Key Traits of the Fire Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Tiger will stand by their views no matter what.

Fire Tiger

Those born in the year of the Fire Tiger are energetic people whose actions can’t be predicted and who never get tired. It looks like they’re always on the move and get things done faster than others.

A little bit dramatic, they also like living their life to the fullest. These Tigers make great leaders who always look optimistically at any situation and the possibilities laid in front of them.

The Fire Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Contemplative, lucky and enthusiastic;
  • Challenges: Egocentric, irresponsible and rebellious;
  • Secret need: Wish they could be more direct with some people;
  • Advice: Don’t succumb to failure, keep trying.

They definitely like to dream big and very much enjoy gaining as much knowledge as possible. Along their way in life, they will meet with many people who are ready to give them a hand and to support them.

The character of the Chinese Fire Tiger

Tigers are known for being courageous, dynamic and determined, all these traits belonging also to the Fire element.

While Fire Tigers are expected to have all these great qualities in double, you can be sure they have much more than this and are very complex personalities with certain traits intensified.

The effect of the Fire element in their chart has something to do with how energetic and powerful they actually are.

Tigers usually have many friends and are known for being sociable and liked by many. A lot of what makes them sociable has something to do with how much they appreciate art and any cultural activity. However, when Fire is present in their chart, they become more enthusiastic and appealing.

Fire Tiger natives are very good looking and always dressed up nicely. If you add to this the fact that they’re mysterious, you get people even more attractive, the type that turns heads when walking down the street or into a room.

The Fire also makes Tigers even more original, if that would even be possible. They are proud of the way they are living and what they have planned for the future.

When trying to succeed, they will seem to others that they’re very extravagant as they do unusual things. They’re aware of their own value and intelligence, so very few people will oppose them because they really know how to stand next to what they believe in.

While individualistic, the Fire influences them to be even more determined. Doing exactly what they want, they are courageous enough to risk for what they think is going to help them make it.

This means they will often succeed at what they are trying to do. But their individualism and unpredictability will sometimes be in their way as these are not traits that can help a person advance faster.

The Tigers who are influenced by Fire are more likely to be reckless and to make decisions very fast, in situations in which others would take their time and weigh all the pros and cons.

This means Fire Tigers can win a lot and lose everything in the heat of the moment. However, they don’t lose themselves when failing, being able to start again with the same enthusiasm and courage.

Because they are so kind and usually successful, many will want to fool them. That’s why they need to be more attentive to whom enters their life, and with what intentions.

They’re intelligent and witty, so in school they’ll most likely have great results and a lot of fun. Teachers and older people will always appreciate them for their maturity.

One of the Tiger’s traits they are definitely holding on to is their refusal to accept other people’s suggestions.

Felling like there are no limits and being relaxed, they are also happy personalities who don’t control themselves that much. There’s no one to know what they are thinking, and they usually behave in a very effective way.

Because they are rushed and too enthusiastic, it’s possible for them to make some major mistakes in life. It’s suggested they think more of what they’re about to do.

When it comes to health, it can be said they won’t have too many problems, especially if they’ll get the routine check-ups and take care of themselves.

Their family will enjoy their presence because they can be very happy meeting the people they love the most.

As far as money goes, Fire Tiger individuals will usually be very lucky making it because they don’t mind working hard. The obstacles in their way won’t matter that much because they would know how to overcome them.

Fire makes them independent and more witty than other Tigers. At work, they will oppose to being supervised and controlled. Not to mention how their attitude towards relationships will be the same.

The more responsibilities they have, the scarier life becomes for them. When compared to the Tigers in other elements, the Fire ones need their freedom the most.

They have to follow their own dreams and to be supported by family and friends. It’s not a pretty sight to see them rebelling against those who oppress them or against institutions that abuse their own power.

An independent personality

Fire Tigers are energetic people who usually make a good impression, no matter where they may be going. Independent and able to support a good living, they will leave their mark on everything they will interact with.

Because they are strong, you can challenge them to do anything, and you can be sure they will rely on their knowledge and quick reflexes to react.

Others see them as good learners and at the same time teachers because they know how to both execute and give directions in a way that is very efficient.

Communicative, these Tigers will always make sure their opinions have been heard. Their ideals are high, and their sense of justice is very elevated. Make sure you don’t cross them because they will want revenge and for things to be done in a fair way.

It doesn’t matter what’s in their mind, they will fight to make it possible. Because they’re determined and energetic, they will most likely succeed at everything they are trying to do.

These natives know where they’re standing and usually act faster than the ones who oppose them.

If you happen to contradict them, make sure that you have enough knowledge and resources to be the winner of the conversation because they are usually very prepared.

These people don’t like being refused and it can be difficult to have them discouraged when they really want something. But it’s possible they sometimes become a little bit arrogant, knowing how forceful and decisive they can be.

It’s very tough for them to accept other people’s opinion because they only rely on themselves. While intelligent, capable and fast-thinking, it’s important they are less impulsive and take other people’s feelings into consideration.

They can lose too many friends by being the opposite of all this. Understanding that not anyone can do things the way they do them would also be a great idea.

The Fire Tiger man

This man needs to express himself and to always be on the move. If not, he can become aggressive or angry.

He has confidence and likes to dominate, so don’t expect him to want the second place. This Fire Tiger man likes being in the center of attention and his mood is tremendously lifted when he’s getting admired or his efforts are recognized.

A natural born leader, he likes to organize and is enthusiastic when having to deal with something important. He will trust himself to make people better.

It doesn’t matter how difficult a situation, he will be firm and work hard. Not to mention he’s a great optimist who always makes his dreams come true.

His positive attitude will bring him a lot of success with the ladies. He wants to have fun, so he won’t spend too much time alone.

Because he’s inventive and has vision, many will pay attention only to him. With a girl, expect him to act romantically and even to bring her great gifts.

He has energy and is always looking to somehow consume it. There’s no one to make him obey any rules or be submissive. He will make a great family man if his wife will be as adventurous as he is.

The Fire Tiger woman

This woman is a powerful creature who can’t stand being criticized. Those who contradict her will have a cruel fate. Not that she will waste too much time getting her revenge, but they will probably just realize she was right.

This lady likes to live fast, so she can make many things happen in only one day. She expects others to act just the same because she thinks her attitude is the most efficient one.

The Fire Tiger woman can be a great leader and a good boss, in the real sense of her sign and element.

At the same time, she’s always happy and optimistic. It’s easy to talk to her, but she won’t take any advice into consideration.

Weak people don’t interest her because she’s a true predator who likes to fight for what she wants. Men can’t be indifferent seeing how beautiful she is. And when they’ll offer her fun, she won’t say no, especially since she’s always ready for a new adventure.

If you want her to fall for you, get her expensive gifts. Because she’s sensitive, compliments and surprises would work as well. Her man shouldn’t flirt with other women because she can’t stand it.

This lady will guard her territory with everything that she has. Not to mention that she’s faithful, so she definitely expects others to be the same.

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