The Horse Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He has great ideals and will do his best to attain then, he is also charming and tends to get away with many things so is likely to have an exciting life.

Horse Man

The Horse man is definitely the life of any party. He likes to socialize and to be where things are going down. After all, he’s in a sign that’s known for successful and attractive natives, which means people are drawn to him automatically.

But he can also be indifferent to what others are saying and not take their advice. Being stubborn characterizes him in almost any situation.

The Horse man in a nutshell:

  • Horse years include: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026;
  • Strengths: Adoring, responsible and eloquent;
  • Weaknesses: Fantasist, selfish and stubborn;
  • Life challenge: He needs to learn to cope better with failure;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will bring the right balance of excitement and loyalty.

This man likes being admired and having all the attention on him. He can come up with new ideas and launch businesses that others wouldn’t even be capable of thinking about.

A visionary man

He’s always looking to do something and loves to be physically challenged because it seems like his body is set to operate at a fast pace.

He sees life as a great adventure and wants to learn all the time, being curious about every new experience and challenge.

He’s the type of person who stays up at night because he doesn’t want to miss on what life has to offer, even in these late hours.

Very interested to always make the best out of any experience, he doesn’t mind being challenged and loves it when new opportunities reveal themselves to him.

He will invest everything he has in what he’s doing, being very motivated and truly dedicated to attaining success. The Horse man dreams big and rarely loses contact with reality.

His goals are usually achievable, and he is never lazy or a procrastinator. When he wants something, he simply works tirelessly until obtaining it.

It’s possible he’ll have money problems as he doesn’t stress at all about finances. Usually optimistic, he takes life as it is and is very open to welcome new challenges.

You’ll never see the Horse male sloppy-dressed or not groomed. When many will think a situation is too chaotic, he will feel comfortable and find and efficient way to cope.

He can play any role and is satisfied with fast but not necessarily lasting results. The way he wants to be physically and intellectually challenged will have him trying new things all the time.

This man is usually interested only in the future and in making a life as far away from home as possible. Therefore, he will travel the world and learn the customs of many new cultures.

If not possible for him to physically visit places, you can be sure he will definitely do it with his mind. Everyone knows him as the one who can’t rest and who needs to wander.

He’s only efficient when far away from where he’s been born because he seems to not enjoy too familiar places. This man will never regret leaving his country of origin because all that he wants is to move around and to never feel tied down.

While he can’t survive without fantasizing, he needs to learn some skills that will make his creativity flourish in the most efficient way. He shouldn’t just live in a dream land and feed his imagination with all kind of dreams that can’t be made a reality.

People who don’t like being kinky, dressing up and refuse to be helped by others are definitely not the type to be next to the Horse man.

He needs nothing more than words and for the person he has besides to be able to communicate. This way, he’ll know how to take care of the needs his friend or partner has as he’s the type who would do anything for his dear ones to be happy.

If his objectives haven’t been achieved, expect him to always be alert and attentive to what’s going on. He can be selfish and surely not interested in hiding this about his personality.

However, he doesn’t exaggerate with this negative trait, so he will never go over people just to get what he wants.

On contrary, he has high ideals and wants everything to get done in an honorable way because he’s a noble soul and his aspirations are of a certain decency.

The Horse and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Horse1954, 2014Progressive, disciplined and optimistic;
Fire Horse1906, 1966Alert, sentimental and charming;
Earth Horse1918, 1978Assertive, optimistic and practical;
Metal Horse1930, 1990Ingenuous, methodical and charming;
Water Horse1942, 2002Enthusiastic, positive and ingenuous.

He’s passionate and exuberant

The Horse man is pretty much like a stallion who enjoys life to the fullest. While this can be charming about him, he’s easily tempted and can cheat on his lover more often than other signs.

And after he cheats, he expects to be forgiven, which may not be to the liking of many people.

He’s the Romeo who falls in love on the spot, being passionate, eloquent and impulsive, just like all the Horses are.

This man loves deeply and fast, so he can be ready to give up everything in his life just to be with the woman he loves. And he can be all this for someone he didn’t even know a few days before.

And the ladies in his life usually respond to him because he’s very convincing. Don’t ever think he’s superficial just because many people will say this about him.

On the contrary, he’s very romantic and gets attached more than he would like to. Every partner he’ll have is going to be treated seriously and with love.

The negative thing is that he has the tendency to be with more than one woman at once. You can consider yourself lucky if you managed to have him next to you for a lifetime but know he won’t stay without having an interest and he’ll most likely want to know everything about you.

It’s possible to get tired of him being constantly on the move and also by the way he flirts with anyone or has these moods that can’t be dealt with.

The Horse man needs to understand that life has to be balanced and that coping with the downsides makes him appreciate the positive aspects more.

But one thing is sure, life next to him is always fun and not at all boring because he really doesn’t know what boredom means. This can be both beneficial and disadvantageous for him.

He benefits from immense creativity out of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, but it’s only up to him if he will use this in a constructive way. There are many positive and also negative aspects he needs to consider.

It wouldn’t matter how passionate he proves to be with a certain person, there will be moments when he seems like he simply can’t focus on what is happening in the present.

Romantic relationships need both partners to be equal and to give or take in the same amount. The Horse man really desires to remain faithful and feels very guilty when he doesn’t manage to do it.

But he sometimes can worry for nothing because if complimented and kept entertained, he can be next to a person for a lifetime.

The more he will try to play every role for the people in his life and be the one to whom everyone turns, the happier he will live his life.

He wants to adore his partner, so she needs to feel his appreciation and love. His life will have its good and its bad, but he will always look at things for tomorrow as he does today and as he did yesterday.

What’s good to know is that he’ll never get bored and will always know how to make the best of a situation.

The Horse gentleman is the husband who helps with chores around the house and the father who rebels with his children. It’s easy to deal with him because he doesn’t hold grudges and loves with all his heart.

If you are clever enough to make him stay next to you, he will bring you flowers and small gifts. This man is enthusiastic, passionate, exuberant and very youthful.

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