Key Traits of the Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Horse is not one to allow others to control their decisions.

Fire Horse

Those born in the year of the Fire Horse have the element of Fire twice in their chart. Adventurous and fun, these natives live on the edge and do everything at a fast pace. What others can’t deny about them is that they’re highly intelligent.

But because their mind is always active, they’ll get bored doing the same things all over again. Wanting to be intellectually stimulated, they will change jobs, friends and homes more rapidly than others in the same sign. It can be difficult to contain the passion inside their heart, this being what gives them their quick temper.

The Fire Horse in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Alert, sentimental and charming;
  • Challenges: Nervous, unpredictable and stubborn;
  • Secret need: To be admired all the time;
  • Advice: Don’t let other underestimate your powers.

The smartest and most energetic of all Horses, they are great leaders who will launch many trends in their group of friends. Having many talents and being helped by their close ones, they will solve any problem they may have without struggling. But it’s difficult for them to accept being criticized.

The character of the Chinese Fire Horse

The Chinese Fire element is known for making people in any sign more active and energetic. Horses already possess all these qualities, so you can only imagine how extroverted and eager to take the initiative they become when ruled by this element.

Fire Horse people will take any risk and not think of the consequences whenever a good opportunity will reveal itself to them. What makes these natives so different is their desire to be in the middle of things and to take on challenges that for others may seem impossible.

This is mostly because they are Horses, personalities who always have to be on the go and don’t get to finish what they have started.

The element of Fire makes the Horses more eager to succeed, so expect these people to invest a lot of time and effort in their projects.

They are the best at spreading their energy and taking the initiative when others wouldn’t even get involved.

When fighting for their career, these natives will change many jobs in order to improve their skills. They are known to want efficiency and to finish what tasks they have been given very fast.

But they need change and to not be controlled if it’s for them to finish what they have started. The more challenges they will face, the more their potential will be revealed.

It’s also important they don’t take on more than they can deal with or the results won’t be the ones they were aiming at.

When it comes to love, they can attract many representatives of the opposite sex, so don’t be surprised if they are proud of themselves.

At their workplace, they will be enthusiastic and successful, so their bosses will simply love them. It’s not unusual for them to do a great job under pressure and to achieve great things on their own, even if their colleagues will sometimes give them a hand.

When it comes to their health, Fire Horses should pay more attention not to get sick with brain or eye diseases. The women should be more careful with their reproductive system.

When it comes to money, it can be said they are pretty lucky and don’t mind making an effort, even if the situation keeps changing and they need to adapt.

Investing in some Real Estate and something more stable would definitely improve their finances. Because they seem to have no fear, it will be often that they take great risks when it comes to both love and work-related issues.

If you go to a casino and you see someone having too much fun at the roulette, you can be sure that person is a Fire Horse. It’s possible they will lose some money gambling or at the stock market, but at least they’re intelligent enough to make it and to cover what they have lost.

These Horses need variety more than anything else, and this attitude makes them passionate of and always interested in experiencing new things.

When they spend too much time doing something, they get bored and want to make changes as soon as possible. But this can make them difficult in their relationships with others.

While they don’t have any problems starting something with a person of the opposite sex and their eagerness to live in the moment makes them very attractive, there is a problem when someone wants something long-term with them.

Not to mention they can get bored being with the same person all the time. Their need for independence can’t be seen in Horses of other elements, so expect them to want to roam free and be as wild as possible.

Passionate and easily bored

Enthusiastic and free, Fire Horses are the most explosive people in this sign. They are also very smart, outgoing and courageous, which means they don’t mind taking risks and doing what their heart is telling them to do.

They are not at all practical or cautious, making use of their power and determination when truly wanting something. They like to compete and are looking to set the bar higher and higher because they want only what’s best.

All this can bring them many advantages if they don’t get bored or offended when others don’t want to do things their way. Since the Horse has Fire as its fixed element, it can be said Fire Horses will have twice the traits that Fire brings.

They will always want to move around, reacting fast to what comes towards them. This means they will face any situation and be successful in their endeavors.

But the fact that they always want change will have them lightheaded and not at all consistent with what they are doing or pursuing.

When not feeling challenged or stimulated, they tend to just give up and to not want to continue. While talented and capable, they will often not see a project to the end.

All this means that they are also quick tempered and even destructive, sometimes in a negative way. If they would learn how to let their fiery nature slip and they would cool down from time to time, they would be much happier.

They already are smart and resourceful, perseverance is the next thing they should start to learn if there is for them to take their projects to an end.

The Fire Horse man

This man is determined and highly energetic, having solutions to any problem that may appear in his life. It’s impossible to have him settle, so his romantic relationships will often be problematic.

Reckless and not at all attentive to details, the Fire Horse man can sometimes be too selfish because he hurries and doesn’t take other people’s feelings into consideration.

He often puts himself first, making his friends and family think that he doesn’t care about them. When it comes to his emotions, he’d rather act on them than think too much of what to do.

But you can still rely on him because he likes being of help and doesn’t want to disappoint. Because he’s diligent, he will have many satisfactions in his professional life.

The Fire Horse man likes the excitement that new situations bring, and boring relationships don’t interest him at all. This male wants to have fun and to feel emotions intensely, so a composed woman would only bore him.

He’s known as quick tempered and surprising, this meaning that he needs someone who doesn’t mind change. It’s possible he’ll be in love and passionate today, and indifferent or hateful tomorrow.

But all in all, he’s giving and wants his woman to enjoy everything he can offer. Only the domestic issues will be left for her to deal with. As he acts quickly, the small details won’t even matter to him.

He needs a family to support him because he can’t be bothered to help with homework or with washing the dishes.

The Fire Horse woman

This lady acts on impulse and doesn’t see any obstacles in her way because she’s a conqueror. She is courageous and resolute, not paying attention to anything others advise her to do.

She’s not known for abandoning her plans because she wants to be victorious and to make her dreams come true. But she can’t stand having a routine or ending up bored.

Imaginative, the Fire Horse woman will be asked to deal with the creative tasks at work. And she’ll come up with great ideas because her mind is always looking to innovate.

When it comes to love, she’s temperamental and doesn’t hold back her feelings. But she needs to wait longer for true love to reveal itself to her.

She’s bold enough, so it’s possible she’ll make the first step in conquering a man’s heart. It can be effective for her to be this way, but some men may not like it.

Because she’s sexual and very beautiful, she doesn’t think it’s necessary for her to be submissive with the man she has chosen as a partner.

It’s possible she will be left because she’s not stable and impulsive. Not to mention she can hold on too tight to her beliefs. But all in all, this lady Horse is a good wife for the man she has fallen for.

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