1958 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Dog Year – Personality Traits

These people have visionary perspectives and are hardly ever distracted from their goals.

1958 Earth Dog Year

The Earthen Dog natives born in 1958 are just like the eternal friend of humans, the dog. Loyal, devoted, kind, and very understanding, they will stay focused on the job at hand until they manage to finish it.

Nothing will distract them, and they will never compromise their principles to find a solution. With other people, they behave themselves exemplary, meaning that they listen carefully to what they have to say.

1958 Earth Dog in a nutshell:

  • Style: Practical and uncompromising;
  • Top qualities: Attentive, dependable and focused;
  • Challenges: Skeptical, easily distracted and anxious;
  • Advice: They should be less tied to certain negative emotions.

They are polite and diplomatic, responsible and independent. No matter if they’re very understanding, they will not let anyone butt in their business and take control of their lives.

A composed personality

These people have many skills and abilities, and they are endowed with a tremendous capacity for learning.

They accumulate knowledge all their lives, searching and bringing together many experiences, all concentrated on a singular purpose, the achievement of their goals.

Make no mistake, even though they generally keep to themselves and they don’t make a fuss when things go wrong. They have a certain talent for convincing others and making way for their immediate advance even in the toughest of situations.

However, they don’t make any casualties on the way. In this sense, they are very receptive and thoughtful of other people. Principles are sacred to them.

The Earth Dogs are reliable, tempered, and very understanding of other opinions. In fact, they can’t wait to hear other ideas. Perhaps they might even extract some useful information to use in the future.

Either way, they function using the same realistic overview of the world. Emotionally, they are very balanced, but also intuitive and imaginative to work flawlessly in a team.

Generally, these natives will have to rely on their own powers to manage in life. No one is there to hold their hands, and neither do they receive any inheritances, any material support from relatives. Everything is their responsibility, and luck doesn’t help them, especially in their youth.

They were always ready to take the blame for their mistakes, which means that they have developed a strong sense of moral equity over time. It’s useless to say how virtuous and principled they are.

Moreover, they have a visionary perspective, a firm focus on their goals, and even more importantly, they are extremely resilient and perseverant.

What happens, basically, is that they try to do their own thing, to stay away from the paths of other people. Without being asked, they will never interfere or offer advice. But they expect the same tolerance and respect in return.

If we think about their double earthen inheritance, we can quickly surmise that these natives are among the most reliable and focused individuals in the world. Their sheer patience and perseverance cannot be topped by anyone.

Combined with the way people are attracted to them, and their great compassion, the Earth Dogs have a sure-fire way of reaching their goals in no time.

They realize their limits, know what they can and can’t do, and will never bite more than they can chew.

After all, their earthen energies are stable, organized, and give off the aura of a pragmatic individual. To be more efficient, they avoid getting into mindless and useless contests. It would anyway be a waste of energy and time.

Love & Relationships

Long-standing relationships are the only way to go for such stable and balanced natives. They want to establish themselves in a safe environment where they can do their thing outside the confines of society.

Alongside a loving partner, they will bloom and become fulfilled. The will want to express their intense emotions right away.

They never beat around the bush because that would mean they don’t trust their partners enough.

On the one hand, they want to be understood by their partners, but they also value silence, mute understanding. Patience is required to live with such natives.

Fairness and impartiality, objective analysis and extreme compassion. These form the essence of an Earth Dog born in 1958.

They want to make sure that everyone lives a happy and fulfilling life, that no one lacks anything, their close friends and family that is.

Romantically, they will actually not know much about how to set up a good atmosphere or how to express their feelings in the most concise manner. In spite of all this, you can notice that they are very affectionate and genuine in their attempts.

Career aspects of the 1958 Earth Dog

They are among the few natives who actually know what they want to do and how they want to get there. They won’t hurry or become impulsive, nor would they try to do everything. Instead, they will focus on a chosen skill set and develop that.

It’s not unlikely for them to work in PR or in commercial circles. They have a flair for business in this sense, as well as the imagination and artistic gizmo to succeed.

Commitment is paramount in any profession, but for them, it’s a way of life. They don’t do anything without making sure that’s what they truly want. Success is assured.

It’s not that they have low aspirations or anything, but they could settle for less if that’s what makes them happy. The simple things are worth all the attention as well, and they have their role in society.

They can be teachers, counselors, psychologists, working with people or in politics, economists and trainers, with so much more to boot.

With monetary issues, they deal with great stoicism and attention. However, they are generally lucky in this regard, though some partnerships might result in great disappointments. They should take great care.

Health and lifestyle

Ideally, these Earth Dog natives born in 1958 will have to take care of what they eat because most dangers will be aimed at their stomach, spleen, and pancreas. They have to eat the less sugary products, fewer sweets, and even fewer things that are rich in fat.

Personally, they don’t really like spending time in large groups of people nor do they like having to interact for long periods of time.

They are introverted in some manner, and even though they are naturally filled with confidence, socializing is not their forte.

They are known to take a great interest in what others are doing, in the sense that they are quick to meddle into the lives of their friends. However, at the same time, they find it hard to reveal their emotions and accept others into their own.

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