Key Traits of the Wood Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Rat is one of the most competitive people out there.

Wood Rat

Wood Rats are people of many talents and being as determined as they are, these natives will always finish what they have started. Nice to people and always open to make new friends, they will be liked both at home and by their colleagues.

Many will be impressed by their attitude and by the fact that they are so friendly. Their mind is always thinking about something and they struggle to find solutions to problems because they like to analyze things a lot.

The Wood Rat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Competitive, positive and determinate;
  • Challenges: Manipulative, dismissive and impulsive;
  • Secret need: They wish they could be more tempered at times;
  • Advice: They need to leave insecurities aside.

Anything Wood Rat people are trying will have some form of success. But they can be insecure and therefore, won’t realize how capable and talented they truly are. Maybe the most intelligent ones will overcome their fear of failure. Luckily, they have a sense of humor that will help them escape any depressing situation.

The character of the Chinese Wood Rat

Those who are born in the year of the Rat are famous for being able to juggle many projects at a time. They are people with many interests and fun hobbies.

But when the Wood element intervenes, they become more calm and stable. Wood Rats don’t feel like they need to run away from any challenge life throws at them. This trait is even more accentuated in the Rats belonging to the Metal or the Fire element.

The Wood Rat natives are likely to be quiet and reserved, especially about problems they don’t have any idea about. Composed and often keeping things to themselves, they will be satisfied with a more settled existence. Loving to travel, they will probably take their partner on vacation every time they will have the chance.

This is what makes them better for family life and long-term relationships. Another good thing about their personality is that they won’t stress and get sick with any nervous diseases like other people in the Chinese sign of the Rat but under a different element.

For example, the ones in the Metal and Fire elements are famous for being stressed and fired up. At their core, all Rats have a propensity to exhaust themselves because they lead a chaotic life and they stress too much about work.

They are known for being all the time nervous and for investing too much effort in their endeavors. However, this is not the case with the Wood Rats, who tend to take things easy and to avoid being excessively stimulated.

When compared to the Rats of other elements, these natives are truly calm and easygoing. Another thing worthy of being mentioned about their personality is the fact that they have strong ethics. The Chinese astrology describes them as being the survivors, those who always have the resources and the solutions necessary to succeed.

Represented by a small animal who has stood the test of time, they are able to always put themselves first. That’s why, in a competitive environment, they will be the ones who are always winning without having to play dirty.

The Wood Rat individuals will never choose to work with concepts that stand against morality. They know real value and wouldn’t renounce their high principles for material success. Even dubious behaviors make them doubt people.

One of their drawbacks could be considered the fact that they are shy. Because they want peace, they won’t compete too much with others.

Therefore, it’s very likely they won’t get to function at their true potential. At least they would have the serene lifestyle they are dreaming of. Just like any other Rat belonging to any of the other elements, they are smart. But they won’t use their intelligence to take the short way towards success.

They will work hard at what they want to accomplish. These Wood natives have pride and prefer an independent lifestyle. People will respect them for who they are.

Popular, they will enjoy a social life and having a good home where they can rest after a long day at work. It can be said their methods are conservative and that they’re oriented towards teamwork.

Because they want a comfortable life, they will work very hard to make a good living. The astrological consensus on them says they won’t want any help from family and friends as they have a strong desire to rely on themselves. That’s why they will get into a lot of trouble as children, wanting to go away from home at a very young age.

As adults, they dream of someone to complement their life. They will have a satisfactory marriage because they wish for it. Not to mention they are great providers as they want their family to have everything.

It’s also possible they’ll be famous because they are hard workers. As far as love goes, Wood Rat people don’t mind expressing their feelings. Their partner can rely on them to do what they said they would. However, don’t expect them to be romantic because it’s not in their nature.

Lucky with money, they will always have enough to spend and to invest wisely. The more they will save, the luckier they will be when it comes to fortune.

About bending the rules

The Wood element is all about being generous and kind. People belonging to it are sympathetic and more open to listen to what problems others have. The Rats are the same, only quieter. When it comes to the values they hold dear, these are the noblest sign.

The Wood makes them more family-oriented and artistic and it helps them move forward and look for improvement in everything they are doing.

While displaying a confident attitude, Wood Rats are not so sure of themselves deep inside their own mind. As a matter of fact, they are the least confident Rats in the Chinese zodiac.

Don’t expect them to admit this because they will never even talk about it. Only their closest friends we’ll be the ones to notice it. Always worried that they won’t succeed, they will probably manage to prove themselves the contrary because they are great leaders, likable persons and productive workers.

It is better for them to function when they’re surrounded by the ones they love. Diplomatic and sensitive, many will adore them for who they are.

When it comes to sex, they like to experiment and to be touched as much as possible. Their main traits are all about generosity and being nice. However, they can sometimes become depressed and frustrated.

Because they want to adapt and are very good with words, it’s possible they will lie and manipulate just to have their way. People who are so flexible usually use less honest methods to reach the results they are dreaming of.

But leaving insecurity and fear aside, Wood Rat people will most likely live a happy life. When it comes to their life lesson, they should stop worrying about others’ impressions of them.

They also need to be more confident and to enjoy life as it comes to them. Acting confident is not enough. They need to actually feel what this is all about.

The Wood Rat man

The Wood Rat man is disciplined and doesn’t like too many surprises. While romantic and imaginative, he still knows how to keep his emotions in line. Not to mention his mind is rather analytical than dreamy.

Benefiting from great charm, he likes being in the spotlight and will always have many friends. He will never reveal what he truly thinks and feels, but will continue to be nice, no matter the situation.

He’s very smart and happy about the small things. Because he’s ambitious, he will do anything to achieve his goals. It can be said he’s more like women because he’s very interested in the way he looks.

However, the Wood Rat man will be liked by the ladies because he’s a gentleman and can attract the attention of a person as soon as he meets with her. When he will find his soulmate, he will forget all about the fact that other women even exist.

Any lady can be sure he wants to have the perfect life with the woman of his dreams. When married, he will never cause any trouble for his wife. To continue, he has a great imagination and can come up with the most ingenious ideas to solve problems. No one can get bored next to him because he’s got a fun personality.

The Wood Rat woman

It can be said the Wood Rat woman is very energetic and open to dealing with any kind of problem. She’s courageous, resourceful and has a realistic way of seeing what life is all about. But she’s also feminine and delicate.

Flirtatious, this girl will dress up to impress men. She cares a lot about what others think of her, so she wants attention and to be liked. She will get along very well with her colleagues and friends.

This woman is happy when she’s communicating, although she’s usually the type of person who prefers to listen rather than to speak. The more people she has around, the happier she is.

Intelligent and charismatic, many men will be at her feet. But she doesn’t show her emotions completely. For example, she will try to hide her aggressiveness. With the man of her dreams, she will be loving and caring.

This wife or girlfriend will avoid arguing because she can suggest her ideas in the most subtle of ways. When it comes to his opinions, she’d better give them all of her attention. It can be said the Wood Rat lady is the perfect wife and the best hostess.

She can have her family live on the minimum wage for a long time. As a mother, she will teach her children about dignity and how to love everything that’s beautiful. Not only she’s a good mother and wife, she also has many talents that will help advance her career.

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