2006 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Dog Year – Personality Traits

These people seem to be very expressive, quick to impress others and very comfortable in their own skins.

2006 Fire Dog Year

Fire Dogs born in 2006 don’t have too many high ideals, so it’s easy for them to make their dreams a reality. These natives have a gentle soul and a generous nature, which means they’ll create a great life for themselves and hope for the future to be bright.

Not very enthusiastic, they’re more focused to work hard and to attain success in a steady manner.

2006 Fire Dog in a nutshell:

  • Style: Stable and observant;
  • Top qualities: Energetic, talented and witty;
  • Challenges: Criticizing and condescending;
  • Advice: They don’t need to be ashamed by personal weaknesses.

When their loved ones are going through difficult times, Fire Dogs can be very empathetic and compassionate, but they tend to offer their help only after considering all the aspects of an issue and deciding when is the right moment to act, which means they’re very cautious.

An outspoken personality

Fire is an element that makes people more ambitious and energetic. When coupled with the sign of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, it accentuates some of these natives’ personality traits and even modifies others, but in a way that these people become more charming and able to attain success.

Fire makes Dogs dynamic and aware of any good opportunity, not to mention people in this sign and element are able to create a great future for themselves, even in harsh situations.

These strengths can be very useful for them because while bold and honest, they really don’t know how to take the initiative and don’t have enough ambition to possess high ideals.

Therefore, Fire Dogs are very good at spotting the best opportunities, but would never do something deceitful or dishonest in order to obtain success.

These natives seem to be very active and expressive, which means they’re the most popular Dogs, and also the ones having the largest groups of friends. They’re more open to taking risks and to getting involved in new adventures as well.

However, when things are getting rough, they’re usually never prepared and are trying as much as possible to avoid problems. In their heart, they seem to have only passion and a great will when it comes to their beliefs, just like their counterparts belonging to other elements.

Those who will try and attack their morals or will force them into thinking any differently then they’re already doing will meet a strong opposition from these natives’ side, not to mention they’re known not only to make threats, but also to act on them.

While friendly and charismatic like all Dogs, the Fire ones seem to be more independent and to have higher ideals.

The fact that they’re always honest will have them respected by many. While driven to succeed and energetic, they seem to also be very courageous, which means they’ll never back down when getting challenged, even with all the odds against them.

All Dogs seem to be fearless, but Fire ones are the most. It wouldn’t matter how impossible a situation seems, they won’t hesitate to deal with it, not to mention they’re also courageous in a physical manner.

These natives will always make sure their loved ones are protected and wouldn’t hesitate to fight for any lost cause or for the ones who have been mistreated in life.

There are many things that can bring a person down in this world. However, Fire Dogs seem to have no problem with such issues because nothing can scare them in supporting the causes they believe in and doing their best.

This is because they’re courageous, dynamic and idealistic, not to mention great leaders. It seems justice and fairness are implanted in their mind and they can lead others to believe in the same things as themselves.

On the other hand, these natives can be a little bit too impulsive and may take risks that aren’t necessary, whether if it’s about work or romance. Therefore, after working hard on a project, they may lose all of their work, just because they wanted to change a little thing or to innovate.

They should be aware of their passionate nature and temper themselves as much as possible, especially when dealing with people who don’t think the same way they do.

Fire seems to bring an immense positive change for Dogs because it makes them less pessimistic. Natives of this sign born in 2006 believe in a perfect world, so they expect others to have the same morals and principles as themselves.

As soon as realizing the world is not at all as imagined, they become cynical and upset. However, Fire can help them in a great way and intervenes for these natives to no longer as that much from their own capabilities and efforts, and to only focus on big causes.

While having many positive traits, Fire Dogs feature a few weaknesses as well. For example, they want to be leaders and to never face changes or to be influenced by others.

Their need for adventure can turn into restlessness, so they should put some time aside for finding inner peace and for feeling happy.

Love & Relationships

When in relationships, Fire Dogs of 2006 are looking to be free and understood, which means they need a partner who’s patient and open to allow them their privacy.

These natives don’t need to be pushed, even when hesitating to make a decision, because they need their time to consider every aspect of a situation.

Many of their friends and family can help them with good advice, but no one should tell these Dogs what to do or to ignore their own believes.

While independent and straightforward, these natives don’t seem to be confident, which means others should encourage them all the time, but especially when in trouble.

Men born in the year of the Fire Dog wish to have a happy family and a soulmate. As soon as in love, they become very expressive and start talking about their emotions.

Trusting their partner, it’s not difficult for them to offer a person a lot of space and freedom. They want to be relaxed when married and to last this way for a lifetime. However, these natives can’t seem to tolerate people who are always bragging about their achievements or are irritating.

Being reserved and a little bit proud, Fire Dogs don’t really know how to be romantic. They can confuse their partner by seeming indifferent and by sometimes having long moments of silence.

Their affection is not given easily, but they’re compensating all this by being very charming. Many members of the opposite sex will want to be with them because they’re sincere and stable as partners, not to mention very loyal.

While working on their career, they’ll also focus on family, and their issues in marriage will be solved with calm as their tolerant and forgiving nature dictates them to.

Career aspects of the 2006 Fire Dog

Very loyal, Fire Dogs in the Chinese zodiac tend to obey every rule and order. Furthermore, they’re giving their best to complete any task they may have on time and very efficiently. For these reasons, they should do something competitive for a living.

Possessing good reasoning and a great attention to details, they can foresee problems before these even have a chance to form.

They think having a high position comes with too much danger and responsibility, so they prefer working from the shadows.

Principled and vigilant, they can judge a person and only after decide to spend time with him or her, which means they’d be great interviewing people, arguing in courtrooms and being referees.

Fire Dogs are very hard-working, so it’s easy for them to become successful in any career. They’ll usually occupy good positions at work, especially if being bankers, doctors, lawyers or business persons. Because they love to travel, these Dogs would be suited as diplomats or flight attendants.

Health aspects

Usually, Fire Dogs in the Chinese zodiac are healthy, but this can suffer sudden changes because while resistant, their body may hide symptoms of different diseases.

It seems the flu hits them the hard way, so they need to stay in bed during the winter. Contagious diseases may also affect them, which means they should pay attention where they decide to go in vacation.

When young, it’s important for them to eat healthy because their digestive system is very sensitive. Being all the time busy at work, they can get stressed and suffer from migraines.

Some are known to have become quite disillusioned after long periods of stress. If they want to be strong, they should start exercising when young and try different methods of relaxation.

The Fire Dog in the Chinese zodiac rules over the heart in the human body, so it’s important for natives of this sign and element to eat healthy and to exercise.

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