Key Traits of the Metal Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Monkey can’t be stopped when invested in making something come true.

Metal Monkey

Metal Monkey individuals are intelligent creatures and great spokespeople. These natives are able to come up with a joke even when times are the bleakest. But this can cause them trouble at work or for many not to like them.

Not very popular, they will still manage to attain success early in life. Metal Monkeys are determined and very attached to their way of thinking when sure they are doing the right thing. They want to succeed, so everything they will do is going to be aimed at achieving their goals.

The Metal Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Talented, inventive and practical;
  • Challenges: Vain, opportunistic and quick tempered;
  • Secret need: Wanting to succeed no matter what;
  • Advice: Trust your family more and follow their guidance.

Self-assured, motivated and intelligent, these natives are not shying away from hard work. This means they’ll get very far in life. When it comes to money, they will invest it wisely and most of the time they will have it. These Monkeys like going out and meeting up with friends.

The character of the Chinese Metal Monkey

Willful and a very tough, Metal Monkeys have a good mind for business. Proud and looking for success, they will convince everyone to do things their way. Not to mention they’ll manage to turn any situation in their favor.

It can be said they’re manipulative, but only when it comes to their work. They can sometimes be so busy with their career that they forget about everything else.

Strong, independent and knowledgeable, these Monkeys have a need for everything to be safe and in good order. They possess creative minds, so their ideal job should be about thinking in a constructive way, not about being physical.

As they’re talented and at the same time practical, their work will be appreciated for bringing profits and being useful to others. When they are doing something, they prefer to do it alone rather than working in teams.

They are able to do anything they want, but they surely have a quick temper. The way they convince is only through being knowledgeable and oriented towards winning.

As a matter of fact, these natives have everything they need to become winners. What distinguishes them from others is their inclination to be interested only in themselves.

They are known for wanting to make a lot of money and to advance on the social ladder. But don’t think they don’t know have to fun because they really can make the best out of a night out.

If they’ll be employed, the direction that their corporation takes will also be their direction. They will do a great job working in teams because they can show others what path to take for everything to be as efficient as possible.

They are stable, free and always concentrated on what they have to do. These natives don’t mind at all getting involved in challenging situations.

You’ll never find them feeling sorry for themselves. Because they like to work hard, they will make good money and make sure their future is looking bright from a financial point of view.

When it comes to their social life, they are open to making new friends, passionate about love and positive. They can convince anyone to do everything they want.

These are type of people who can sell anything, under any circumstances. Always fun and optimistic, Metal Monkeys have a warm heart and a positivity that can influence others to be the same.

As artists, they’ll be able to sell their creations without too many efforts. Not to mention that they will probably launch new trends.

Their negative traits are about being too proud and nervous. They are not loyal to many people because they are only thinking they have to deal with themselves and no one else.

Not being bothered by hard work, these natives can deal with their problems on their own. However, they should accept some help because it would only have them more efficient.

Being so independent, they may seem vain and detached to many. So, it’s suggested they tone it down a little bit as they would gain much more support from others.

The influence of the Metal element

Metal Monkeys are true fighters. They have strength, sophistication, independence and a desire to make the good money in life. They can be very wise with how they invest, so having their own business or making money outside the job is very possible for them.

They can show consistency when it comes to their financial situation, but only if they don’t risk too much.

The Chinese Metal element makes them more eager to demonstrate their affection. They aspire to do great things and wish for a good social status.

Because they carry the Metal two times, they are twice more stubborn to stick with their own decisions. Always free, motivated and not at all eager to risk too much, they’re intelligent enough to be successful business owners.

Another way in which the Metal influences them is by bringing them more confidence. The thing it, Monkeys are already sure of themselves and their true value. After all, they are the best problem-solvers of the Chinese zodiac.

If there’s something being discussed, they know how to identify where the problem is and where to turn for the best solution. And this gives them an air of superiority, especially when it comes to communication and the exchange of ideas.

Others may be infuriated and envious to see them so grounded and ready to face anything.

It’s suggested they get married later in life because they have all the chances for their marriage to fail if they take this step when too young.

The Metal element makes them even more like this, but a little bit impulsive and wanting to dismiss others. Most of the time, Metal Monkeys have all their confidence backed by reality, but they still prefer to manipulate in order to have their goals fulfilled.

Another effect of the higher confidence and determination is selfishness. These natives tend to believe they are the only ones right and can’t stand being told what to do.

What Metal does is that it gives their egotistical nature an impulse, making them oppose any kind of authority unless it’s their own. When it comes to romance, they want someone who’s fun and passionate.

It doesn’t matter if men or women, they will have a high libido, which will make them more desired by the opposite sex. When involved in a new relationship, they are very interesting personalities to be around.

Their lover can trust them to always keep the fire burning. But again, the influence of Metal reveals itself in this area of life too. It helps them be more intense when it comes to their emotions or even more sensual.

The Metal Monkey man

The Metal Monkey man finds it easy to communicate. He likes being at the center of attention and receiving compliments. He probably knew what he wanted ever since he was a child because he has this need to be the best more accentuated than others.

This man doesn’t want any position at work, he’s after being the manager. Because he doesn’t try to be too authoritative, he makes a great leader who can take his team to good results.

His life will go so well that many will envy him. Or perhaps they’ll think he’s doing something illegal. But all that he does is to be intelligent and determined. Not to mention how much his high principles and hard work are present in his life all the time.

Talented and dignified, the Metal Monkey man can play any role life throws at him. Women will want to be with this native because he inspires security and is all the time happy. When he’ll meet the woman of his dreams, he’ll do whatever she says.

His emotions for her will be intense and complicated. After marrying, he will be the same happy person who wants to surprise his other half with all kinds of pleasant things. As a father, he’ll play with his children, making the most wonderful father.

The Metal Monkey woman

This lady will be envied by many other ladies because she’s attractive, always active, confident and in the center of attention. Many will tell her that she’s selfish because she wants to stand out from the crowd.

She has many goals and likes it when she’s in the spotlight. Her influence over others should be noticed or she won’t feel well. She will definitely choose a job that has her bringing the good money home.

This is not the type of woman to like challenges, even if she’s very capable to deal with anything as she’s adaptable and has many inner resources. What she wants the most is to have fun and to be surrounded by happy people.

The Metal Monkey woman gives a lot of importance to love. When she’s not being admired by men, she starts to no longer trust herself.

As a matter of fact, when she’s being flirtatious, she’s only doing it to attract all the attention. She wants to marry, but only with the perfect man. After the wedding, she will continue to smile to other men because she likes the attention.

But no one will be jealous because it’s noticeable she wouldn’t do more. At home, she’s loving and very attentive with her children and husband. She will be next to them, no matter the situation.

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