imaginative, so they would make great artists as well.

Because they’re very patient, their superiors will always want them doing the important tasks. Not to mention how much their colleagues will like them for being cheerful and for making their days at the office brighter.

The Pig and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Pig1935, 1995Compassionate, generous and determined;
Fire Pig1947, 2007Merciful, courteous and sensual;
Earth Pig1959, 2019Melancholic, practical and friendly;
Metal Pig1911, 1971Honest, good-hearted and courteous;
Water Pig1923, 1983Cultured, melancholic and peaceful.

The Pig man: A true gentleman

While he won’t impress with how he looks and talks, the man born in the year of the Pig can surprise others with the way he thinks.

He’s a true gentleman who only wants peace and to express his kindness. Open-minded, he can accept when others are wrong and communicates well with anyone.

But he can be rebellious too if provoked. He’s not very spiritual because he’s more interested in the material side.

Devoted and sincere, he doesn’t speculate and doesn’t want to break the rules. He appreciates friendship and likes to have people around for a lifetime.

When it comes to love, he will express himself directly but not all the time efficiently. His weaknesses are all about being too giving and not at all firm in refusing others.

When life becomes tough, he prefers to go around the situation rather than to face the truth. Not to mention how he tends to blame everyone else when something goes wrong.
The Pig Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Pig woman: A relaxed lady

Women born in the year of the Pig love life and like to relax or to do something that makes them feel happy and pleasured.

This lady is honest and wants only peace, many people trusting her when seeing how she speaks the truth.

This lady is family-oriented and the best wife a man could have because she never complains about her husband. Tidy, she will always make sure her house is clean.

Her children will be happy because she has a unique way to get along with them. She is relaxed and never stressed. However, she can sometimes act like a bully when feeling like there isn’t enough room for her to just be herself.
The Pig Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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