1970 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Dog Year – Personality Traits

These people are both cautious and attention seeking, often surprising others with their easily changing behavior.

1970 Metal Dog Year

Usually lucky with business and personal relationships, people born in 1970 or the year of the Metal Dog are intelligent, talented and independent. Always ready to give a hand, they’re also nice and caring, even if vain.

However, they would never do something wrong because their nature is to be all the time good. Members of the opposite sex are very attracted to them and they’re really enjoying it as they’re longing for love and sometimes don’t know what to do without it.

1970 Metal Dog in a nutshell:

  • Style: Bold and persistent;
  • Top qualities: Talented, carefree and attentive;
  • Challenges: Ruthless and arrogant;
  • Advice: They need to be mindful of how their temperament plays up.

A dependable personality

All the Dogs in the Chinese zodiac are known as loyal, but the ones in the Metal element are even more so. Very giving, these natives would do anything for the ones they love, which means they can sometimes be too protective and even possessive.

However, they’re still very appreciated for being able to work from the shadows and standing passive in arguments.

Furthermore, Metal Dogs love to express themselves, especially when strongly believing in something. They want justice and everyone to be ethical, so they don’t mind fighting for these values and expect others to have high principles or to be noble.

Metal Dogs will always speak for those who can’t do it for themselves, not to mention they’re very honest and frank. Maybe only Oxen are as serious and conservative as them. However, being so loyal has a downside because Metal Dogs can never forgive the ones who have done them wrong.

When crossed, they become restless and don’t give up until revenge has been achieved. It seems all Dogs in the Chinese zodiac have a few characteristics that are pretty much the same.

For example, they’re all family-oriented and devoted to make their loved ones happy. The same Dogs have a logical mind that they want to use it in order to help others.

Furthermore, they’re always ready for what’s worst, which means their pessimism can sometimes take over their life.

Metal Dogs can be great friends because they’re loyal and often neglect themselves in order for their partner and friends to be satisfied.

The fact that they communicate very well and that asking for attention comes easy for them means they have strong interpersonal relationships. Many will find these natives a little bit overwhelming, especially when they’re giving all of their attention to someone.

Metal Dogs are cautious, traditional and very good at interacting with people. However, they respect themselves too much to ever rely on another person, which means they believe only in themselves and can’t stop until their goals have been achieved.

These natives are too obsessed with helping others, thing that may bring them some trouble in time. Because they love to work hard and to do things the right way, their old years will get to be very happy.

Women in this sign are very intelligent and good at their job, so their life will always be prosperous. The fact that they have patience and don’t mind taking on any responsibility makes them very appreciated in both their personal and professional lives.

All Metal Dogs give a lot of importance to image, so they’re all the time looking good and smelling nice.

Both females and males of this sign and element can attract members of the opposite sex faster than others get out of bed in the morning.

They seem to have a lot of luck at work, not to mention they can make things clear when no one is able to find a solution to a problem, which means their superiors and coworkers will simply love them.

Luckier during their middle and senior ages, Metal Dogs will do very well in politics, even if their friends may cause them a lot of misfortune by asking for favors.

Furthermore, they need to pay more attention to the people in their lives during their youth years.

When it comes to money, they seem to have a smooth ride and a luck that’s always coming back to them, but they’re also very good at making budgets.

It’s easier for them to just live a simple life instead of struggling to accumulate as much wealth as possible. Therefore, it’s essential for these natives to take advantage of all the good opportunities in their life, especially if they want to raise a small fortune and to feel like they have really achieved success.

Natives of this sign and element need to know what’s going to happen in the future because they really hate changing plans in the last minute and always feel like they can never go back to what they have had before.

Since they stress very much when people are not keeping their promises, they prefer to be very cautious when choosing their friends or business associates.

Those who happen to be around them shouldn’t become offended when these Dogs are taking their time in trusting them because they are the type that needs to know a person very well in order to trust and to pursue a relationship with him or her.

Love & Relationships

When it comes to love, Metal Dogs born in 1970 are very dreamy and even romantic, but when someone new comes into their life, they no longer know what to do. As soon as committed to a person or a cause, they begin to stress and to wonder if they’re doing what’s right.

Metal Dogs give a lot of importance to friendship, not to mention how fulfilled and complete relationships can make them feel. It seems these Dogs are the best companions because loneliness is known to simply depress them.

Therefore, they will look ever since early in their life to be involved in a committed relationship.

Very family-oriented and imaginative as parents, their marriages are usually lasting for a lifetime, which means their partners can feel really happy around them.

Affectionate and dependable, Metal Dogs are really appreciated by everyone, especially since some people are looking only for these qualities in a person or a friend.

These Dogs are not boring, but they can be very pretentious and work only with traditional methods, which means they’re avoiding dealing with the new.

At least they can understand anyone because they’re tolerant and open to give, even if some people are not in any way attracted to all this.

Metal Dogs should learn relationships are also based on arguments and that harmony is not all the time indicated in order for things to stay interesting.

Therefore, they still have a lot to learn when it comes to them interacting with others. The fact that they’re able to bring about harmony and at the same time to be assertive makes them very stable friends.

Career aspects of the 1970 Metal Dog

Ambitious and very organized, Metal Dogs have no problems achieving success, no matter what they may be doing for a living.

They have high ideals and are very much interested in fighting for justice, which means they’d do very well as law enforcers, teachers and social workers.

Furthermore, they like fighting for causes, so politics can bring them a lot of success in their professional life. Known to always give away what they’re having, Metal Dogs are very famous for their generosity.

They seem to do noble and valuable work all the time, even if they’re keeping things simple and easy.

The fact that they’re loyal suggests they’re meant to succeed at interacting with others and are always ready to make an effort that can help them be more respected and highly appreciated.

It’s easy for them to have a prolific career in politics, medicine, law, religion, psychology and many other fields of work.

Lifestyle and health

All Metal Dogs are known for being devoted to their loved ones, honest, sometimes a little bit too tempted to tell a white lie, for having a quick temper, for being religious and very delicate.

While lucky in business, these natives seem to have a problem finding their soulmate. While the fact that they’re stubborn makes them strong, it can also bring a lot of trouble into their life.

For example, they can never accept other people’s views, which means many can find it difficult to get along well with them.

Furthermore, they’re sometimes obsessed about their high ideals and not allow things in their life to happen in a different way than what they’ve imagined. Therefore, these natives are suggested to be more relaxed and less serious.

The organs in the human body ruled by them are the lungs and the entire respiratory system. While the Metal element makes them strong, it’s suggested for Metal Dogs to exercise smartly in order to support their lungs.

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