1982 Chinese Zodiac: Water Dog Year – Personality Traits

These people can be quick-tempered but they’re also loving and caring so the former gets wiped away.

1982 Water Dog Year

People born in 1982 are Water Dogs, which means they have a big heart and an intuition that can surprise anyone. The choices these people will make in life are going to help them live comfortably and have enough money.

Responsible and serious, they don’t like to impose their own ideas or to bother. Because they can plan things ahead, these natives will take good care of their money and manage to accumulate a lot of wealth.

1982 Water Dog in a nutshell:

  • Style: Calculated and intuitive;
  • Top qualities: Reliable, gentle and discerning;
  • Challenges: Caustic, criticizing and restless;
  • Advice: They need to look for the bright side of things more often.

When it comes to love, Water Dogs wish to give themselves completely, even if they sometimes become selfish and start pushing people away from their life. Not as confident as other Dogs, Water ones have more faith in themselves when being part of a group.

An organized personality

Water Dogs in the Chinese zodiac are the natives representing flexibility, devotion and gentleness. These people don’t mind giving their advice and offering a hand when their loved ones are in need.

It’s normal for them to get really involved in other people’s problems, so many may consider them nosy.

Dogs are very preoccupied with others’ happiness and well-being, so they don’t care too much about their own wealth and successes.

However, because they’re ambitious and always eager to finish what they’ve started, they can very much focus on both themselves and friends or family.

Natives of this sign give a lot of importance to friendship and are reliable, sincere and also devoted to their loved ones, not to mention how their work ethic can’t be questioned, as well as their morals.

It’s very important for these natives to have an organized and clean home. They feel more motivated and active when everything at their house is in order. It’s unlikely for them to spend money recklessly because they’re not interested in luxury, more in practicality and quality.

Furthermore, they’re known for putting something aside, in case some rainy days will come. Dogs can be quick-tempered, close-minded and very headstrong. When experiencing these traits more, they usually tend to spend more time alone and to put their thoughts in order.

These natives are suggested to learn how to relax and to keep a logical mind. Water is characterized by fluidity, so when this element is associated with Dogs, it makes many of these natives’ personality traits more changeable.

The fact that Dogs believe in justice and are very honest will never change, making them also opinionated and stubborn.

When facing extreme difficult situations, these natives become pessimistic and sarcastic. In such circumstances, Water can bring about moderation and make Dogs more open to new approaches.

While Earth and Metal Dogs become very nervous and anxious when their routine is changed, the Water ones are very capable of dealing with last-minute decisions.

Furthermore, the Water element helps them be more intuitive and introspective, especially when compared with other Dogs. These natives are known for being calm and for easily adapting to any new type of situation.

This means Water Dogs are flexible enough to overcome any obstacle in their life. They’re observant and can think fast, which means they’re perfect for watching and taking care of others.

When surrounded by friends, they’re perceptive and can understand many types of personality, not to mention their compassion can’t be matched.

It can be said Water Dogs are true diplomats and that their social skills make them really popular. As a matter of fact, they’re the most admired Dogs in the Chinese zodiac. While all natives of this sign are defensive and can’t trust people easily, the Water ones are very open and trusting.

Being loyal and nice are two of their traits that become more accentuated when Water is involved. This means all Water Dogs are sensitive and capable of establishing strong connections with others.

While having a cool and friendly exterior, they’re also charismatic and good-looking, which means many members of the opposite sex will be attracted to them and also that they have many friends.

Water Dogs can effectively collaborate with others, even if they’ll always maintain their sense of justice and support only their own views.

Because they’re open and friendly, they’ll always listen to their friends and family, not to mention how they can accept points of views that are different than their own. These natives are versatile and can fit in any group of friends because others admire them for having good ideas and for knowing how to solve problems.

The fact that they’re so open can be a problem as they may end up being self-indulgent. Loving to communicate and possessing tolerance, Water Dogs should pay attention and not allow others to take advantage of their kindness.

People born in 1982, the year of the Water Dog, are kind and able to build an easy life for themselves. Because they seem to have the ability to see in the future, they can prevent many problems from happening.

Very lucky during their youth, especially at work, they become even more successful in their middle age, when many of their friends will want to give them a hand. It’s possible many of them will never be mature because others are taking care for their life to be easy.

The women of this sign and element can very effectively take care of their home and are relaxed, principled, happy and in the same time serious.

When working in teams, Water Dogs become very responsible and prefer doing their own job. However, if they want to get recognized and promoted, they need to think more outside-the-box.

When it comes to money, they seem to know how to handle budgets and are only spending on high-quality things.

It’s normal for them to always plan for the future and to get their hands on good moneymaking opportunities, even if not making a fortune with these activities.

Love & Relationships

While trustworthy themselves, Water Dogs still don’t seem to easily believe in other people. It may take them a while to feel comfortable around others.

Furthermore, these natives are known to judge and to make harsh commentaries when their loved ones are not living up to their potential.

As far as love goes, people born in the year of the Dog can face some difficulties because members of the opposite sex don’t like seeing them insecure, always worried and stressed.

Dogs are not known for being emotional, not to mention they tend to criticize everyone. When in love, they can become easy to control because it’s natural for them to give themselves completely and to not be able to let go of their partner.

They may become very selfish and focused only on themselves, especially when feeling pessimistic. It’s important for them to talk with their partner and to think more of this person’s emotions, especially if they want to be accepted in someone’s life.

As friendly as they are, it can be very difficult for Water Dogs to discuss about their personal relationships. Being very honest and always telling the truth, these natives can also end up having more than one relationship at once.

Just like the water is flowing, their emotions are fluid, so these Dogs simply can’t commit to only one partner for a long period of time.

While not wanting to deceive or hurt anyone because their nature is good, they still can’t refrain themselves from being all over the place and sharing their love. While having many positive traits, there are also a few notable weaknesses in their personality.

For example, they can sometimes become too passionate and simply overwhelm others with their enthusiasm. Furthermore, because water flows everywhere, they’re undisciplined and unreliable, especially when compared to other Dogs.

In order for them to overcome these issues, they need to set steady priorities in life and to have a clear mind. When focused, these natives can achieve everything they want.

Career aspects of the 1982 Water Dog

Dogs are very appreciated at their workplace because they’re always giving a hand and don’t mind helping their colleagues to finish projects faster.

Employers really value them, and they’re suitable for careers in law enforcement, counseling, interior design, teaching, politics, medicine or even law.

Very perceptive and great communicators, Water Dogs can as well choose from a long list of professions. They’re compassionate, so it’s easy for them to be doctors, teachers and social workers.

Because their mind is sharp, they could have great success as lawyers or scientists. Many of them may decide to write lyrics for songs because they’re very good with words.

Health aspects

In order to be healthy, all Dogs in the Chinese zodiac need happiness as depression and sadness are likely to keep them down for long periods of time. When it comes for them to fight an illness, they’re strong and resistant.

Water Dogs seem to rule over the kidneys, which means they need to protect these important organs in their body more, by having an active life and not consuming too much alcohol or any harmful substances.

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