1966 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Horse Year – Personality Traits

These people seem to be very good at launching new trends because they always question what is around them.

1966 Fire Horse Year

Just like other Horses, the Fire ones hate being dominated. They’re intelligent, active and very optimistic. Because these natives can’t deal with being criticized, they may decide to only keep around themselves the people who admire them.

Therefore, Fire Horses will always feel loved and respected by everyone. They’re known to love a good challenge and for not giving in when under pressure.

1966 Fire Horse in a nutshell:

  • Style: Active and temperamental;
  • Top qualities: Sentimental, creative and optimistic;
  • Challenges: Unpredictable and conceited;
  • Advice: They need to stop underestimating their ability to focus.

While emotional and lacking control over their own feelings, those born in 1966 will still seem to attract the opposite sex whenever feeling in a good mood to do it. They’re very lucky with money and change doesn’t bother them in any way.

An ambitious personality

Mostly controlled by their own passion and emotions, Fire Horses are the most courageous and adaptable natives of this sign.

They seem to possess great intelligence and a personality that can have them experiencing life in a unique way. Those born in 1966 are enthusiastic and bold enough to take on any challenge or to risk when the situation asks for it.

Not at all practical or cautious, they’ll succeed in life by applying force and being ambitious. Fire Horses love to compete and to perfect themselves in everything they may be doing.

It’s amazing to be like them, but they’re also known for easily getting bored and for becoming offended when someone doesn’t agree with them.

Since the natural element of the Horse is Fire, people born in both this sign and element are twice as passionate as usual. They can never stand still and their life is usually all the time exciting.

This means they have the ability to react very quickly, no matter how difficult the situation. However, because they want change, it’s easy for them to become distracted and to not have consistency in their life.

It seems these natives can’t really focus until feeling really stimulated by someone or something.

They are able to come up with some incredible ideas and to display their talents in a very efficient manner, but they’re not tenacious enough to follow things through when having to do something.

Therefore, Fire Horses have a bad temper and a volcanic personality. In their worst times, they can become destructive and start focusing all of their energy on negative pursuits.

Being both Horse and Fire can make a person very bad-tempered. Fire Horses are adventurous and love taking risks that can destroy them in any moment.

They shouldn’t spend their time gambling because while lucky when it comes to wealth, they also seem to lose only large amounts of money.

These Horses have a romantic side to their personality and are all the time honest about their feelings. Because they want change and adventure, they will have many interesting things happening in their life.

People born in 1966 as Fire Horses are intelligent, energetic and optimistic. They seem to be very good at launching new trends because they’re creative and don’t accept what others may have to say about their style.

It can be said they’re also talented at leading others as they can be both loving and strict at the same time, which means their subordinates respect and appreciate them.

However, they need to deal with the fact that they’re emotional and to learn how to control themselves, especially when being too insisting to have things done only their way.

The more they’ll accept others’ opinions and desire to be advised by the elderly, the more successful they’ll get to become. Being friendly and nice helps them charm anyone, no matter the circumstances.

Because they’re talented and capable, it’s possible for them to become very good in any profession. It’s normal for these natives to finish tasks on time and to be very efficient.

However, for this to happen, they have to never be ordered around and to deal with many changes because only challenges help them work at their full potential. It’s important they’re not taking on more responsibilities that they can hold onto.

They don’t mind being surrounded by admirers and getting all of these people’s praising. At their job, these natives are confident, enthusiastic and excellent performers, which means their superiors really appreciate them.

They don’t mind working under pressure and taking care of the most difficult tasks because when facing difficulties, their colleagues simply love giving them a hand.

Regardless if males and females, all the natives of this sign are lucky with money and can obtain great results when investing their efforts and having to deal with many changes. If they want to work hard, it’s suggested for them to buy something steady like real estate and jewelry.

Love & Relationships

Partners of Fire Horses born in 1966 should understand these natives simply love themselves very much, which means it’s difficult for them to have a partner and to also understand his or her needs.

This situation is difficult for all the parts involved in a relationship, but the Fire Horse can learn many things about his or her other half by interacting more with this person.

People born in this sign and element tend to be superficial because they always want change and to experience new adventures.

However, they’re known to feel very comfortable around people and to win others over by always looking good and being nice. Therefore, it’s easy to fall in love with them and to forget about anything else.

When it comes to this subject of romance, Fire Horses are adventurous and bold. They prefer to make the first step and initiate a connection with a prospective partner because they don’t want to wait around and to be the ones who are getting approached.

The only problem here is that they’re known to easily get bored and to fall in love with another person soon after promising their love to someone else.

It can’t be said these natives are too faithful, meaning they will probably have in their life many relationships that will end up badly.

They don’t have any intention to cause pain and suffering, but they’re simply too lightheaded and enthusiastic about the new, so it’s impossible for them to just commit.

When crossed, they become unforgiving, not to mention how much they hate being criticized and hearing discussions about them being superficial. If they want to motivate and support others, they need to first see themselves clearly.

In general, Fire Horses can be great life partners, especially after learning how to interact in a more efficient manner with other people. They need spouses or lovers who are patient and tolerant. It seems these natives are simply shining when involved in something very close to their ideal of love.

Career aspects of the 1966 Fire Horse

Adventurous and having many big dreams, Fire Horses can succeed in many professions, not to mention how effective they are when competing, which means they are very talented for the business world and also the sales one.

Because they want adventure and to be challenged every step of the way in life, it can be easy for them to succeed in art or media.

The most important thing for these natives is to do what they’re being passionate about. They seem to be more efficient when having to do something complicated rather than dealing with simple tasks and repetitive chores.

Therefore, they’re great journalists of investigations, negotiators and advertisers. They have everything they need in order to achieve success in the art world, and the fact that they can easily adapt to change helps them be popular politicians or critics of art.

Sports attract them as well, so being athletes is not at all unusual for these natives. Having confidence and a desire to explore, they’re suited for the job of an architect or anything that involves traveling.

Lifestyle and health

Fire Horses are always planning ahead and could very much put to good use how determined Dogs and Tigers usually are. In return, these natives would help them be more down-to-earth.

These Horses are very impatient and need someone as serene as a Dog to calm them down. Tigers can be too aggressive for Fire Horses, so the sociable Dogs seem to be their real best friends.

These natives belonging to the Fire element tend to always wander, to rely only on their emotions and to be impulsive.

They simply love feeling free and are known for their high levels of energy. Independent, good at making money and smart, they very much love traveling, being in love and having a close relationship with someone.

Able to seduce any member of the opposite sex, their impatience makes them seem superficial. While the Fire brings many strengths for the Horses, this is also a combination of astrological items that generates many conflicts.

Natives of this sign and element may indeed be driven to succeed, but their need for adventure can lead them to failure, especially when they’re determined to take great risks.

Fire Horses seem to have everything they need in order to achieve what they want in life, but it’s impossible for them to succeed if not learning how to be patient and thoughtful.

Fire Horses are sensitive to brain diseases and eye problems, not to mention the women should visit their gynecologist often.

They’re the most sensitive around their heart and their circulatory system needs some special attention. Therefore, they should never stress and instead exercise or cook healthy meals for themselves and their loved ones.

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