Key Traits of the Metal Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Horse is a straightforward problem-solver.

Metal Horse

Metal Horse people have a kind heart and are always optimistic. But they can sometimes hurt others with their straightforwardness and bluntness. That’s why they need someone who can put up with them. It’s difficult for them to sugar coat anything.

Confident and courageous, these natives can innovate with their ambitious ideas. They don’t mind when life hits them hard because they love dealing with complications. As they’re independent, any intervention from outside bothers them.

The Metal Horse in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Ingenuous, methodical and charming;
  • Challenges: Nervous, insolent and quarrelsome;
  • Secret need: To be free from responsibilities;
  • Advice: Remember that you are not always the centre-point.

They are charming but very stubborn. Impulsive buyers, it’s suggested they think twice before purchasing expensive things. Sociable and always present at parties, they have many friends with whom they spend most of their time.

The character of the Chinese Metal Horse

The first and most obvious trait of people born in the year of the Metal Horse is their ambition. These natives are able to overcome any obstacle in order to get what they want.

Many would think they’re struggling for nothing, but they couldn’t be more wrong because these Horses have endurance and an incredible intelligence.

Metal Horse people may exhibit this tremendous desire to be free. However, this won’t have them less able to gain a good position in life. They will probably own more than one house, each situated on a different continent, and will travel a lot between them.

Smart and full of ideas, these Horses usually have a good social position and the success others can only imagine. In spite of their many talents, they are rather pretentious when it comes to what they want to do.

Not to mention they always need to change, new experiences being what keeps them going. As soon as you’ll see them interested in something and repeating tasks, expect a new thing to capture their attention.

While this will give them a lot of experience and many skills, they will also not be able to see things for what they actually are because they won’t have the time. When things around them start to be less exciting and interesting, these natives drop their interest.

Only the Metal brings them a little bit of more discipline and desire to succeed precisely at something.

As a matter of fact, they are the most determined natives of this sign. Not that Metal Horses aren’t as surprising and changeable as other Horses, it’s just that the mentioned element makes them more eager to succeed and less prone to give up when things start to seem boring.

If they don’t feel satisfied with what they are doing, they will turn their back to that activity and become negligent. It’s impossible for them to stick to a routine or to be efficient when someone is watching each and every one of their moves.

They always need to deal with the new or they can end up in a dead-end from which they don’t have any idea how to escape.

When feeling down, they will have this unexplained need to be more free and won’t be able to form personal connections because they would think their freedom is threatened.

When it comes to a love in their life, they become more passionate and interesting. Intuitive and intelligent, these natives are the most efficient when they’re keeping a positive attitude.

Others may find it difficult to keep up with them because they’re a little bit everywhere, all the time. Able to recuperate immediately after a failure, they will never be stagnant or unoccupied.

They want to feel the thrills of new adventures, so they’ll engage in all kind of activities that require them to give themselves completely.

Out of all the Horses in the Chinese zodiac, they are the most headstrong and less open to compromise. But they will still attract people because they have a warm heart and they like making new friends.

The influence of the Metal element

Horses in the Metal element are more popular, nomadic and more unsettled than others in the same sign. They’re courageous, expressive and impulsive, yet people will still want to be around them.

Leaving the elements aside, Horses will always be courageous. They are only interested in new adventures and challenging problems.

It’s very possible to identify them as the ones who volunteer at the Fire station or those who boldly ask the hottest person in a club to go out with them.

And the Metal accentuates this boldness, taking it beyond the physical, into the more cerebral side. So when the most difficult assignment or client will appear at work, Metal Horses will be the first to take it.

They are the most likely to get absorbed into a challenge and to ardently compete. And what’s even more interesting about this, they will always have fun doing something tough.

They will shine wherever they will be. Stubborn and determined, these people can make the impossible possible.

And the Metal is only influencing them to be more defending with what they want and ambitious to pursue their goals. They may act selfishly from time to time, but this doesn’t make them less popular.

When it comes to their romantic relationships, the Metal makes them more passionate and even possessive. Because they are Horses, it’s very likely they’ll impress their partner with many romantic gestures and a lot of attention.

While feeling all the emotions that come with a relationship intensely, it can’t be sure they’ll remain committed for a lifetime. What they want the most is to be free, and the Metal only accentuates this.

Metal Horses are always busy, making it difficult for others to keep up with them. They want to climb the highest mountains and to feel the excitement from the most dangerous activities.

Very focused and motivated, they’ll want to see all of their projects finished. And as opposed to other Horses who often get distracted, these ones really manage to accomplish what they set their mind to.

They are very capable and don’t need anyone to do their job for them. But all this ambition and eagerness will also give them stubbornness and recklessness.

Not to mention they’re more independent than other Horses, completely refusing to accept orders from any authority. They hate it when others are trying to tell them what to do.

If they are stuck in a situation that no longer gives them what they need, they become very bored and anxious, which makes them impossible to deal with and imprudent.

That’s why it’s almost impossible for them to commit, whether it’s in their love or work life. Having their freedom threatened is the worst thing that could happen to them.

The Metal element makes these people more egotistical and obstinate. While they have many innovative ideas, they surely don’t know how to organize and be more disciplined.

The Metal Horse man

This gentleman will have many things happening in his life at all times, because he hates getting bored or doing nothing. He wants to help and to enroll in any new adventure without thinking twice.

But he tries to stay out of trouble, so he isn’t the bad boy of the Chinese zodiac. He’s determined and has many goals that others find too bold.

Determined to succeed on his own, he won’t listen to any advice others may give him. At least he’s intelligent, courageous, insisting and determined enough to make it on his own.

Because he’s too honest, quick tempered and speaks only the truth, the Metal Horse man may have some problems in his professional life.

When it comes to love, he likes to admire a lady from distance before making a step. He won’t accept getting refused and will try anything in his power to have the woman of his dreams accept him as her date.

But it’s possible he’ll have an affair or two after many years of relationship. He loves his freedom too much, so a marriage can be out of the question sometimes. But he’ll be pushed to act crazily to impress his lover.

Even if he’ll get married, he’ll continue to be proud about his freedom and it will be impossible to have him obeying completely.

He will do what he wants, and he’ll manage to make enough money for him and his family to have a comfortable and fun life.

The Metal Horse woman

This lady has a lot of energy and is a fighter always ready to deal with any challenge that may be in her way. She’s too confident and proud to ever listen to the advice given to her.

She will always express what goes through her mind. Many will feel like she’s bringing their self-esteem down, but she’s only being honest, not wanting to hurt anyone.

This can bring her many advantages, for she can offer unbiased advice. A hard worker, this lady will achieve everything she wants through concentration, responsibility and determination.

Her man will love her very much because she’s sweet and adorable. Not to mention she would be ready to even give up her work if this would make him happy.

Very communicative, the Metal Horse woman will solve many of her problems by talking. And this will happen especially where she works because her bosses will want to listen to what she has to say.

She can change her mind about the entire world just by having a feeling or a hunch. It’s in her nature to be faithful, so don’t expect this girl to flirt with other men after committing to only one.

As soon as she’ll marry, all her time and efforts will be focused on her husband and children. She will deal with any situation at home, trying all the time to educate those dear to her.

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