Key Traits of the Water Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Pig stands out for the immense passion they invest in something they truly care and for how devoted they can be to their families.

Water Pig

The Water Pig natives hold on to their responsibilities and are very serious. Lucky with money, they will probably retire with their pockets full.

They know how to listen and also how to communicate. Intelligent and versatile, Water Pigs are also very good at public speaking. At work, expect them to thoroughly do their job and to get along with everyone. However, they can have a dual personality and turn against the ones they love.

The Water Pig in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Cultured, melancholic and peaceful;
  • Challenges: Stubborn, deceivable and wasteful;
  • Secret need: Getting everyone around to get along;
  • Advice: Don’t turn against your partner when they are criticizing.

Stubborn and sometimes dependent on others, they will often argue with their close ones and will have to do some things themselves. At least their love life will be good because they are very attentive to what their partner is feeling.

The character of the Chinese Water Pig

Those born in the year of the Water Pig are kind people whom others respect for being sincere and nice. Giving and devoted to their friends and loved ones, these natives will always struggle to remain on good terms with the ones they come across in life.

And they won’t be annoying while doing this. While they will give their best to make others happy, many will take advantage of them.

They like being outside, hiking or fishing. But at the same time, they are also party lovers. When it comes to work, these Pig people are hard workers who can do a great job no matter what profession they may have.

The Chinese Horoscope describes them as open to others, plus they like to make friends, are sincere and reliable. It can be difficult for them to understand what deception means because they would never lie and can’t see how somebody would not tell the truth in order to obtain something.

But this can bring trouble to their life because they’d not know how to deal with those who are not so well-intentioned. Many would not hesitate to take advantage of their generosity and kindness.

Water Pigs can’t be happy if they don’t have a plan to follow. It can be impossible to rush them because they are the type who carefully thinks of what to do before taking action.

When working, they prefer to take things slowly but steadily. Very honest, they would never break a promise they have made. You can be sure they will get the job done if they have told you they will do it.

Very sociable, they prefer to be in large groups and don’t like it when they’re all alone. As a matter of fact, too much time alone and isolation can have them depressed.

They can lead people to get along and they feel at their best when they’re using these skills. Enjoying the finest things in life, Water Pigs need to be careful not to lose themselves in life’s pleasures.

While it may sound tempting to party all the time, they will not do it and turn to steady work, which can bring them different benefits. If they’ll keep busy and continue to be productive, having fun from time to time won’t harm them in any way.

Another problem they may have is eating too much. So paying attention to their diet is definitely something they need to do. When influenced by Water, people born in the year of the Pig tend to follow the flow of calm waters and become smoother.

This element makes people more open to what others have to say, so the Pigs don’t make any exception. They will be friendly like all the Pigs, and at the same time they won’t allow to get depressed by anything.

Better at negotiating than the rest of the Pigs, these ones can keep the peace going in the most aggressive groups. They have an amazing ability to bring calm to the tensest of situations.

This only means Water Pigs are the best at solving conflicts and negotiating terms. But they should pay attention not to trust the new and unknown too much because many can take advantage of them.

If they would only not believe so much in those they meet for the first time, they wouldn’t find themselves in the situation of being hurt or deceived. They are great friends and colleagues, so it would be a shame for them to be all the time disappointed.

A friendly personality

Water Pigs are sociable creatures who love to go out and to have a great time with their friends. They’re forgiving and extremely trusting, but at the same time they can influence others to do what they want without too many efforts.

However, they are easily influenced too, so it’s essential they pay attention not to be taken advantage of.

The Water element’s influence is all about making them more diplomatic and believing that all the people have good intentions. These natives tend to only see the full half of the glass, refusing to accept that many are evil and mean.

As friends, they are the most trustworthy and devoted. You can count on them to support their closed ones with everything they have. They are the most insisting and tactful Pigs, capable of being emissaries for anyone.

They can perceive what others are feeling and use this in their negotiations with their opponents. But no matter what, they will never believe that some people are also capable of doing harm.

They believe in their friends and loved ones more than anyone. Not to mention that for them, miracles are something real that can happen to anyone. Sociable and wanting to have fun, they will want to go to any party in town.

When working, they’ll respect the rules and meet their colleagues halfway. Remaining true to their Pig nature, they will always be passionate and demonstrative when it comes to love.

When in a bad state, they will use sex, food and alcohol to get better. It’s very likely they will spend their money on luxury things, even if this means spending money belonging to their family.

In everything they are doing, these Pigs will invest passion. Good communicators, they will openly talk about their feelings. They don’t believe in secrets and think transparency is what makes relationships work.

Because they have a positive energy about themselves and are open, people will trust them not to have any hidden motives. But it’s very likely they’ll indulge in life’s pleasures and spend all their money on expensive dinners and the finest alcohol.

Not to mention they want clothes from designers who are known to dress the models on the catwalk.

If they want to enjoy their money more, they should be careful with how much they are spending. Not trusting everyone would also be a good idea because some people can have a negative influence over them.

While openness and expressiveness is good in relationships, they should pay attention not to reveal their weaknesses.

The Water Pig man

This man will be deceived by many who want to take advantage of him. He’s too kind and trusting because he’s only focusing on helping others.

While many will disappoint him, he will continue to believe true love and friendship exist. He works hard to succeed. While he can be too pretentious and not at all patient, he will still take life in his hands and deal with it.

So the Water Pig man will know his job very well because he’s a professional, not someone who doesn’t take his career seriously. People will respect and admire him for this.

He won’t limit his days at work just to doing what he’s supposed to do. He’ll make friends with colleagues and even those who are in competition with him. He likes to have fun and to travel but will never give up work to do all this.

When it comes to love, he’s a true romantic who’s looking for a warm woman. Not at all selfish, he’ll want to make his lady happy.

Even when broke, he will still surprise her with small gifts and flowers. He’s usually humble, but when he falls in love, he can become a completely different person.

And his woman will be the only one for him as he won’t be able to see other girls as soon as he’ll have her.

He definitely is the perfect family man who spends his time at home, where he feels the most comfortable. Even his far-away relatives won’t feel deprived of his love and attention.

The Water Pig woman

The Water Pig woman is smooth and when necessary, very determined. She wants a good career, so she’ll act methodically in making her professional life as successful as possible.

She doesn’t want any adventure or to argue with people. Her type is rather the nice and charismatic one, the type that attracts and wins the trust of everyone.

This lady can’t think of anything evil or mean. She doesn’t like to gossip either. She will have to find a common language with the people she interacts with.

You can often find her being the CEO or the manager of a big company. She’s surrounded by people who love her because it’s simply impossible to think ill of her.

It can be easy to impress the Water Pig lady but when betrayed, she will hardly recover from all the disappointment.

While she will try to seem that she’s strong, she will in fact need a lot of support from her loved ones. This girl is waiting for a man who could help her, so she’ll only choose those who are worthy of her love.

She likes being courted, but she needs all the attention of her possible partner to be on her. Her beauty and manners are different than the ones of other women. She can drive people crazy with her looks and intelligence.

Wise enough, she will choose the perfect partner to help her live a more beautiful life. Serious about love, she won’t allow anything to disturb her relationship, especially when married.

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