The Dog Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She leaves many things to chance, so her behavior can’t be predicted but the more mystery around her the more enticing she becomes.

Dog Woman

The woman born in the Dog year is greatly liked by all the people in her life. Like the animal that represents her she’s very loyal and the most likely to give a hand when her help is needed.

She’s always there for others because she feels their pain and can’t stand witnessing an injustice being done. When a person is wronged, she thinks that she’s the one who’s suffering too because she’s very sympathetic.

The Dog woman in a nutshell:

  • Dog years include: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030;
  • Strengths: Positive, cheerful and supportive;
  • Weaknesses: Hesitant, judgmental and victimizing;
  • Life challenge: Accepting those around as they are;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is devoted and patient.

All of her friends will appreciate that she always keeps her word and her cool, regardless of the situation. This lady is smart, sincere and direct in communication, plus she sticks to what she has to do and is always looking for perfection.

She may upset a few people with her style

The Dog woman is one of the most lovable people in the Chinese zodiac. But there are few things to be known about her behavior.

Everyone can notice that she respects herself very much, but her close ones may also see how she insists on making her moral values known to others.

It’s just that she wants justice while seeing there are differences between people of different genders. However, she will never think men and women aren’t equal in the society.

This Dog woman has a need to service others, no longer caring about herself when doing so. While having high ideals, she’s also practical and efficient. She likes to fight for her rights but isn’t the type of feminist who hates men because she’s pretty conservative as well.

Her sense of humor is dark, which means she can upset some people with her jokes. Determined to succeed and talented, she’ll get far in life and the business world.

She knows how to keep a good conversation going and has patience, which means anyone can trust her to do a good job and to be of help.

When it comes to self-sacrifice, she has it just as much as the man in the same sign. They are both interested in their own health, how they’re spending their time and energy, or in humanitarian causes.

For example, in spite of her charm, winning attitude and sex appeal, she needs all of her partner’s attention if she’s to last in a relationship.

She doesn’t look to be unfaithful or promiscuous, but this can still happen because she doesn’t trust herself too much.

Her behavior can’t be predicted because she leaves everything to chance, making it difficult for others to understand her.

This lady needs to be supported and encouraged in order to succeed. It’s easy to be with her because she’s fun and loving.

It’s true that you need a lot of energy to spend time with her, but if you properly rest, you will never be exhausted going places and doing things she wants.

Miss Dog can play any role in a man’s life because she’s intelligent, positive and has a high libido. She’s kind and very generous, so many gentlemen will want to express how much they love her.

Even if she will find someone who meets all of her demands, she still won’t open up easily, taking a lot of time before showing how much she cares about the relationship.

Always honest, trustworthy, devoted and punctual, she can be counted on, no matter the situation. This lady simply hates lying because she feels everyone has to be true to themselves and others.

If someone would not want to trust her, she would become filled with rage and outburst violently. These are moments when others doubt her mental health or think she’s on the verge of a stress-related disease.

There’s no one more interesting than her, even if her qualities come with a good price to be paid. For example, it could be difficult to be around her because she can’t be understood so easily.

The Dog woman will enter a relationship only if the situation is balanced and the partner gives and takes as much as her. Generous and devoted, she’s as direct and sincere in love as she in other fields of life.

It’s possible for her to experience some romantic troubles because she’s anxious and unstable. To put it differently, she just worries too much, and this can cause her problems.

It’s not impossible she will go above and beyond to take on responsibilities and challenges that aren’t meant for her. She’s generous when it comes to her time and money, sensitive to skin disorders when it comes to her physicality.

The Dog and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Dog1934, 1994Reliable, idealistic and loyal;
Fire Dog1946, 2006Observing, eccentric and brave;
Earth Dog1958, 2018Faithful, practical and gentle;
Metal Dog1910, 1970Persistent, carefree and observing;
Water Dog1922, 1982Honest, intuitive and reliable.

Surprising how stiff and detached she can become

Many will see the woman born in a Dog year as a masochist because she feels guilty when she doesn’t give her best to make others happy. It’s like there isn’t something she appreciates more than feeling needed.

This lady can never be detached, but she will realize at some point that her goodness is not all the time rewarded and that many people can be ungrateful.

Some may feel overwhelmed and smothered by her giving attitude. Just like her male counterpart, she has great affection, especially towards those she cares the most about.

Her main weakness can be the fact that she always wants to prove herself and is a little bit hesitant. She thinks that feelings are enough, so to prove someone how much you love them would be completely unnecessary in her opinion.

Looking at her personality from this specific angle, you may discover that she in fact has many negative traits as well. This explains why she isn’t so popular, even if she displays many of the most appreciated qualities in a human being.

While less mysterious and reserved than the man in the same sign, she is still cold and aloof because she thinks that’s how anyone should be.

It’s rare for her to show how much she cares or to be warm through the way she talks as she has a dry speech and limits her wording in order to not appear too free.

The only moments when the Dog lady lets go a little bit are when expressing indignation. While she doesn’t go violent during these periods, she still reveals her true nature very fast, making people understand where she actually stands and what she’s all about.

It can be surprising to notice how stiff and strict she can be. While severe with others, expect her to be the same when it comes to herself too. It can be very difficult to live with her or to be her subordinate because she puts a lot of pressure on the ones in her close proximity.

She will, however, think that it’s sometimes necessary for her to give some advice or to be more relaxed and flexible. The ugliest side of her personality is the way she so seriously takes things and even herself.

It’s like she simply can’t lay back, have a little fun and not care. Playfulness and amusement are two terms she doesn’t have a clue about. It’s rare to find a Dog woman with a good sense of humor because the lady in this sign takes things as they come, rarely being able to see ironies and subtleties.

That’s why she can never forget when a joke has been made about her, thinking she’s the victim and not knowing how to get at the person who dared to attack her.

It’s possible for her to become too possessive and very protective of the ones she loves. At least she’s still nice and someone who others can completely trust. Not to mention she’s also giving and easy to love because she’s not in any way complicated or twisted.

She will never complain or compare her relationship with others. This lady thinks her lover can do anything wrong, so her devotion to the man that she loves is absolutely endless.

While not the best at relaxing and being fun, she still can do enjoyable things and impress her partner with an amusing day at the park or the zoo.

It’s just a matter of how she feels and if she wants to share her good disposition at some point. There’s no one better at giving a helping hand with any kind of situation than the Dog woman, so she surely has this going for her.

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