2014 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Horse Year – Personality Traits

These people may have a quick-temper but they still come across as warm and affectionate, understanding and calm.

2014 Wood Horse Year

Children born in 2014 belong to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Horse and the Wood element. As adults, they’ll be imaginative, talented, fast and curious, but they’ll often waste their energy on useless things.

More logical and less selfish than Horses in different elements, they still won’t have enough patience and will get distracted from achieving their goals by thinking of other things they could do. Luckily, they’ll be courageous, which means they’ll enjoy many victories in life.

2014 Wood Horse in a nutshell:

  • Style: Disciplined and optimistic;
  • Top qualities: Direct and generous;
  • Challenges: Temperamental and tactless;
  • Advice: They need to be a bit more modest when discussing their achievements.

Wood Horses born in 2014 will be fascinated by everything that’s spectacular and unexpected. They’ll be famous for their busy lifestyle and entertaining abilities, and they will sometimes exaggerate to the point of not being believed anymore. However, because they’ll be friendly, many will forgive them for this weakness.

A practical personality

The most down-to-earth Horses in the Chinese zodiac, people born in 2014 will work hard and tirelessly because they’ll have a lot of strength and be very friendly.

They’ll manage any social situation and establish strong friendships with those who can carry out great conversations, not to mention they won’t try to dominate or to offend.

These children will be very generous adults as well because their mind will be open and they won’t mind helping others.

Furthermore, they’ll be able to approach problems in a systematic and broad manner, all this while they’ll keep having many interests and hobbies.

The Wood element will make them more disciplined and able to fulfill their responsibilities, which means they’ll be the least flighty, especially when compared with other natives of the same sign.

Strongly anchored in reality, they’ll also think progressively, pragmatically and in an innovative manner. They won’t hesitate to work with new methods and to give up tradition for the sake of practicality.

However, their need for independence and leadership will still be present in them, even if they’ll be readier to make compromises and to give in, when compared to others.

These Horses will be known for their kindness and for having many friends because they’ll simply love meeting new people and being in the center of attention at big social gatherings.

They’ll know how to lead, not to mention others will really admire them for being honest and straightforward.

These natives will simply love debating because they’ll be able to convince anyone of anything. They’ll be very practical and known to rely only on strong facts when expressing their opinions.

It’s possible for them to have a quick temper, but at least their anger won’t last for too long, not to mention they will later regret, after saying some harsh words.

It will be better to never tell them any secret because they won’t keep quiet for too long. All Horses have many interests and are usually involved in many activities, so it can sometimes be very difficult for them to handle everything on their plate, especially since they’re hurrying to start new projects and are not known to finish what they have started.

It’s also possible for them to become obsessed with new trends and to forget all about their interests until their enthusiasm has worn out.

Natives of this sign are known for wanting their freedom and to be independent, which means it’s difficult for them to obey rules and to respect regulations.

Wood Horses born in 2014 will think all the answers are in themselves, even if they really won’t mind being supported and encouraged.

Having many talents and being friendly, they’ll most likely succeed in obtaining what they’ll want, also because they won’t mind a good challenge and will work tirelessly for their goals.

In case of failure, they’ll take their time to start again and be better, so they’re suggested to aim for success as adults, regardless of the situation.

They’ll be devastated when not achieving what they want because success will be the only thing encouraging them to move forward.

People born in 2014, the year of the Wood Horse, will love having friends around and being in the center of attention.

They’ll entertain others at any party because they’ll hate getting bored and doing nothing. As grownups, these natives won’t allow anything to come easy to them, not to mention their optimism and confidence will be very useful for them, especially when dealing with difficult situations.

They will convince others to be as positive as themselves, so many will appreciate them for all of this. Obviously, there will also be weaknesses in their personality because so many positive traits can’t just exist by themselves.

For example, Wood Horses born in 2014 will be selfish and focused only on themselves. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t share or be generous because they’ll really enjoy being sociable and in the center of attention.

Therefore, they won’t be extremely selfish as they’ll also want to take care of others in order to get admired more and more. It can be said they’ll be egocentric and not in any way egoists.

Those who are egocentric find it difficult to feel others, so they’ll very much use their imagination in order to guess what their loved ones are feeling.

They’re able to identify a middle ground when dealing with other people, which means they can make good decisions for those who are asking for their help.

This is the type of egocentrics Wood Horses born in 2014 will be. Therefore, these natives will turn everything negative about themselves into something positive and stronger.

As Horses, they’ll sometimes be a little bit superficial too, but regardless of the situation, no one will be able to call them stupid, even if they won’t be motivated enough to look inside themselves most of the time.

Their interest will be more in the outside world and in how they can become more admired. It will be very difficult for them to focus on what’s inside their own mind, but this doesn’t mean people won’t like them a lot.

Because they’ll love themselves all the time, others won’t hesitate to follow them and to be more motivated in their company. These Horses will have a lot of energy and deal with any challenge without struggling too much.

Love & Relationships

When it comes to love, Wood Horses born in 2014 will want a relationship with someone who can understand how much they’re loving themselves. It won’t be easy for them to have a partner who truly understands their needs.

Furthermore, they won’t be very much interested in what their other half wants because they have a tendency to be superficial and to always chase what’s new, intricate and featuring a lot of deepness.

However, these Horses will be very comfortable around others, not to mention many will truly like them, in spite of their competitive nature.

It will be easy to fall in love with them, not to mention they’ll also give their heart away every time when with someone, without thinking twice. Therefore, when it comes to romance, they’ll be adventurous and courageous.

These Horses won’t wait for others to approach them because they won’t mind taking the initiative themselves. Problems may appear when they’ll be with a partner and fall in love with another person.

It can’t be said they’ll be very faithful, so they’ll have many relationships and sometimes think happiness or love is not meant for them.

Just like all Horses, they’ll be flighty and unforgiving when crossed, disappointed or criticized for being superficial. They’ll have to see everything about themselves as clearly as possible, especially if they want to help others be more motivated.

Career aspects of the 2014 Wood Horse

Wood Horses born in 2014 will enjoy having a career that requires them to interact with people.

They won’t like routine or following orders because their mind will be focused on the new and what could be done for their job to become easier.

These natives will have a lot of power and easily communicate with others. Just like all Horses, they’ll have to do something challenging and enjoyable instead of losing their mind with repetitive and simple tasks.

For example, many of them will be journalists, business people and doctors. Furthermore, some of them will decide to become artists because they won’t resist their attraction for beauty.

Being able to adapt to any change, they’ll also make amazing politicians. Many of them will succeed in sports because they want to be all the time active. Those who already are more confident as children should become architects, explorers and even TV hosts or comedians.

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