Key Traits of the Fire Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Snake stands out for their insightful opinions and for how comfortable they feel in their own skin.

Fire Snake

Because they are quick tempered, those born in the year of the Fire Snake can often act recklessly. Good at running their own business, these natives don’t like relying on others to have their things done. If they will have patience and pay attention to what people are saying to them, they’ll be able to attain success quicker.

Adding Fire to the Chinese sign of the Snake, you get people who are dangerous and at the same time irresistible. Every positive and negative trait they have is going to be accentuated because Fire is present in their chart.

The Fire Snake in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Affectionate, tactful and idealistic;
  • Challenges: Suspicious, unreliable and moody;
  • Secret need: To make oneself understandable for others;
  • Advice: Don’t say no or never to matters of the heart.

But all in all, Fire Snake people are charming and self-assured. They want to be famous and to make a lot of money, so they’ll consume a lot of their energy when pursuing their own goals.

The character of the Chinese Fire Snake

You wouldn’t want to offend the Fire Snakes. Letting themselves be ruled by intuition and their own inventiveness, they are also as dynamic and passionate as the Fire element indicates.

Many people know them as being dangerous no matter how charming and attractive. Fire is known for making all signs more dynamic, but this is more obvious in Snakes, who are usually passive and relaxed.

When they have the Fire element in their chart, Snakes become the most eager to take the initiative when compared to other signs in the Chinese zodiac.

You can be sure they will love and hate with the same intensity. They are also famous for not being trustworthy, harsh in their judgment and quick to blame.

The Fire is known for having people ready to deal with what’s coming rather than planning and trying to imagine what should happen.

Since the Snake is a sign that doesn’t take action too fast, the Fire has a great influence on it, making its natives even more physically active.

Fire Snakes want only what’s best from life: the good money, a high position at work and a lot of power. Another way in which Fire affects people in this sign is by making them more extroverted because while polite and mannered, they are still very private about their personal lives.

They don’t have a need to be around people or to have sensational lives. The Snakes are only happy with what they know and what makes them enjoy some pleasure.

However, the Fire Snakes will want to be in the center of attention, as opposed to other Snakes who prefer to act from the shadows.

These Fire ones will make jokes and enjoy being surrounded by friends and family. They are wise and insightful people who can observe what’s going on around them better than others.

Very sociable, they prefer the leading roles and know how to play it if they’re asked to. As a matter of fact, they are even known as great performers for the stage.

They can charm anyone to do what they want because they’re attractive and know their way with people. That’s why you can discover they are great politicians who get involved to solve people’s problems.

Their speech is all the time eloquent and meaningful. But if they want a successful political career, they need to first choose which party they are going to “play” for.

Because they need change, it can be difficult for them to settle, especially with those who are too boring.

Fire Snake individuals are not known for persevering or having too much patience, but at least they are great creators who prefer to rely on themselves rather than on external help.

That’s why they would make a great career as engineers or something that would involve them to be as technical as possible.

If they will play their luck very well, they will get to have a flourishing career in no time. When it comes to their friends, they love having them over and being helped.

What they may need to change is their ability to listen to advice. As far as romance goes, they are great lovers as long as their partner is good to them.

It’s possible they will get so involved that they won’t be able to escape relationships anymore. They don’t like being the first who shows their love, and if they’ll feel they’re unhappy with a person, you can be sure they won’t get married.

A little bit of more generosity won’t do any harm to their love life either. These natives can’t imagine making money without hard work, so the more they will develop their career, the luckier they will be with money.

However, they can be a little bit extravagant and spend too much on things they don’t actually need. Paying attention to their own budget and not spending on luxuries would be a great idea if they want to enjoy the good life for a longer period of time.

They can be unpredictable and have many moods. While Snakes are known for having control over themselves, the Fire ones are temperamental and easy to anger.

They are surely among the most dangerous people in this sign, being able to hurt others with only a few words and having a mind oriented towards vengeance.

Motivated and ambitious

Fire Snakes are the most intense people in this sign, driven by their own passion and ambition to succeed. They like to interact and to get involved in new adventures, being capable of anything.

Because they have a magnetism and can lead by being independent, many people will want to follow them.

These natives really know what they are doing and make sure others know what they want too. Few other signs are as capable and confident as them.

They would do a great job as politicians or in PR because they’re dynamic and can charm anyone into helping them.

Very energetic, these Snakes have a great force and spread their power all over the place. This means they’ll succeed at everything they will do, being able to become famous, rich and in a position of power.

If they have set their mind on something, they will be impressive at achieving it. It won’t matter how many obstacles are in their way, they will fight for what they want, and people will respect them for this.

But their intensity can also scare people around them away. Because they are so focused on success and pursue only their own interests, they will be very defensive thinking others may want to get in their way.

They can become very dangerous when those who they’re working with don’t live up to their standards. Not to mention how domineering they can be with the people they love the most.

If they want to enjoy more peace, they should learn how to be more patient. The fact that they live every relationship they’re having intensely will put pressure on them and those who happen to be in their proximity.

Being more humble is also something they definitely need to work on.

The Fire Snake man

This man won’t wait for solutions to problems, he will take action. He’s the first to start something and to not care about any of the consequences of what he’s involving himself into.

While wise and down-to-earth, he is also very emotional. It’s difficult for him to deal with his own ambitions because he has a thirst for power and is never happy with the second place.

As he would sacrifice anything for success, his relationships with others will have a lot to suffer.

The Fire Snake man is so harsh when making decisions, it’s difficult to even be around him for too long. When working in a team, he tries to play by his own rules and leads with an iron fist.

But it’s good that he doesn’t bother with unimportant issues and that he only wants to be repaid for merits.

Women will like him because he’s charming. He could tell a story and make everyone around him laugh. He is generous and wants to spend as much money as possible on the woman that he loves. He wants someone beautiful and he deserves her because he’s a fighter.

As a family head, he wants to make all the decisions and doesn’t allow others to be too opinionated. It’s very easy to annoy him, but at least he pays a lot of attention to his wife and children.

The Fire Snake woman

This lady is strong, pretentious and a true force who’s always looking to express herself. She’s not known for being modest and likes being complimented.

She’s usually direct and frank when talking to someone. This woman doesn’t care about what others think of her and has many ambitions, which make her a great leader.

When it comes to her work, she’s confident and courageous, no matter the position she occupies. But you can be sure she’ll fight hard to get a high position because this is one of the things she’s fighting for.

Her colleagues and bosses like her for being honest, responsive and wise. The Fire Snake woman is really intelligent and knows what type of man she needs in her life.

The more serious someone is, the more interested she becomes. It’s important to make her feel like a queen because she likes it when people are submissive with her.

A lover of luxury, she will expect the man to pay for her every pleasure. Her money will be spent only on the essential needs that she has. At home, she’ll be a great wife who always keeps everything in good order. Her children will be well-raised because she’ll invest a lot of time in their education.

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