The Horse Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She is so strongly attached to her beliefs that it becomes very difficult for her to accept other people’s points of view.

Horse Woman

The Horse woman is very independent and expects others to be the same. She believes in herself and is very witty, so she’ll guess what people have to say even before they have finished saying it.

She simply can see what others are thinking because her senses are very sharp and because she really pays attention. Usually, this lady has many talents, but is more crafty than smart. And she’s aware of this fact, so she will work hard to put her skills to use.

The Horse woman in a nutshell:

  • Horse years include: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026;
  • Strengths: Dreamy, understanding and talented;
  • Weaknesses: Demanding, impulsive and distant;
  • Life challenge: Moving past her trusting nature with new people;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who has a strong character and won’t change.

The Horse woman loves being in the center of attention and being recognized for what she knows to do best. People can easily flatter her because she’s looking for this kind of appreciation.

Strongly attached to her beliefs

The woman born in the year of the Horse may seem like she’s living in another world when looking at her from a distance. However, she will still be easy to approach and to turn into a good friend.

It’s very possible to get to know her at a party or gathering with friends, where she would be involved in the most interesting conversations.

As a sincere and warm person, many will want to be around her, so she’ll make new friends more rapidly than others.

This lady is full of life, attractive, knowledgeable, witty and also wise. It’s easy for her to deal with any kind of problem life brings to her close ones, but she may find it very hard to deal with the trouble in her own life.

All the time busy and filling her schedule with more appointments, many will still want a piece of her and to give them a lot of attention. Therefore, she may grow tired of just dealing with people all the time, so a day in bed is more than indicated for her peace of mind because the craziness will start again as soon as she’ll be out of the bedroom.

Those who think women are weaker will be convinced of the contrary when seeing the Horse lady.

The Horse woman has a strong character and is very exact with what she wants, no one and nothing being able to distract her from doing what she has set her mind to.

She sticks to what she has decided, applying the same force and loyalty as if she would be pursuing one of her goals. One of her most positive traits can be seen in how much she trusts herself, which means she’ll look at the future in an enthusiastic and confident manner.

She is always prepared for what life has installed for her, never occupying her mind and time with self-pity and failure. She’s bold and brilliant, expressing her innovative ideas, having big dreams and believing that she can manifest everything that she wants.

Many people are aware of the fact that she’s an intellectual who can rapidly react and come up with accurate information.

All these traits make her better at dealing with problems and unexpected situations. Anyone can count on her to be attentive and always there with good advice.

Being rational and impartial, she thinks fast and allows her intuition to help her all the time. Others will be amazed at how fast she can find solutions to problems.

She wants to learn all kind of new things, including the more abstract ideas, so she will read all the time, which means she will have an idea or two about how the Universe works.

The perfect student, the Horse lady can’t understand people who are not interested in expanding their knowledge. The way she views life and absorbs information are among her strongest and most positive traits.

Just like the man in the same sign, she wouldn’t give up her freedom for anyone or anything. She can be unconventional, hating everything that conforms with the widely accepted methods.

She likes having friends from everywhere in the world and is proud of how she can change her ideas in the spur of a moment. This lady will fight to defend nonconformists, not being afraid to herself display eccentricity in her taste and behavior.

The Horse lady is charming and naturally shines in a way that attracts all men. Expect her to work hard, have a lot of fun and love intensely because she’s the type of person who can turn anyone’s life upside down.

She’s not mean but can convince anyone that the way she thinks is the most interesting and beneficial. When loving her, any man will think that he can’t find someone better because she’s one of the kindest ladies in the Chinese zodiac.

The Horse and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Horse1954, 2014Progressive, disciplined and optimistic;
Fire Horse1906, 1966Alert, sentimental and charming;
Earth Horse1918, 1978Assertive, optimistic and practical;
Metal Horse1930, 1990Ingenuous, methodical and charming;
Water Horse1942, 2002Enthusiastic, positive and ingenuous.

Never short of admirers

It can be difficult to keep up with the pace and energy of the Horse woman, but not unmanageable. She’s feminine and at the same time aggressive, living a balanced life and asking her partner to be on equal terms with her.

If she will feel somehow ignored in love, she will immediately express her unhappiness and hope for her partner to change his ways. In case she won’t resolve anything by complaining, she will ultimately refuse any intimacy and eventually break up.

As she doesn’t trust how feminine she is, many will think of her as insensitive. And this may be true because she can forget all about her own emotions when focusing on other problems.

The Horse woman won’t be submissive with anyone. She’s going to rebel against those who are trying to make her seem less than she actually is.

Focusing a lot on herself, she’d rather stay at home and read a book than go to a party. As she enjoys emotional adventures, it’s very likely she’ll fall in and out of love all the time.

Having charm and being attractive, she will never be short of admirers. However, she must be careful with the way she always gives into men very fast, making them think she’s in fact an easy prey.

It’s very unlikely to get bored when spending time with her because she can be very intimate and exciting. It also can be difficult to have her quiet or committed to only one partner, but you can be sure she’ll take her relationship seriously as soon as she’ll pass the initial period of hesitation.

Her charm and affectionate attitude will have members of the opposite sex drawn to her all the time. Only a few other people are as optimistic as she can be.

She’s not at all the type to be depressed, cynical and discouraged. This woman knows things are going to get better in the end, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

The Horse woman will lose some of her enthusiasm with age, but her ability to look on the bright side of life and determination or impulsiveness will always be present. It can be impossible to fool her, and she’s honest, straightforward and open. She prefers to tell the harsh truth than to cover it in little lies or to sugar coat a person.

There aren’t many to possess her integrity, so don’t expect her to ever do something illegal or suspicious. She will speak her mind and has enough courage to stick to her own ideas or what she has set her mind to.

Her loyalty is her secret when it comes to keeping people close. She’s reliable and very devoted to her family and friends, never turning her back when a loved one is in need.

The Horse woman should learn to be more careful when it comes to her heart as she’s better at relationships when older.

Of course, a lot of how her romantic life evolves depends on her partner too. As an advice for him, he should take care of himself as much as possible because she likes men that look good and dress up nicely.

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