Horse Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Horse have contradictory personalities, thus can be both kind and harsh, humble and arrogant and so on.

Horse Chinese Zodiac Animal

Those who are born in the year of the Horse are full of enthusiasm, energy and friendliness. Because they have a good sense of humor and make jokes, others will simply love them.

Communicative, these natives can make any bad situation better and are very kind. But it’s possible for them to give themselves too much importance and to not care about others. That’s why many will consider them egotistical and indifferent, not caring about other people’s feelings.

The year of the Horse in a nutshell:

  • Horse years include: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026;
  • Strengths: Optimistic, decisive and sensitive;
  • Weaknesses: Harsh, secretive and stubborn;
  • Blessed careers: Law, Architecture, Sales, Journalism and Science;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is dependable, warm and considerate.

An ambitious personality

Horse people have the impression that life is all about them and are impatient. If a good opportunity will reveal itself to them, they won’t hesitate to jump in it without thinking of the consequences.

But it’s possible for them to take on challenges that are not so advantageous for their wellbeing as they’re too hurried.

Having good humor, they will make many people laugh. The fact that they’re intelligent, passionate and organized will attract them a lot of good luck.

All the Horse natives are very noble and strong, so there’s no problem for them to work hard for their success. They like everything that’s beautiful and magnificent, spending a lot of their time in large groups, where they’re always shining and sharing their knowledge.

These individuals love to perform and like it when they become passionate about something. They want to do many great things, but they seem to not have enough time when they need it the most.

Because they’re honest, it’s easy for them to admit they have been mistaken and to learn their lessons in life. Always busy and highly energetic, they know how to wear good clothes and to attract representatives of the opposite sex.

They like crowds, so expect to find them at big concerts, sporting events, parties and even the theater. Witty and fast-thinking, they’re able to tell you what you were thinking of before you have even opened your mouth.

They’re rather talented than intelligent and they’re very aware of this fact. But they sometimes don’t trust themselves enough to make something good of their abilities.

The Chinese Horse people believe they’re exactly like the animal that represents them and that they want to travel or to always compete.

And they may be right because these natives usually leave home when very young. It’s difficult to have them feel guilty of something or to feel pressured to work for the interests of the group.

Regardless of how composed and obedient they may seem, you can be sure inside they still want to rebel. While very energetic and determined to succeed, it’s difficult for them to commit and belong to one person or a place.

Passionate, not at all patient and impulsive, they only think of themselves and don’t want to deal with other people’s problems, no matter how much they are begged to give a hand.

But while they’re selfish and think only of themselves, they can work on things that can be in many people’s benefit. They don’t mind working hard and are very good with money. But they can easily get bored with an activity.

Because they’re Horses, there are many things that contradict themselves in them. For example, they are kind and at the same time harsh, humble and arrogant, flexible and other times rigid.

While they wish to belong, they also need their independence very badly. It’s possible they will stress about things relating to their intimate life, but what makes them worry the most is their job and how they manage to achieve great things in their career.

Horse individuals need an environment that stimulates them all the time, so they’ll create it for themselves and always welcome others to join them in their space.

They like to talk and are friendly, making excellent hosts and hostesses. Because they are crafty, they can make all kind of interesting things, but it’s very easy for them to just abandon a project when it’s half done because something else got their attention.

Their colors are yellow, gold and orange, so it’s suggested to combine them in their home. This if they’re in the mood to decorate as they can’t be domestic in any way.

They make good friends as their sense of humor and good disposition makes them popular and well liked in their group. While hurried to decide and too imaginative, they are still among the most loyal natives in the Chinese zodiac.

Horse’s love traits

When it comes to love, Horses want to be independent and they could give up a relationship as soon as feeling tied down. But this doesn’t mean they want to be lonely. They would rather be the ones who caused the break up than the ones being left.

Horse’s love compatibility

Best matches

Tiger, Rabbit and Goat

Bad matches

Dragon, Monkey and Dog

These natives are great lovers because they have charm and sensuality. However, they need to learn how to be more moderate and patient if they want to live a happy and harmonious life.

The Horse man is all the time happy, giving and very good with words. He easily falls in and out of love, and he needs someone opinionated.

This male Horse hates depending on others and has a systematic approach to both work and love. It’s difficult to cheat on him because he always pays attention to what’s going on.

The Horse woman dreams of a perfect love and wants someone who’s loyal and a traditionalist. She prefers a macho man with whom she can build a beautiful family life.

She’s warm and considerate, so her husband will love her very much. This lady can see if her lover no longer wants her and will never wish to just hang around the man in her life because she feels like she has to be the most important person for him.

Horses are charismatic people who can calm others down. They’re active and fun, keeping a positive attitude and being very popular among those who belong to the opposite sex.

Because they want their freedom to last forever, they should be left alone to party. Those who want them have to be ready to put up with their criticism or the Horses will not want them around anymore.

Career prospects

Horse natives are highly productive people who think fast. But they can sometimes take on challenges without being well prepared and knowledgeable. Not to mention they refuse to listen to any type of advice because they think they’re the only ones who are right.

Adaptable, open-minded and fast-learners, they could take on any profession and be successful at it.

The fact that they know how to communicate and are eloquent can help them be great TV show hosts or sales people. Journalism or a job as a tourist guide would also be very suitable for them.

It wouldn’t matter if their achievements wouldn’t be all the time great, they would still want to be congratulated and admired. They can even persevere in obtaining all this from others.

These natives like to dominate and to occupy the high positions at work, so they’re prepared to be the leaders. It’s easy for them to deal with others because they’re very communicative.

They’re also hard workers who would do a great job working with people and not doing something alone.

The Horse and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Horse1954, 2014Progressive, disciplined and optimistic;
Fire Horse1906, 1966Alert, sentimental and charming;
Earth Horse1918, 1978Assertive, optimistic and practical;
Metal Horse1930, 1990Ingenuous, methodical and charming;
Water Horse1942, 2002Enthusiastic, positive and ingenuous.

The Horse man: Idealistic and supportive

The man born in the year of the Horse is very independent and doesn’t have any kind of patience. He’s also very bold and believes in himself, which makes him a great leader and manager.

He wouldn’t want to be seen as conservative, so he’ll always dress in a fashionable way. His love for sports and exercise goes hand in hand with the way he reacts very fast to everything.

What’s negative about him is that he’s headstrong and subjective. He doesn’t seem to know that he has limits and tends to take on more than he can handle.

Ideas are always popping in his head, but he’s not motivated enough to take action on them. Delicate, he can be overwhelmed by his emotions and unable to express himself clearly.

Because he likes to communicate and is supportive, he will always have friends around. Not to mention he’s always happy and can make people laugh.
The Horse Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Horse woman: An artistic soul

The Horse woman is attractive, energetic and always busy. She knows fashion and looks good, but she’s also very intelligent, so don’t think it’s all about looks with her.

She will always prefer the simple life and to have fun outside, in nature. The lady in this sign can make her life fun in many different ways.

Everything surrounding her can be turned into music and poetry and that’s very interesting for her.

If you happen to be in love with this Horse woman, don’t even dare to make her world small or to restrain her.

She gives a lot of importance to family, but she won’t necessarily focus too much on them because the outside world is more colorful.

She can organize herself to become more efficient and to have a more active life. But it’s possible she’ll forget all about the ones she loves when focusing too much on her work.
The Horse Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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