1994 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Dog Year – Personality Traits

These people are very idealistic and don’t mind sacrificing their own hopes and dreams, thinking of the greater good.

1994 Wood Dog Year

People born in 1994 are Wood Dogs and therefore, sincere, thoughtful and serious. As soon as given a hand and encouraged by the ones they love, they immediately start to pay back those people.

Possessing a highly developed sense of justice, Wood Dogs may encounter some problems in their lives, especially if seeing injustice is being served and people are not treated with respect.

1994 Wood Dog in a nutshell:

  • Style: Idealistic and easy-going;
  • Top qualities: Resourceful, talented and direct;
  • Challenges: Manipulative and indecisive;
  • Advice: They need to be more confident around certain people.

A dependable personality

Wood Dogs are more understanding and cooperative because they’re also the most sociable natives of this sign.

They can get along well with everyone and are very compassionate as well. As a matter of fact, having many friends makes them feel sure of themselves and safe.

While they may seem shy and preferring to observe others from a distance in the beginning, they can eventually make the first step in order to develop a friendship.

As soon as trusting someone, these Dogs will become the most loyal and reliable friends anyone could have. The trait making them stand out from the crowd is their righteousness.

Focused on keeping their honor and needing balance all the time, these natives simply hate seeing any injustice being done.

As a matter of fact, they’re the most passionate fighters against unfairness and inequality, which means they make great leaders and even spiritual guides.

Wood Dogs are even more idealistic than their counterparts, so it’s possible to find them being involved with different humanitarian activities.

As long as they’re able to service others, these Dogs don’t mind sacrificing their own hopes and dreams and thinking of the greater good.

They’re reliable and down-to-earth, which means their friendships are usually long-lasting and stable. Many people will admire them because they’re altruistic and eager to please.

However, it may be difficult to get to their heart because they’re very cautious when making new friends. As soon as able to trust someone, they become the most supportive and loyal companions.

While attracted to wealth and comfort, Wood Dogs still have their feet on the ground and would never indulge in pleasure or upset the balance in their life. This means they’re ethical and would completely refuse to do something immoral.

They want others and themselves to be at their best, which is why they’re sometimes playing the heroes. Anyone can count on them to save any situation and to stand up for those less fortunate.

They seem to have high levels of energy, a desire to work hard and a mind that is always thinking logically. Wood Dogs born in 1994 are capable of making the best decisions, not only for themselves, but also for others.

Because they’re very generous and want to make people happy more than anything else, many will take advantage of them. It’s possible for these natives to be indecisive because they’re always waiting for others to approve their actions and plans.

If they want to move ahead in life, they need to be more disciplined and independent. Not being interested in material wealth, they should pay more attention to how much they’re giving away.

It’s not that they need to become obsessed with owning properties and expensive possessions, they simply have to be more focused on having a comfortable life, not to mention a passive attitude towards wealth makes them less ambitious than other natives of the same sign.

They seem to only need the clothes on themselves, a decent house and some good food. The fact that they’re not attracted to luxury may suggest they’re missing on great opportunities for them to become successful.

Since Dogs are known for sometimes being nervous or for becoming anxious when under pressure, they’re not struggling to hide all this, so they may turn out to be very talkative and even incoherent, especially in difficult situations.

Therefore, these natives need to get their rest and to not take on more than they can actually handle. After being stressed for too long, they can turn to be extremely pessimistic.

While having many positive traits, there are also a few weaknesses to be mentioned about them. For example, out of all the Dogs in the Chinese zodiac, they’re the most insecure.

These natives tend to ask for the approval of others, so it’s suggested for them to be more confident and to rely more on themselves. When doing this, they can achieve great things in their life.

Love & Relationships

Wood Dogs are known for talking too much, so those who want to be in their life should be ready to listen a lot.

These natives tend to have a good opinion about themselves, which means others should never talk about their flaws in public because something like this would determine them to hold a grudge and to seek revenge.

Dogs love winning, no matter if it’s a country fair competition or the one for a high position at work. Others should not steal their thunder when not necessary.

When it comes to making a decision, these natives can be too domineering, not to mention how they don’t know diplomacy when giving advice or expressing their opinion.

Men of this Chinese zodiac sign have a lot of passion when in love and like being in control of their partner. Therefore, it’s easy for them to be with a woman who depends on their care.

However, they need to be understood because it’s very difficult for them to explain themselves, even if very honest when talking about their feelings.

Because they love pleasing others and don’t mind giving themselves in love, many women will simply love them.

Women born in the year of the Dog 1994 like being in love and dream about a relationship like in the movies. Just like hunters, they go out and chase men, really enjoying what they are doing.

Very independent from a financial and psychological point of view, these ladies don’t mind having a husband who is devoted to his work. They can make the big decisions at home and save their man all of the trouble.

However, they shouldn’t ever be abandoned because their revenge is ruthless and they don’t care about how much damage they’re capable of making.

Career aspects of the 1994 Wood Dog

Wood Dogs are natural born leaders, so they shouldn’t go to a job that doesn’t have any meaning, doesn’t require them to make an effort or is repetitive.

Believing in what they are doing for a living, these natives need to use their talents every day, so they shouldn’t do something just to earn money. Their nature is to dedicate themselves and to live for what they love doing the most.

The Chinese Horoscope says those born in 1994 as Wood Dogs make amazing managers and CEOs, even if there’s something confusing about them, in the sense that they’re both trusting and suspicious in the same time, not to mention how they have a short temper and can make many mistakes that would lose them the respect of other people.

If they happen to work as leaders, they need to think before taking action and to listen more. Kind and creative, Wood Dogs can decide on any career.

Because they think fast and are intelligent, it’s possible for them to achieve success as scientists, bankers, brokers and researchers. Loving to give a hand, they could be very appreciated cops and politicians.

Health aspects

Dogs in the Chinese zodiac have a sensitivity for food and can’t eat just about anything. Being crazy about sweets, it’s possible for them to get sick with diabetes or to have a poor dental health.

Therefore, these natives need healthy diets, not to mention how much they should rest and sleep when feeling stressed. Many of them have demanding careers and may suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

When feeling down, they should have some deep conversations with their loved ones and take a break. Wood Dogs seem to rule over the gallbladder and the liver in the human body.

Since these organs are very important for health, these natives are suggested to protect them by exercising and eating properly.

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