The Dog Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He has a rich imagination, is smart and attractive, plus his magnetism can’t be concealed, both in private and professional life.

Dog Man

You can trust the Dog man to be next to you through both bad and good. Many lean on him to help them and he’s very pleased when he gives a hand to someone.

As a matter of fact, he enjoys it when others need him. He’s good looking, intelligent and innocent. This man doesn’t like being around people who feel sorry for themselves and who seem to always have a problem.

The Dog man in a nutshell:

  • Dog years include: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030;
  • Strengths: Passionate, trustworthy and sincere;
  • Weaknesses: Impulsive, pessimistic and hesitant;
  • Life challenge: Learning to be less direct and more empathic with others;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who shares the same life values.

It’s essential he doesn’t become so self-centered that he no longer minds what others are doing or care about being included.

Standing next to his values

The Dog man is respectful, loyal and very altruistic, the perfect partner for any kind of association. If you have a business opportunity with him, go ahead and take it because he very much appreciates his business associates.

Some may not like him, but he will definitely be respected for his high ideals and the way he dedicates himself to different causes and people.

Always being involved in more than one project at once, he sticks by his principles and goals until he has them realized, no matter what he needs to sacrifice. He never brags or is selfish, and you can count on him to only take part in noble causes.

While both the man and the woman born in the year of the Dog don’t really show confidence in their own forces, the male tends to hide all this with a courageous attitude and never relies on others when things in his life turn out badly.

He’s able to deal with his own problems, active and eager to move forward rather than to stagnate. But if you spend more time around him, you can realize that things aren’t like this all the time.

He can search into his soul for hours, thinking of the choices he has made and analyzing if the actions he has taken were the correct ones.

He tends to weigh everything and to think of how the consequences of different actions can affect him. He’s indecisive and most of the time needs a lot of convincing to follow a path or to choose what’s to be done in a situation.

But at the same time, he’s lovable and sure to be next to anyone he loves through good and bad because it’s what makes him happy.

Having a rich imagination, being smart and attractive, his magnetism can’t be concealed, not even if he would try it. He’s capable of hard work and long hours of effort because he doesn’t mind doing a type of work that isn’t that intellectual or the most innovative.

The Dog man would do a great job being self-employed, but he needs to be pushed to open his own business because he doesn’t have what it takes to start. His passion can be endless and a real turn on for many, especially if he’s not tired, depressed or with his ego somehow hurt.

When he functions at his best, he’s definitely the best lover there could ever be. He’s so wanted by all the women because they can see what a great imagination he has.

He will speak and act against unfairness because he can’t rest well when it happens. He will invest all of his time and efforts in every sector of his life, establishing a balance between his professional and personal lives.

It seems like he’s never tired of serving and helping others. He doesn’t only have high ideals, his traits are also among the finest a human being could have. It would take days to talk about them all, but rest assured, the most important ones will be mentioned everywhere there’s a little bit of information about this native.

The Dog man is honest and has a lot of integrity, managing to often convince others to do things his way. People who follow him will never regret doing it or sticking with what he believes in.

It doesn’t matter if standing next to his values and principles doesn’t seem the most practical thing to do, he won’t give up his beliefs. This man can’t deal with dishonest and hypocritical people.

He will never agree with them, no matter how many benefits such type of association would bring him. It’s impossible to have him corrupt because he respects the law and likes to make sure everyone else does it too.

The Dog and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Dog1934, 1994Reliable, idealistic and loyal;
Fire Dog1946, 2006Observing, eccentric and brave;
Earth Dog1958, 2018Faithful, practical and gentle;
Metal Dog1910, 1970Persistent, carefree and observing;
Water Dog1922, 1982Honest, intuitive and reliable.

A popular and flirty man

The Dog man is famous for his sensuality and the passion with which he makes love. Affectionate and purposeful, he will only share his kindness with someone whom he feels is for him.

He’s known for always waiting on approval from his partner and for doing anything to make her happy. Just like the animal that is his symbol, he’s an example of loyalty for the ones he cares most about.

He wants a family and he plays the roles of father and husband very well. It’s not like he makes friends quickly, but those who are in his life will be served by him all of their life.

He needs to be understood even if he’s straightforward and really expressive because he isn’t like this at all when keeping every detail about himself well hidden.

He’s good at fantasizing and enjoys reading erotica or playing different roles in the bedroom. It’s not a thing to be worried about, but it’s good to know you need an imagination if you want to keep things between you and him alive and always fresh.

He prefers to satisfy his own sexual fantasies and not to listen to the ones of his partner. Things may turn out to be more complicated when he becomes jealous.

Life next to him may seem unfair, but if you’re firm and direct from the beginning, he may budge and accept what your thoughts and most intimate wishes are.

But make sure to let him know you’re only innocently fantasizing and that you’re not too serious about what your darkest sexual urges.

The Dog man is not a player when it comes to his romantic relationships, even if he may not seem to commit in the beginning.

He indeed usually has many break ups in his romantic history, but they would all be as a result of misunderstandings and his partners not knowing what attitude to adopt with him.

He’s very popular and many women flirt with him, but he can’t be hold accountable for how others act. The thing is, he will always have someone who wants to be with him waiting in the shadows.

It’s true he’s prone to cheating and that he wouldn’t tolerate for her to do the same, which makes it hard to defend him. He’s difficult to contradict and in the end of the day he would still come home.

It’s impossible for him to even think that he can betray someone by acting in his or her disadvantage, but he can definitely cheat.

What he wants the most in life is for everyone and everything to be fair. His sense of justice is famous and he loves to fight for the ones whose rights have been stolen or who are not that fortunate.

It wouldn’t matter if his friends or opponents, everyone will appreciate the fact that he speaks his mind and is reliable. He would never lie or be mean, and you can be sure he will do what he said he would.

When this man gives his word, he will move mountains to stick by it. Because he has high morals, many people will want to have him as their confidant. This and the fact that he’s loyal and faithful make him the best friend anyone could have.

The Dog man is patient and others know this about him. When he will have to do something, he’ll make sure to have it done as perfectly as possible, no matter how difficult the challenge may seem.

It sometimes seems like he can control time because he manages to get things done well and fast. If he wouldn’t manage to accomplish something, it will be mostly because of some external influences, not because he was in a hurry or did something wrong.

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