Key Traits of the Wood Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Tiger has a very resourceful and keen personality.

Wood Tiger

Wood Tigers are honest people who don’t worry too much about life. They have many things to be proud of because they get along with everyone, and their social life is very active.

Less independent and self-relying than Tigers belonging to other elements, they are still pretty much prepared for what life has installed for them. It’s easy for them to get distracted from what they are doing because they jump from one idea to another very fast.

The Wood Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Tenacious, motivated and delicate;
  • Challenges: Impulsive and finds it hard to focus on one thing for very long;
  • Secret need: Trying to be more action oriented and less introspective;
  • Advice: They need to overcome their tendency to read too much into situations.

Very popular, these natives have many friends with whom they go out each time they get the chance. Their sense of humor will help them deal with any kind of situation that is more or less challenging.

The character of the Chinese Wood Tiger

The Wood element influences the Tiger Chinese sign to be more sociable and to reach out to people in an easy way. While Tigers are usually very popular and fun, the Wood element makes them more magnetic and mysterious.

It can be said there is a mystique air about them. Wood Tiger individuals are more capable to interact and connect with others in a warm way. They are very loyal and supportive with their loved ones.

You can always turn to them and they will offer support with any kind of problem you may have so they are very appreciated by others for this reason.

Their social success is very much related to their attitude towards others. But in their efforts to help and to please, they may forget about themselves. That’s why it’s essential for these natives to relax and gather their forces from time to time.

Another influence of the Wood over Tigers is making them more philosophical in their way of thinking. Anything the Tigers will imagine will be filtered through thorough introspection.

Wood Tiger people are usually too eager to engage and to take part in any project that may come their way. But the Wood gives them more thoughtfulness, it makes them more composed and wanting to just sit and think deeply about the matters in their life.

Not that they are passive, because Tigers are anything besides this. It’s just that they prefer to analyze more than others so that their future course of action to be as practical as possible.

Their opinions are strong, so it’s suggested they are a little bit more reserved. However, no matter what they may express, their modesty will always be present.

They are also pragmatic and a little snobbish. Their admiration for those who have succeeded in life is endless. Some will find them too direct and harsh, but at least they’re always keeping their word and their reliability is unmatched.

It’s hard to change their mind once they’ve decided to do something. They learn fast and have a very big heart.

When it comes to money, they will get it from the most unexpected sources. Some older people in their family may also help them make it. It’s suggested they don’t gamble and instead invest their finances in long-lasting opportunities.

They will take meaningful actions when they’ll be dealing with their savings. In terms of their profession, they are more suited to a job that requires them to innovate and to pay close attention to details.

When the Chinese Wood element is in their chart, Tigers are less extravagant and like to plan more for the future. These natives know how to save and that’s why they will be more successful from a financial point of view.

Because they are patient and hardworking, they’ll invest many efforts in getting a pretty reasonable fortune for themselves. Just like Water, Wood makes the Tigers more attached to home and a family life.

In romantic relationships, people born in the year of the Tiger want the freedom to move around. They are pretty independent and solitary creatures. But when the Wood influences them, they become more domestic and eager to have a family.

Lovers of comfort

The Chinese astrology teaches us that Wood is responsible with how warm and generous people are. Those who have this element in their chart are more cooperative and don’t want to be alone that much, thing that pretty much contradicts the basic nature of Tigers.

But all in all, Wood Tigers are interesting and sociable. They are more versatile and able to deal with others than most of the Tigers.

The Wood makes anyone more stable, kind and popular. Wood Tigers are not at all egotistical and will invest a lot of their time or attention in those who need their support. Also practical, they’ll have many solutions to their problems.

They won’t want that much to be in control. But they need to pay more attention to the fact that they can’t stick to a project and to how often they change their views. Such an attitude can cause pain to their loved ones.

Wood is also about imagination and kindness, family and artistic expression. If there’s anything else that it brings for its people, that is being team players and good organizers. Tigers are famous for being able to inspire groups to take action.

They will have many supporters in their friends and family because they are down-to-earth, practical and open. The Wood ones are the friendliest of the Tigers.

The Wood Tiger natives can deal with large groups to make their work easier. It’s difficult to get bored around them because they are always looking to make changes.

It’s true they can be undisciplined and not able to stick to a project for too long, but they will most likely be forgiven for this.

They perhaps should focus more on ways to maximize their imagination and skills and also to instill a discipline in their daily routine. They should be firm when it comes to their relationships because it can be easy for them to get distracted by people.

The Wood Tiger man

The Wood Tiger man can charm anyone into doing what he wants. He’s sympathetic, knows his grounds and who to fall for, so many women will like him for this attitude.

He wants peace and to get along with everyone, which is uncommon for a typical Tiger. Courageous and strong, this native can defend himself in any situation. He’s usually never aggressive or angry because he knows how to compromise.

But just like all the Tigers, he can be impulsive and difficult when it comes to focusing on only one thing. He usually doesn’t like wasting his time with useless activities.

As said before, women will always like him because he’s humorous, mannered and easygoing.

The Wood Tiger man will distinguish himself from the crowd too. He thinks there’s nothing and no one that could come between him and his happiness.

Don’t be fooled by his kind heart and passive attitude, when he wants something, he’s firm, resourceful and persevering. If he wants a woman, he won’t rest until she is his. When it comes to him as a family head, he’s loving and puts his dear ones on a pedestal.

The Wood Tiger woman

The Wood Tiger woman likes to socialize and is very lucky around men. She loves to go places and to live new adventures. She is neither aggressive nor harsh, her personality is more in the joyful, relaxed direction.

This lady is capable of enjoying life in the most unique ways. When required to, she’ll become serious and very demanding. There’s no one capable to fool her because she is intelligent and she catches things fast.

Her wits and adaptability will help her find solutions to any problem she may have. When it comes to work, she’s responsible and wants to find the ideal job.

You can’t stop the Wood Tiger woman from having fun and spending her time with as many friends as possible. She treats everyone as her equal, but she can have a quick temper.

This Tiger lady can’t stand being alone. Her heart is warm and forgiving. She doesn’t hold grudges and for this she’s very admired by others. Many men will want to be her partner and she will get a good man because she herself is a good woman.

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