Key Traits of the Metal Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Pig hides an opportunistic and indulging nature.

Metal Pig

Metal Pigs are the type of people who mind their own affairs. While they can focus very well on what they have to do, it can’t be said they are the most motivated or hardworking natives of the Chinese zodiac.

They are sure to succeed only if they focus on what they’re about to do. It’s essential they save their money, or they risk filing for bankruptcy sooner than expected. Similar to other Pigs, they have ambitions and are determined to succeed at what they set their mind to.

The Metal Pig in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Honest, good-hearted and courteous;
  • Challenges: Insecure, wasteful and spiteful;
  • Secret need: To be nurtured and pampered;
  • Advice: You need to calculate your steps better and take less risks.

Resilient and energetic, they could get involved in all kind of activities. It’s possible they sometimes trust too much and accept things before judging. It would be essential for them to be more cautious from time to time.

The character of the Chinese Metal Pig

Those born under the Metal Pig are more friendly, private and down-to-earth than other natives in the same Chinese zodiac sign.

Energetic, purposeful and from time to time moody, they are happy when engaged in a new adventure. Because they are born in the year of the Pig, they will always have high ideals.

When in love, they can no longer see the defects of the person they like. As they are supportive, it’s often they put others’ interests before their own. Not at all competitive, they still remain lucky and can be surprised by success every step of the way.

All Metal Pigs are proud and intense, and they will always try to fight their emotions and to be as detached as possible.

Their feelings will be all the time locked, making them attractive for those interested in mysteries. Many will feel how tense they are inside because they can’t keep this force that’s driving them hidden forever.

But such a behavior can have them overstimulated and interested in ruling not only their own life, but also the one of others. They are powerful and individualistic.

Metal Pigs are proud and intense people who want a good reputation for themselves. They are usually domineering and like to indulge themselves in life’s pleasures. It’s not unusual for them to not be at all diplomatic or tactful.

Open and interested in making new friends, they don’t seem to always be in control of their own life. They like to show their affection in public and usually trust people as soon as they’ve met them.

They believe too much in their friends. It’s very unlikely for them to keep secrets and not to talk about their feelings. Energetic and full of ambitions, they are not the most objective.

However, don’t mess with them as they can be dangerous and aggressive when expressing their exasperation and indignation. Metal Pigs make a passion out of what they love.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic relationship or a new project at work, they can take their efforts to make it better to the extreme. They will trust others with all their heart. It’s normal for them to think highly of people, this being the reason why they get disappointed so often.

Expect them to be out with friends all the time. When someone will ask more of them, they won’t hesitate to deliver. They like caring for the less fortunate and to fight for the ones whose rights have been taken.

They can persevere to see their plans completed, regardless of how difficult the road is. It’s not at all their style to quit. They are more inclined to trust their heart and not their brain.

They are usually subjective, but at least their diplomatic skills will always have them saying what’s right. The natives in the sign of the Metal Pig hate confrontation and are trying to make peace each time someone argues with them.

But don’t think you can push them around. If they feel that they are being challenged, they become these powerful opponents who fight for their opinions to the end. It’s possible for them to turn into these aggressive and terrifying characters that have clear objectives.

The influence of the Metal element

The Chinese Metal element doesn’t diminish any of the Pig’s characteristics. On contrary, it makes people in this sign more eager to want to solve problems, even if this would mean going against practical methods that suggest putting one’s own interest above the greater good.

Metal Pigs are very interested in justice, equality and fairness. They will do their best to focus their energy on these values. Persevering, dedicated and passionate, these natives will continue working on a project or an idea, even after everyone else has given up.

The Metal’s influence makes those born in the year of the Pig more opinionated and rather rigid when it comes to different opinions. While people in this sign are kind and understanding, they still are fixed in their views.

The Metal Pigs are even more stubborn than other Pigs. If they’ll decide to adopt a method or take a certain path in life, they will do it and not care about how foolish it may seem for them to do it. Nothing and no one will be able to have them change the course they have chosen.

While they’re displaying pride, they still remain friendly and easy to communicate with. Because they believe in themselves, they will most likely succeed at everything they are doing. Not to mention they are determined and the most aspiring Pigs in the Chinese zodiac.

Famous for their humorous attitude, they like to participate at parties and all kind of social gatherings. Their friends will be many, close to them and very loyal.

The fact that Metal is present in their chart makes them more intense from an emotional point of view. That’s why they are passionate lovers who can commit themselves to their partner for a lifetime and beyond.

They will make sure they make their other half happy, no matter what. But it’s also possible they’ll become obsessive about the person they love. More independent people can find them overwhelming.

When influenced by Metal, Pigs turn into these possessive creatures who are jealous and even paranoid. They should be more objective in the way they interact with others.

Not allowing their heart to rule would also be a great idea. It’s good to trust others, but sometimes they can be too much about this. Many will take advantage of them if they don’t learn to be more detached.

The Metal Pig man

This man is active and always planning for what will happen next. He wants to be recognized for his efforts, but this doesn’t mean he’ll do anything to succeed.

A good organizer and planner, he can attain great results in the business field. It’s easy for him to achieve success and to have great relations with others.

Kind, productive and honest, he will take all of his responsibilities seriously. He knows how to relax and loves the company of funny people. He’s a good friend who’ll devote himself completely to the ones that are very close to him.

The Metal Pig man dreams of the perfect relationship. He doesn’t only want beauty, he also appreciates a woman for her character. He’s confident and not afraid when his life seems to be more difficult.

Many women will like him for this. He has a quick temper, but people will still want to be around him. He’s rather judicious and doesn’t want to get married until he’s convinced that he loves.

However, he wants a family and you can be sure he will never cheat on his lady. His children and wife will be cared for because he wants to make them happy. Many of his friends will come to his house for fun gatherings.

The Metal Pig woman

This lady has an enjoyable personality and loves to spend time with her friends and family. She’s joyful and open, but she won’t get together with people who aren’t nice. Seeming sensitive on the outside, she’s quite confident on the inside.

The Metal Pig woman has ambitions and works hard to fulfill her dreams. She will always find some time for the ones she loves.

Because she’s always active and focused on her goals, many will admire her. She never feels envious and wants a simple life. Don’t expect her to be exaggerate about her dignity or to scream about what she has achieved from the top of buildings.

While strong, she will still want to rely on a man. But she wants a soulmate, someone to awaken all the passion inside her. You’ll have to be exciting and fun if you want to be with her.

She will be with the man she considers “the one” until the world ends. As a wife, she won’t forget how to be passionate in bed.

At the same time, she will keep an impeccable home and will care for her family. This is not the typical housewife. She wants a career and will work hard to have it. Others will inspire her to succeed.

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