2002 Chinese Zodiac: Water Horse Year – Personality Traits

These people need to be more introspective and less indecisive about the things they really want.

2002 Water Horse Year

Those born in 2002 are Water Horses in the Chinese zodiac, their sign and element suggesting they’re able to take good care of others and that they will be appreciated, even if known for not having too much patience most of the time and for being emotional.

2002 Water Horse in a nutshell:

  • Style: Enthusiastic and creative;
  • Top qualities: Optimistic and straightforward;
  • Challenges: Temperamental and distracted;
  • Advice: They need to try to find their purpose early in life.

They can see things through and are usually lucky with money, so it’s a good idea for them to open a business of their own. Water Horses will always be helped by members of the opposite sex, so benefitting from great support in their relationships.

A relaxed personality

Water is an element present in many of the astrological systems. It’s known to make people more flexible and communicative, no matter what sign they may be in.

When it comes to the Chinese Horse, Water brings about both positive and negative influences. Horses are famous for being sociable and for having many friends that usually invite them to all the parties.

These natives are popular and wanted at social gatherings because their energy and optimism are simply contagious.

When the Water element is involved, Horses become even more charming and admired by people from many corners of the world and belonging to different cultures, not to mention they’re known for lifting up the spirit at parties.

One of the reasons why they’re like this is because Water makes them feel things more intensely and for their emotions to flow smoothly.

Water Horses are comfortable around both familiar and new people, and when it comes to their love life, members of the opposite sex will all the time be very attracted by their fun ways and high levels of energy.

While having many positive traits, they don’t make an exception from the general rule of being human and feature some weaknesses as well.

For example, they can be indecisive and miss out on great opportunities in life, not to mention the same trait makes it difficult for them to have resilient relationships that can last for a lifetime.

If they want to overcome these issues, Water Horses need to be more introspective and to identify what they truly want in life. These natives seem to be happy only when pursuing their passions.

One of the reasons why they’re more popular than other Horses in the Chinese zodiac is the one that they’re very communicative. These people seem to get along with all kind of individuals and to make an impression with their social charm, even if sometimes too opinionated.

They simply love talking about different subjects and getting involved in debates, which means they may sometimes want to argue or become bossy. However, they have a great way with words, so they won’t fight that often with the ones they love the most, especially since they’re more focused on communicating and resolving problems than on making them worse.

When one of their friends is in trouble, they don’t hesitate to give a helping hand and to offer solutions. As a matter of fact, this is how these natives are widening their group of friends and becoming popular.

Being all the time ready to get involved in other people’s business and spreading their interests in many directions makes them more emotionally detached.

While they aren’t in any way selfish when having to offer a piece of advice, they may find themselves helpless in front of complex personal problems. Since they’re very independent creatures, they’ll always look to change friends and environments.

Many may accuse them of trying to escape problems and real life because they tend to run away from difficulties.

Water Horses are positive, friendly, stylish, able to discuss about anything and very appreciated at social gatherings. They seem to adapt very fast and to change just like water takes new shapes, so it won’t be difficult for them to mingle at parties and to find they have common energies with many people, no matter from where.

Furthermore, these natives are intuitive, which means it’s easy for them to identify subtleties and to adapt to any change or new situation, no matter how difficult it may be.

All this means they could obtain great successes in business or another profession that requires them to develop strong relationships.

The fact that they’re restless suggests they can’t easily focus and others can become exasperated by how many times they’re changing their mind.

Water Horses will never listen to others’ advice because they’re relying only on their own instincts in order to get by in life. When feeling very down, they can become very chaotic and unaware of what others may need from them.

It suggested for these Horses to take advantage of their flexible will and impressive intuition, and combine all this with a higher sensitivity for what their loved ones may need. This will help them make great decisions that can help anyone, not only themselves.

Love & Relationships

Water Horses are almost obsessed with their own freedom, so their partner should give them a lot of space. They don’t like being questioned about their feelings and are very preoccupied with their own image, which means they can appreciate a compliment, especially if sincere.

While expressive with their own opinions and honest, it’s difficult for them to accept the advice of others, so they need to be convinced of things in a very subtle way.

When in love, these Horses become very passionate, but impatient, not to mention how they have no idea what romanticism means.

The lovers of this sign and element don’t know how to take the initiative when liking someone. Furthermore, they seem to be confused by relationships and for being in the dark before getting involved with a person because their spirit would tell them one thing, while their sexuality would bring about different urges.

When married, Water Horses are loyal and very faithful. Females of this sign and element are practical and possess a logical mind, not to mention they don’t mind being alone, even if when showed affection, they want it for the rest of their life.

However, their boyfriends or husbands should be careful and not become too passionate as this would only scare them away, since they’re usually traditional and stuck in their own ways.

Many Water Horses prefer to have fun in their youth and to get married later. As soon as this will happen, they’ll become loving, attentive and faithful to their spouse. They can’t tolerate being cheated on, so such a situation would only lead to a breakup in their case.

Career aspects of the 2002 Water Horse

Water Horses can’t be efficient when having a routine because their mind is very creative and they need to be surprised. Therefore, a job as a journalist or a salesperson suits them perfectly, especially because these careers require people to be spontaneous and to improvise.

When being all these things, Horses get to feel comfortable and to thrive. Furthermore, they really enjoy change because they’re themselves unpredictable and able to adapt to anything.

While others will struggle to find solutions to problems, they’ll know what to do in order to fix things and to move on, thing that makes them very good with politics.

Natives of this sign need to be free and to change what they’re doing every day, if possible. Communicative and sociable, Water Horses can choose to pursue any career.

They have great talent for business, which means they could work in any advertising or media company. If dreaming to become journalists, writers or public speakers, they will have many loyal followers and fans.

Health aspects

Water Horses are always on the go, which means they’re all the time doing something. All this can cause their biological clock to be disrupted and health problems with the liver or the kidneys to appear.

Furthermore, these natives should pay attention if one of their colds has brought them chest pain and get checked if so.

If they want to maintain a healthy life, it’s important for them to slow down their pace and to check out any symptom they may be feeling, before it becomes something serious.

All in all, they seem to be strong and resilient, but only if resting properly and after calming down a bit their lifestyle.

Horses should give up on the sleepless nights or working in weekends. Sticking to a routine could also help their body become more resistant.

Water Horses are said to rule over the kidneys, so these natives should stay away from alcohol or any other harmful substances and protect these organs in their body.

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