Key Traits of the Wood Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Dog stands out for their remarkable justiciar spirit and their willingness to work hard and support others.

Wood Dog

You can trust those born in the year of the Dog under the Wood element to do what they have promised and to repay you for very everything you have done for them. They are polite people who believe in high morals and ethics. Many will not understand why they are so kind.

Because they’re patient, the Wood Dog natives can do a great job with projects that require endurance. They don’t mind working hard, so their bosses and colleagues will appreciate them very much.

The Wood Dog in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Reliable, idealistic and loyal;
  • Challenges: Too easy to influence and willing to compromise;
  • Secret need: To be more confident around others.
  • Advice: They should seek peace through practical activities.

Chinese zodiac Dogs are known for being independent, but these ones make an exception. When it comes to the way in which they are the most efficient, working in teams is definitely the way for them to go. Popular for their sense of humor, many will want them around. More attracted to expensive things, it’s very likely they will decorate their home with antiques and collectibles.

The character of the Chinese Wood Dog

Wood Dog people are known for their sense of justice, they are decent creatures who want to bring order to the chaos. When someone will do an injustice or won’t respect the rights of a person, they will immediately revolt.

As a matter of fact, they are the best at fighting oppression and injustice. That’s why they make great teachers, leaders and even preachers.

When it comes to the Dogs belonging to the Wood element, these natives are idealistic and heavily committed to participate in humanitarian actions. They are so eager to help that they will leave their own wishes and needs behind in order to make others happy.

The same trait makes them completely uninterested in materials gains. As said before, they like expensive things, but they won’t struggle to accumulate wealth. They will most likely spend all their money changing homes and going to casinos.

The Wood in their chart makes them the least ambitious Dogs in the zodiac. They could easily survive if they wouldn’t have comfort and the most expensive clothes. But if they’ll happen to have a steady job that pays good, they will spend their money only high-quality and durable things.

It’s possible they will suffer from nervous and stress-related diseases. Anxious about what’s about to happen all the time, it would be better if they would not deal with pressure all the time.

Don’t get scared if they sometimes don’t make sense or jump from one subject to another. This is how they react when they don’t know how to cope with a situation.

These special Dog people belonging to the Wood element have to make sure they are resting enough. Also that they don’t take more than they can handle on their shoulders. Too much work and stress can turn them into pessimistic characters who simply can’t escape their job.

As far as love goes, the Wood Dog individuals are good at expressing what they are feeling. Some people don’t like this, so they need to be careful who they couple up with.

When they are falling in love, these natives will be persistent to get the person they want. You will notice there’s something wrong with them because they are no longer present in conversations and it’s not their way to not be serious or unresponsive.

Expect them to always be honest and rational. If they would have problems with their partner, they would approach him or her in a calm manner.

What they appreciate the most at a relationship is the emotional security it offers and they don’t mind the physicality either. As people under the Chinese sign of the Dog, they always have to be sure that their partner loves them.

It’s good that they are very lucky with money. Good opportunities will come to them if they’ll keep working hard. The money they will make during their youth will help them live carelessly when they’ll be older.

They don’t necessarily want to travel far or to do extravagant things. They are intelligent when it comes to investing their finances so many of their friends will come to them to ask for financial advice.

Loyalty is important too, so they need someone who commits completely to them. Not necessarily interested in making changes, they are rather more comfortable in secure surroundings, with familiar people and a well-established equilibrium.

In return for security and stability, they will be the most devoted and reliable partners or friends. They will go above and behind to keep their loved ones happy.

Great at organizing things

Wood Dogs know what they want from life. They are relaxed and can adapt to any new situation. Not as independent as the rest of the people with the Dog as their Chinese sign but under different elements, they prefer working in teams and belonging to groups.

It’s not only that they want to be supported, they also feel more confident when they are amongst others. If someone will offer them love and warmth, they will first be shy and after they’ll become kind and passionate.

The Wood is all about being family-oriented and artistic. It’s also the element of being cooperative. So the Dogs belonging to this element will want to collaborate and to get involved in as many large projects as possible.

They are good organizers, so it’s not impossible they will succeed many times in life. When it comes to their way of thinking, they rely on progress and having an open mind.

The Wood makes them naturals at social interaction, but it’s also inflammable. So a temper in all the signs belonging to this element is only normal.

Just like the strong trees in the woods, Wood Dog people are firm in their values and principles. There’s no one to convince them to change their views and to no longer be the most reliable friends.

Because they are Dogs, they will have problems allowing people into their heart and soul. But as soon as they will start to trust someone, they’ll become the greatest companion there could ever be. Not to mention how much they like a long-lasting, strong friendship.

Down-to-earth and attracted to the most expensive things, they will manage to live a balanced life and to not spend all their money in a single shopping spree.

One of their other greatest qualities is their ethics. High morals are automatically self-implied when talking about ethics. They expect only what’s best when it comes to themselves and others.

It’s easy for them to let their own needs go and to sacrifice what they’re dreaming of for the sake of others. You can be sure they will save the day when no one else will know what to do. As far as their life lessons go, they should try and be less generous or eager to please others.

Searching for approval all the time may also not influence them in a good way. Learning what independence is, they would only move forward and not allow anyone or anything to hold them back.

The Wood Dog man

The Wood Dog man is always ready to please others. He will never be involved in a conflict because he likes things to be calm, even if it would mean he needs to give up on what he wants.

This male is quite humble and doesn’t want to be at the center of attention. Talking to him can be great because he has a good sense of humor. Not to mention how good he is at giving advice.

While he’s having a conversation with many people at the same time, he can pay attention to each and every one of them. He will probably do what he loves for a living.

His bosses will appreciate him for being so communicative. When he’s in love, this man does nothing else than to focus on the person he likes. His partner will most likely be very happy with him because he gives himself completely to love.

As a reliable husband, he will make any woman want him by her side. A marriage would only make him happy because he wants a family life. Expect him to be faithful for a lifetime.

But his courtship won’t be that romantic or interesting because he doesn’t like to be reckless or to live a love that is crazy and exciting.

Therefore, he won’t light up his lover’s imagination or use big words. But he’ll be reliable, an amazing father and a great husband, plus his children will see him more as their friend.

The Wood Dog woman

The Wood Dog woman is beautiful both in appearance and mind. She’s calm and can wait around for things to become better when her life gets tougher than usual. The best friend of other women, she’s also a conqueror of many men.

Her colleagues will love her for being responsible and so committed to her work. She is usually kind and nice, but on occasions she has to defend her family and loved ones, she will definitely become fierce because she’s highly devoted.

The Wood Dog woman can’t stand dishonesty and deceit, so those who intend to do anything like this should stay away for her. When involved romantically, she will openly express her feelings and love her boyfriend or husband with all her heart.

She likes to be courted but she can very well do without flowers and chocolates. It’s more the honesty and the love that she wants. Expect her to be the perfect wife. As a mother, she will spoil her children all the time.

People in her life should never lie or betray her because she can be ruthless with them if they do this. Because she’s honest and truthful, she expects the same from everyone surrounding her.

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