1954 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Horse Year – Personality Traits

These people have an easy time impressing others with their insightfulness and diplomacy.

1954 Wood Horse Year

Natives who were born in 1954, the year of the Wood Horse, are very communicative and can establish long-lasting relationships with others. Furthermore, they’re independent and when feeling tied down, they become superficial and impulsive.

Natural born leaders, these people have many friends and tend to rule in the groups to which they’re belonging. While capable of hard work and enthusiastic, it’s easy for them to get bored of a project, just before it’s about to end.

1954 Wood Horse in a nutshell:

  • Style: Creative and enthusiastic;
  • Top qualities: Passionate, meticulous and ingenious;
  • Challenges: Disruptive, moody and selfish;
  • Advice: They need to find ways to become more motivated.

The Wood element influences Horses to be more collaborative and tolerant, even if they may never accept being dominated by others. These natives have a clear mind and can think systematically, so their disposition is always happy, whereas the fact that they’re sociable helps them be appreciated.

A relaxed personality

People born in 1954, the year of the Wood Horse, are friendly, relaxed and funny, which means many people really admire them. Touched by genius and possessing a great sense of humor, they can get along very well with anyone because they’re able to bring about comfort, anywhere they may be going.

It’s easy for these natives to establish good relationships with others, not to mention many use them for establishing great communication and for becoming more coordinated.

However, Wood Horses tend to forget about projects they were working on when focusing on another ones, and are famous for not being patient, which means many perceive them as superficial.

They never want to feel tied down or dominated because they love their freedom and independence. Popular among their friends for being in love with the new and for using their imagination, they may develop a great career in the arts.

But for this to happen, they must become better at distinguishing the right from the wrong and to never allow others to fool them.

Having a creative mind, Wood Horses also possess a great intuition and can be insightful, especially when needing to express their ideas or to impress an audience.

It’s true they don’t have enough patience and their emotions can sometimes rule their life, which means they’re more enthusiastic when starting a project, also lazy when having to finish it, but if persevering in becoming successful, they can achieve great things.

Others love them for always being happy and having a great charm, not to mention they don’t mind working hard, using their intelligence and offering their help.

Wood Horses will always struggle to have the power, enough money and to be respected by people. Many will never appreciate them for not being diplomatic and tactful.

Furthermore, when chasing success, they can become very selfish and ruthless with those who oppose them. Stubborn, Horses are more persuasive than smart, but they really know how to use their talents.

While seeming confident on the outside, they’re in fact insecure on the inside. When around them, people need to always move forward because they’re obsessed with freedom and want to inspire others to do what they want in life.

It’s impossible to get bored around these natives because they have many interests and seem to give a lot of attention to their friendships.

They will be very appreciated for solving any problem with ease, even if they may be impulsive and highly unpredictable. Just like the animal that represents them, they have high spirits and are all the time lively.

As a matter of fact, their enthusiasm and high levels of energy give them their popularity. Furthermore, they know how to make a good joke and to take the center of the stage, so that everyone ends up loving them.

A little bit hurried and always wanting to do something, it’s easy for them to change moods and to become quick-tempered, moments in which it’s suggested for others to disappear from their sight.

Those who have felt their wrath can tell how Wood Horses become completely different people when someone has crossed them. They tend to succeed at everything they’re doing because they possess great intuition and are able to guess when a situation is meant to go bad.

Having many moods means they can easily lose interest in what they’re doing during a period in their life, no matter if it’s about love or business.

It’s easy for these natives to start projects all over again and to be as enthusiastic as they were in the beginning, so their success is pretty much guaranteed, no matter the situation.

A career in which they may need to spend time alone and to think very much would never suit them because they’re extroverted and want attention.

Hating laziness and inactivity, it’s possible for them to do voluntary work and to get involved in projects outside their work. Talented at doing things with their own hands, they can become great artists.

In the first and the second part of their life, they’ll have to deal with many highs and lows. Leaving home very young, they may get disappointed by the world sooner than others. At least their senior years are meant to be very peaceful.

Love & Relationships

As said before, Horses are very good at communicating and interacting with others, which means they make great friends and life partners.

However, it’s very likely for them to rapidly lose interest in a project very rapidly and to no longer have patience for any results to appear, which can make others think they’re superficial.

Wood Horses need to always be down-to-earth and to hold on to something steady in their life because things may sometimes get stormy for them.

Known to immediately charm people and to accommodate anyone into their life, they’re still an emotional turmoil on the inside.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because they can bring variety and excitement to anyone’s life. As a matter of fact, they believe themselves to be those who are responsible with how fun things are.

When it comes to them being lovers, they can be very gentle and thoughtful, which means their partner will always get complimented and be appreciated.

When around them, people get to have their egos boosted and to feel very important because Horses are highly motivating.

They may have problems when being unpredictable and wanting to do things completely differently than how they’ve been planned. However, those who have enough patience with them can find out they’re not in any way elusive or scared of making an effort.

Many can’t help but love Wood Horses because these natives have nothing evil about themselves.

Some may call them superficial, but this wouldn’t be in any way true. Wood Horses are always keeping their word and can be very intense, no matter if dealing with a problem of their own or with one people in their life have.

It may take others a while to really understand and appreciate them, but as soon as doing it, it becomes easier to be one of the important persons in their life.

Career aspects of the 1954 Wood Horse

People born in 1954, the year of the Wood Horse, prefer to dominate, so it comes very easily for them to act as leaders.

They’re very good when having to communicate and collaborate with others. Their colleagues and bosses will find them efficient and very good at interpersonal relationships.

Wood Horses are never productive when having to work alone. They’re knowledgeable and have great confidence in themselves, which means their enthusiasm can’t be matched.

Furthermore, they’re intelligent and possess an active mind, so it’s not in any way difficult for them to understand when good opportunities need to be seized.

Because they have a systematic and assertive mind, Wood Horses can judge people correctly and are usually making good decisions. They seem to be very good with money, so business may be the field in which their career can really flourish.

Lifestyle and health

Wood Horses seem to have a lot of good luck, no matter if it’s about romance or money. They can do an excellent job at work and interact with others in great ways.

It’s easy for them to be great friends with Dragons and Snakes because all these natives have similar personalities.

While meant to succeed, Wood Horses can also be very much challenged in their life, not to mention how their adventurous spirit can get them into trouble.

Furthermore, they’re sensitive to stress, so it’s easy for them to end up suffering from anxiety. If they want to avoid such mental problems, they need to think about their emotions as often as possible.

The organ ruled by this sign and element happens to be the liver, so Wood Horses need to always keep up with a healthy diet and to exercise.

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