1990 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Horse Year – Personality Traits

These people always seem ready to engage in some kind of adventure and tackle whatever life has in store for them.

1990 Metal Horse Year

People born in 1990 are Metal Horses and just like most Horses, they’re very devoted to their work. These natives would do anything for their career to always be flourishing. They’re kind, even if they’re often hurting others with their blunt attitude.

Metal Horses are the type of friends who would do everything for others, thing that makes them very popular. Furthermore, they can sometimes be selfish, not to mention how much they can’t stand being criticized.

1990 Metal Horse in a nutshell:

  • Style: Methodical and resourceful;
  • Top qualities: Ingenious and straightforward;
  • Challenges: Quarrelsome and arrogant;
  • Advice: They need to pay more attention to other’s needs.

These natives care a lot about love, which means they’re never afraid to make the first step when trying to build a relationship. They’re stuck with their own beliefs, so others’ opinions are never important to them.

An adventurous personality

Metal Horses in the Chinese zodiac are known as strong, energetic and open-minded. They’re all the time active and eager to have the attention of others on them.

Always wanting to have fun, they can make people laugh because they possess a great sense of humor. People born in the year of the Horse 1990 are very intelligent and can understand many new and complicated concepts.

Furthermore, they’re capable of handling more than one project at a time, even if they tend to not finish what they’ve started, being fascinated by what should happen next.

All Horses are nice, sincere and friendly, but perhaps a little bit too selfish and having too many dramatic reactions when things aren’t going their way.

Metal Horses are the most rigid and stubborn of all the natives in this sign. However, they love making new friends and are kind, which means many will be attracted to them.

These people are also very energetic, even to the point that others can no longer keep up with them. They want an exciting life and are not in any way scared by challenges, thing that will help them achieve many great things.

The more focused and ambitious of them will make sure their projects are being completed, things that’s a little bit unusual for a Horse. Metal Horses often want to do things by themselves and to never depend on someone in order to finish their projects.

In spite of their numerous talents, these Horses are known to be pretentious and to want to change all the time because new experiences are keeping them alive.

They simply love engaging in new adventures and being ready for what life has next installed for them.

While this will help these Horses accumulate a lot of experience and many skills, it also makes them unable to finish some tasks.

As soon as the surprise element and the thrill of a situation have disappeared, Horses start to lose their interest. However, the Metal element can change all this and make them more disciplined and therefore, able to dram big, especially when compared with people in the same sign but belonging to different elements.

Metal Horses will be forever unpredictable because this is the nature of their sign, but when tempered by Metal, they will be much more motivated to become successful and to not give up projects in the middle.

However, the same focus and ambitious character can make natives of this sign and element stubborn, rigid and even uncaring.

Much more than other Horses, the Metal ones are independent and against any rule or authority. They especially resent people who are trying to tell them what to do, and when things aren’t going their way, they start to become bored and agitated.

For this reason, they can’t hold onto responsibilities and are usually fleeing the scene when the situation is not in their advantage.

Metal Horses can’t really commit for the long-term, no matter if it’s about business or love. They simply are too free for something like this. They should be aware their passion and determination can turn into pure stubbornness, so they need to learn how to accept other people’s opinions, especially if they want to take their plans to completion.

These natives are known to act on impulse and to be headstrong, which means they’ll get into a lot of trouble in their life. Furthermore, they should be careful with what words they’re speaking because their honesty can be too cruel.

In many cases, the popularity of those born in 1990 is brought by their desire to help others. These people’s straightforwardness can be considered a weakness because they’re most of the time offending people when expressing an opinion.

Metal Horses can’t accept getting criticized or being influenced by others’ opinions. It doesn’t matter what opportunity their teammates will follow, they’ll continue to do their job and to work hard on their own projects.

They shouldn’t get involved in speculative business because they don’t seem to have this type of luck with money and their wealth tends to develop steadily.

When working on a plan, these natives are very efficient, which means their bosses really appreciate them and that they have great chances of rapidly getting advanced in their line of work.

However, for this to happen, they need to always study and improve their knowledge. It can be said their luck with money is somewhere in the middle, so never too much or too little.

They may have both wins and losses, not to mention that when seniors, these natives tend to spend a lot on gifts for their grandchildren, on donations and even on loans for their friends.

Under the influence of Metal, the Horse becomes the most stubborn and courageous native of this sign. It can be difficult to make Metal Horses commit because they’re very independent and don’t want to ever get tamed.

Their main focus seems to be variety and change, and they’re courageous or confident enough to take part in any adventure and to achieve success their own way. Unpredictable and changeable, Metal Horses still have many admirers and people ready to follow them because they’re active and enthusiastic about everything.

Love & Relationships

Because they love acting fast, Metal Horses tend to fall in love at first sight and very intensely. Each and every of their relationships will consume a lot from them because they like giving themselves completely when having a lover.

Luckily, this can change with age, so their passion will stabilize. As far as romance goes, Metal Horses love being free, but can also prove how logical and composed they can be, regardless of how desperate a situation.

It’s unlikely for them to make the first step if not sure the other person is as well in love with their looks and personality.

Giving a lot of importance to romance, they still may encounter many challenges in their life, so their partner needs to tolerate their ways and need for independence, not to mention they want to get married later than others.

The Metal influences Horses to be more passionate, which means natives of this sign and element will impress many members of the opposite sex with their lovemaking.

They’re romantic and very attentive with their other half, not to mention how they can feel emotions at a higher intensity than others.

However, all this doesn’t mean they’ll easily decide to commit because they give too much importance to freedom and want their individuality to be all the time expressed.

They’re confident and have many strengths, but this doesn’t mean their personality doesn’t have its weaknesses.

For example, wanting to all the time be free, Metal Horses may not end up being committed to anything in their life. Furthermore, they have so many interests that it becomes impossible for them to focus on only one thing and succeed with it.

Career aspects of the 1990 Metal Horse

Just like all other Horses, the Metal ones love any profession in which they have to interact with others. These natives are not very good when needing to follow orders or to stick to a routine.

The fact that they can easily learn any new subject makes them good for any career. Enjoying power and being very effective with communication, Metal Horses can be successful publicists, journalists, actors, salespeople or translators.

The fact that they’re changeable may cause them problems when having to choose a profession, but they’re usually meant to succeed in everything they’re doing.

It’s suggested for them to do something exciting and that’s related to public interaction or communication. Because they’re enthusiastic and creative, these Horses could do a great job in advertising as well.

Health aspects

When it comes to health, people born in the year of the Metal Horse need to avoid stress and to pay attention to their moods. Furthermore, they tend to think very highly of themselves, which can put their friends off and may have them ending up all alone.

Loving to exercise and always being optimistic, Metal Horses are usually healthy and feeling fine. They love open spaces and avoid being trapped as much as they can because in their mind, they’re always running free.

The organs ruled by these natives are the respiratory system and the lungs, which means they need to exercise properly and to learn a few breathing techniques, especially if they don’t want any health problem to bother them.

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