Dog Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Dog seem to always stand their ground and can be very supportive with those around, despite having their strict life principles.

Dog Chinese Zodiac Animal

The Dogs of the Chinese zodiac are popular people with whom others get along very well. Loyal, sincere and kind, these native will always be admired and appreciated.

Their best traits are all about how devoted and committed they are to those they love the most. Dogs would do anything to make their closed ones happy.

The year of the Dog in a nutshell:

  • Dog years include: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030;
  • Strengths: Persistent, foresighted and considerate;
  • Weaknesses: Cautious, obsessive and gloomy;
  • Blessed careers: Health, Law, Management, Psychology and Acting;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will respect their personal space.

Dog natives also have negative traits as they can be very stubborn and obstinate. Not to mention they are also pretty criticizing and can make people want to run away from them because of this.

A devoted personality

Those born in the year of the Dog are among the most faithful and sincere people in the Chinese zodiac. They rely on their intuition but can be a little bit pessimistic at times, seeing danger when it’s not the case.

Their anxiety and quick temper seem to sometimes take over, yet this can’t make them less magnetic, giving and charming. Don’t ever question their belief that they’re destined for great things.

Also, don’t ever mess with their home or family. By doing this, you will only get to see their ugly side as they are not at all nice when someone crosses them.

These natives are very devoted to the ones they love and always ready to give everything they have for these people to feel good. However, a person needs to agree with their beliefs or they will show their teeth and “bark”.

Those who are in their life should consider themselves lucky because Dogs get attached to people for a lifetime.

They’re so loyal that not even lies and deception can change how devoted they are. Pragmatic and smart, they have the capacity to get out of any nasty situation.

When a leader will speak to them and support their values, they will not hesitate to follow him or her. If they won’t be the ones who rule, you can be sure they’re the right hand of important people, the ones whom great personalities always count to save the situation.

It’s amazing to see Dog people organizing themselves, as they’re logical creatures who want to put an end to chaos.

Many will be amazed at how loyal they can be, but their need for being alone and to reflect on life should be respected.

Sincere and never looking to deceive or cheat, it can be said these natives are pretty conservative, honorable and supportive. They would never do something wrong and are always ready to fight injustice if it’s somehow present in their life.

However, they are not the most sociable or the people to shine at parties. Yet when someone needs their help or advice, they are the first to give a hand or to come up with a kind word.

Dutiful and never abandoning people or projects, they are those who always keep their word and finish projects on time.

Because they know how to listen and to keep a secret, many will want the Chinese Dog people around all the time. Click To Tweet

Not to mention how much they hate gossiping or trashing others. It’s a pleasure to be in their company, especially when they are feeling good about themselves.

However, if their anxieties begin to kick in, they turn into these nagging and unpleasant characters who will get tired of talking too much.

It’s possible they will judge and be defensive if you don’t know how to deal with them. But when rubbed the right way, there’s no better companion and good friend than them.

It sometimes seems like they have been born old and started to get younger with age because they’re very serious ever since their childhood.

These natives will complain about serious issues as children, becoming less grave about what they have previously criticized with age.

It doesn’t matter what they will do for a living, you can be sure they will always come up with innovative ideas resulted from deep thinking. If their fears would turn into reality, they would simply go crazy.

It’s normal for these natives to speak the truth, so don’t expect them to be very romantic. Worriers, they’re emotionally unstable and allow their anxieties to rule them.

Dog’s love traits

When it comes to romance, Dog natives remain the same loyal people who are also passionate and completely committed to make their partner and family happy.

It’s possible they will also feel jealousy, so they need to work a little bit more on this issue. While usually private and mysterious, they still wouldn’t say “no” to an opportunity that can put them in the limelight.

So it’s possible that many of them will become famous when older. They believe in family and are very stable when it comes for them to be fathers, mothers and even the children.

It’s advised you don’t mess with their loved ones because they can tear you apart if you do. It’s instinctive for these natives to be next to the ones they care about because they carry many feelings in their heart.

While very open themselves to their partner, they can also understand the feelings of their other half very well. The more affection their family is, the happier they are.

Dog’s love compatibility

Best matches

Rabbit and Tiger

Bad matches

Dragon, Rooster and Goat

Because they like to spend time alone and to reflect, it can’t be said they’re very romantic. When a passionate person will enter their life, they will feel like they are drifting away from whom they really are.

It’s important for them to not let their need for loneliness to make their lover feel like they don’t care. Others can be really uncertain when seeing their partner looking to spend as much time alone as possible.

While loving sincerely and with all their heart, they still can make it seem like things aren’t like this at all. It’s easy to care for them, but they won’t trust you immediately after meeting each other.

However, as soon as they’ll feel comfortable with you, they will turn into the most loyal and committed persons. Dogs are the type of people who would do anything for their loved ones, even give up their own hopes and dreams.

What makes them so efficient at having good relationships is the way they easily communicate and listen even when times are more difficult.

Career prospects

While Dogs are usually fair and nice with the ones close to them, they can also develop a cynicism towards those who they don’t really appreciate.

It’s possible to see them angry from time to time, especially with people who are unjust. They are the fighters for the ones in need and whose rights have been stolen.

Honorable, sincere and fair-play, these natives don’t like seeing laziness and procrastination. Anxious about everything, it’s possible they’ll grow to be hypochondriacs or secluded from society because they have a need to be lonely.

It’s normal for them to be the best at what they may be doing for a living because they’re hardworking and dedicated. Not to mention how they put their heart in every project by investing a lot of their efforts.

Their ideas are usually good but not as practical as some would want them to be. If guided by smart and nice managers, they can make their career flourish with every day that passes.

The Dog and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Dog1934, 1994Reliable, idealistic and loyal;
Fire Dog1946, 2006Observing, eccentric and brave;
Earth Dog1958, 2018Faithful, practical and gentle;
Metal Dog1910, 1970Persistent, carefree and observing;
Water Dog1922, 1982Honest, intuitive and reliable.

The Dog man: Sensitive and honest

The man born in the year of the Dog doesn’t have too many demands and always speaks the truth. He’s honest and wants everyone to be fair.

Active and attractive, he will have many members of the opposite sex besides him. Seeming passionate on the outside, this male Dog has a sensitive heart and strong emotions.

He always knows what’s correct and what’s wrong, being impossible for him to deal with abstract notions. When right about something, he won’t compromise his beliefs and will seem like he’s the most serious person in the world.

He’s the type of father and husband who is always home for dinner and calls to inform his loved ones if he’s going to be late.

He can surprise people with how much work he can manage and how good of a leader he can be. It wouldn’t matter if he’s the one who gives advice or the one who helps others around, he would deserve all the appreciation in the world. His wife will be very happy because she won’t get to see what hard life is when next to him.

If you want to get this man, be friends with his family first as he loves them the most. But tell your friends about the fact that you have a relationship only after he will start to show that he trusts you.
The Dog Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Dog woman: Expressive and friendly

Women born in the year of the Dog are very cautious and don’t believe in other people easily. But they become true friends once they start to be comfortable with someone.

If you ever feel lost or offended, you can be sure this woman will be there to help you. She gives her best for the job she’s doing and wants to experience as many things as possible.

Knowing what wrong and right or love and hate mean, she’s never confused or interested in the wrong people. This lady is kind, attractive and very independent.

Not the most fashionable woman in the Chinese zodiac, she still has good taste and is expressive. When upset, she starts to become emotional, but you can trust her to always consider your feelings and to speak about her own.

She loves being outdoors and to interact with nature. She will be her husband and children’s best friend because she knows how to listen.
The Dog Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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