Key Traits of the Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Pig impresses with their ability to overcome all obstacles.

Wood Pig

Those born in the year of the Pig under the Wood element can be both serious and sweet. Calm, Wood Pig people will solve their problems one at a time and they will build relationships that are strong and long lasting. Very convincing and amiable, these natives will have others trust and appreciate them.

It’s not likely they will stand aside when problems arise because it’s in their nature to get involved. It wouldn’t matter how difficult the problem, they will always want to be a part of the solution. Their close ones appreciate them for being devoted and for helping without expecting anything in return.

The Wood Pig in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Compassionate, generous and determined;
  • Challenges: A little naive and prone to impulsive decisions;
  • Secret need: To be listened to and taken seriously;
  • Advice: They should trust their partners more and offer them independence.

It’s very likely these natives’ life will be easy as they are always looking for the bright side in things. Not to mention their sense of humor is always helping them in the most difficult of situations.

The character of the Chinese Wood Pig

The Pig Chinese sign combined with the Wood element gives its natives a personality that is sociable and friendly. Those who happen to be in this sign are compassionate and are famous for being able to put themselves in other people’s skin.

Their kindness is also famous. When working in teams, they won’t mind giving a hand and not expecting anything in return. Wood Pig natives are motivated in the most profound way to collaborate and to offer their help.

That’s why you’ll always find them working in teams. They should be careful not to take their generosity to the extreme because they have the tendency to become annoying with their helpful nature.

Some people don’t like having others interfere with their life. Always willing to help someone, Wood Pig people don’t accept being refused for giving their support. And they will do this when others won’t even need them to do anything.

Not to mention they will give themselves completely when helping. That’s why it is essential for them to take periods of rest and relaxation. Nervous diseases and exhaustion are their main health risks.

When it comes to love, these Pigs want someone honest because they need emotional security and to have a fulfilling family life. It’s suggested they trust their partner and that they communicate.

The ones who are married will love their spouses profoundly, the single ones will always look for a soulmate. Because they’re persistent, they won’t accept someone unless they are sure it’s true love. It’s not normal for these natives to have affairs and to cheat on their partners.

As far as money goes, they are lucky but too generous. When broke, Wood Pigs are still optimistic and believe in a way out. But they should be aware things aren’t always going to turn out well and they have save some money.

Not as emotional as Water Pigs, they are still in need of a loving and loyal partner. When they are not being loved and emotionally secure, they start to feel anxious and confused.

Having a fulfilling and joyful family life is what makes them tick. They will work hard to make their partner happy. Their spouse and children will have everything they need, from comfort too expensive holidays.

One of the most positive characteristics brought on by Wood is practicality. Usually, Pigs are dreamy and they spend a lot of time thinking. But this is not the case because Wood changes everything. These natives will be hard-working, organized and will get things done. It would be better for them to not take on too many complex projects because they are not the best at dealing with details.

People of great principles

Determined and hard-working, Wood Pig individuals give their everything when involved in something. They are known for their good heart and for helping others all the time.

Composed, productive and practical, these natives are always eager to take on a new project. Because they get along with people, they will work great when in teams.

Wood is all about being kind, imaginative and compassionate. It also influences how artistic and family-oriented someone is.

Those who are born under this element will always look to become better and to expand their knowledge. Their principles will be high and their dignity will have them being appreciated by others. There’s no one better at collaborating than Wood Pigs.

Not to mention how much they like being around people and getting organized for things to be done by teamwork. They could very well organize some projects of big proportions.

Generous, their helpful nature will always have them giving a hand. When someone will tell them a sad story, they’ll be very supportive and sympathetic. It’s likely you’ll find them working for charity organizations or involved in projects meant to help others.

When it comes to their relationships, they always treat people as their equals. These Pigs can have groups working together towards the same goal, but at the same time they can get easily coerced into what others are saying and doing.

Because they know what practicality is, their projects will be successful most of the time. These natives can work hard and are very ambitious. It’s impossible for them to believe they can manipulate others to get what they want.

But at the same time, they are very good at this and can convince many of their ideas. Others will trust them as they are eloquent and eager to help.

Just like all the Pigs, the Wood ones like going to parties and having fun. They can inspire others to become more kind. Their life lesson is all about not getting negatively influenced. They should also be more honest when needing or offering help because they can manipulate without being aware of it.

The Wood Pig man

The Wood Pig man is always optimistic and has a sense of humor that helps him deal with any kind of situation. Communicative and open, he will spend a lot of time having fun with friends.

This man is so supportive that when strangers come to him with a problem, he won’t think twice and will offer all that he has to make them better. He will always be modest.

Many consider him a great leader because he can deal with any kind of situation without despairing. He will be trusted, respected and appreciated.

Without even knowing it, he’s a great manipulator who doesn’t have to ask twice for someone to do what he wants. He’s kind and perceptive, but he often finds himself in a mess because he doesn’t pay attention to details.

This Wood Pig native will take failure very seriously, but won’t show what’s in his heart. He’s too proud to complain and he’d rather make a joke than say what’s bothering him. A man like him could charm anyone.

Therefore, he knows his way to a woman’s heart. Mannered and attractive, many ladies will be at his feet. He has many admirers, but he only wants one person with whom he can spend his entire life.

It’s almost impossible for him to pay attention to only one girl. Not that he means it, but he simply thinks only of himself and doesn’t care that he can break hearts.

He will act like the knight in shining armor, always trying to please and to make a woman feel like she’s the most important person in his life.

As a married man, he knows how to be a family head, a good husband and an impeccable father. His family will have everything they need as he doesn’t get bored being the provider.

The Wood Pig woman

Happy, active and sympathetic, the Wood Pig woman will always have her friends wanting to be by her side. She’s devoted but she demands a lot from her closed ones. This girl will sometimes find herself failing because she trusts people too much.

She’s goal-oriented and a hard worker. It’s possible for her to fall in love with her job because she has the tendency to become a workaholic. You’ll never hear her complaining about being too tired of her work.

As one of the most professional ladies in the Chinese zodiac, she can organize people to have things done in the most efficient way. Her friends and colleagues will want her company because she offers great solutions to any problem.

This lady loves her family and cares about their wellbeing. Because she belongs to the Wood element, she’s friendly. This is the type of person who will still be friends with her ex-lovers.

She doesn’t mind being paid all the attention, and people really like her. It can be very difficult to have her in love. What she dreams off having with a man is passion, devotion and love.

When she will fall suddenly for someone, she’ll usually give up the relationship afterwards as she’ll realize that she perhaps hurried into it. As a wife, she will work hard to offer her husband a comfortable and happy life. Not to mention what a great party hostess she can be because she loves having people over.

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