1978 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Horse Year – Personality Traits

These people are thoughtful and wary of new situations, careful that they don’t step on a landmine of some kind.

1978 Earth Horse Year

The Earth Horse natives born in 1978 are incredibly straightforward and don’t let the dark side of life affect them.

They live with an easy heart, content with everything that the world offers them, doing whatever they can to help others and achieve their fullest potential.

1978 Earth Horse in a nutshell:

  • Style: Optimistic and kind;
  • Top qualities: Generous, nurturing and wise;
  • Challenges: Overly sensitive and cautious;
  • Advice: They need to stop wanting to please everyone.

Ideally, they should learn to be more decisive and assertive, to take decisions on the spot. Only this ambition will help them achieve their goals.

A charming personality

Earth Horses are very generous and kind to other people, especially their friends and close people, those that they hold dear.

They never give up on someone they care about, not even when all seems lost. That’s when true friendships are tested, and when everything becomes clear.

However, these natives can also be extremely indecisive and uncertain of their own decisions. They don’t know what’s going to happen or how they’re supposed to act in a given situation.

They are also very cautious and wary of making mistakes, and this can only add to the lack of initiative.

In general, Earth Horses are very sociable and communicative, in the sense that they don’t’ waste any time in trying to befriend people they feel good around. Meeting new people and having fun without a care in the world, that’s their idea of a good life.

Their mind works at full speed all the time which means that you can’t catch them unprepared. At work, they give it their all to achieve the best results and let’s not talk about team projects.

That’s where they really shine. It seems like they are very quick-witted and intelligent to be able to incorporate everyone’s inputs into a complete and definite process.

They don’t like to be bound by rules or to be held back by the status quo. Whenever someone tries to chain them down, things are going to get ugly. They lose their efficiency and productivity really quickly. If they can allow others the freedom to think and act, they should receive the same treatment.

For all their indecisiveness and lack of initiative, the Earth Horses are very respected and admired for their work ethics and good-natured principles.

They are very understanding and kind to deserving people, tolerant and open-minded, and very diplomatic.

They stand out for their own ideas and honesty prevails in their every word and action. When there are responsibilities and obligations to talk about, these people are the first to start working.

And even if they might make some mistakes along the way, everyone still loves and appreciates them.

They are thoughtful and wary of new situations, careful that they don’t step on a landmine and undermine all their efforts. Where others would rush in head-long into battle, they devise plans and strategies, think things through before they act.

Earth Horses aren’t as impetuous and impulsive as other Horse natives, and they are very understanding and tempered as well. They need to be certain about the pros and cons of a certain choice, about the possible repercussions.

Moreover, they are pretty sensitive to the plights of other people. This comes as a result of their strong moral compass.

No matter how their indecisiveness affects their overall efficiency and productivity, the Earth Horses have a certain intuition and flair that gets them innumerable achievements in a short time.

They are logical and reasonable, taking life at face value, confronting their greatest fears and proceeding to make plans for the future.

They are calm, patient, in full control of their emotions so as not to screw things up in a bout of fury or rage. Whenever something emotionally disturbing happens, they take a moment to calm themselves, and then they solve the issue at hand.

Love & Relationships

Because they are very attractive and charming, they will have many relationships before finally settling down with the love of their life. However, once they do, they will become very devoted and loyal to their partner.

Men of this astrological sign will spend a lot of time trying to look nice and present their image in society, to attract the opposite sex, while women already have this flair and generally find it easier to succeed.

Both men and women Earth Horses are very uncertain in a relationship and don’t know how to react or what to do.

Career aspects of the 1978 Earth Horse

These natives are fit to work under duress, to constantly challenge themselves to think more creatively and to put their imagination to the test.

They are very adaptable and flexible, able to change their way of thinking in a split second if they’re required to do so.

Artistic and aesthetic goals motivate them the most. Painting, architecture, interior decoration, writers and journalists, these are very attractive to them, and they feel like they could make great achievements in this sense.

The Earth Horse natives sometimes get involved in too many activities at the same time, pushing some on the backburner, forgetting about them.

You would think that these natives would have an easy way in life, with how kind, generous, and good-natured they are. Literally, everyone loves them, and appreciates them for their principles, hard-working personality, and focused nature. They are aiming toward success and no one can stop them from touching upon it.

They are realistic and pragmatic, always paying attention to the details, keeping it real and using a grounded approach to solve all problems.

They keep their finances organized and systematically arranged. This can be compared to their skill at finding lucrative opportunities and their instinct for great ideas.

Health and lifestyle

In order to be healthy and to avoid falling victim to the occasional sickness, the Earth Horses need to display an open-minded and disciplined personality.

They need to keep themselves informed, to do some research, and to stay on top of their nutritional game. Diets are also a good idea.

Doing some sports or just running in the morning can also greatly improve their overall wellbeing. They have to be careful with their stomach and spleen, protect them at all costs because they are the most sensible.

These natives are very dynamic and aspire to explore the world, to go on long trips, visit new places and discover the marvelous vistas around the planet. They are tempted to just up and go like that, letting everything behind.

However, there are also downsides to speak of. Because they are so indecisive, they will miss out on plenty of lucrative opportunities.

They could have ascended on the social ladder and achieved great things, but unfortunately, they lack the initiative to take the next step forward.

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