Key Traits of the Wood Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Snake stands out for their remarkable eye for details and the ability to follow the money.

Wood Snake

The Snakes born under the element of the Wood are perfectionists who fear making any mistake. If there is for them to succeed, they need to be supported by their friends and family.

They are known for being friendly and for understanding others better than anyone else and perhaps this will help them achieve satisfaction in life. They can communicate easily, so they’ll be appreciated by everyone as great companions. Very smart and determined to succeed, they also have many interests and hobbies.

The Wood Snake in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Tenacious, creative and friendly;
  • Challenges: Materialistic and vain;
  • Secret need: They feel like they should be more organized;
  • Advice: They should have higher standards for themselves.

When it comes to the environment they prefer to work in, the Wood Snake individuals want a quiet place where they can feel safe. It’s very likely their house will be filled with antiques and collectibles. People will come to them for advice because they are good judges of character and situations.

The character of the Chinese Wood Snake

The Wood element gives its natives the ability to contemplate and to take action at the same time. These traits happen to be present in the Snake in a natural manner. Snakes will never get involved without thinking, no matter how exciting and interesting the situation seems.

The Wood Snake natives need to be at peace and to think carefully of what their next steps are. They also enjoy pleasure and beauty when on their own. The Wood element helps them to be less self-involved and to want to do things in a more constructive manner.

Unlike Snakes in the Metal and Fire elements, the Wood ones won’t act recklessly and impulsively. But they won’t waste any time either, as this is what Earth and Water snakes do.

Thinking about the outcome of a situation and the efforts required is something they are used to. It’s normal for them to focus deeply on what they’re about to take action on.

That’s why the Wood Snake people will be successful at everything they do. Don’t think, not even for a moment, that they will hurt others in order to get what they want.

The Wood makes them thoughtful about others. Not to mention that Snakes are never annoying, manipulative or deceitful. Wanting to get recognized and being full of ambitions, these Wood natives would still never compete as intensely as other Snakes.

When it comes to their work, they find it difficult to start projects. Luckily, they accept other people’s help and they get things done faster. It’s very likely they will change their jobs or take part-time commitments.

This is because they don’t hesitate to take any opportunity when it is presented to them. They will struggle when others will waste their time, so they’ll succeed when many don’t even think there’s a chance anymore.

Not to mention how much they hate failing and not being able to do what they want. If it will happen for them to fail, they will be depressed for a very long time. At least they are lucky when it comes to money, so they won’t have to worry about what they will do for a living.

They can invest wisely and cash will come to them without too many efforts. As the most caring and generous natives of this sign, they have a good heart, which is rare for Snakes.

The Wood makes them warm and good to people. They seem to have a desire to improve the world and to help others when they’re in need. Even if not driven by high ideals, they will still make friends and be sociable.

Not to mention it’s more likely to see them out with friends rather than at home with their loved ones. While other Snakes prefer to work alone and to have control over the situation, the Wood ones like teamwork more than anything.

One of the things that brings them down is their tendency to express their opinions and to not care about what others think.

The Wood Snakes are idealistic creatures who believe in their own intuition and like to advise others. Many will think of them as too interfering and nosy. But following their advice may be a good idea because they’re intuition often tells them what’s right.

Quick to take on challenges

The Wood element brings stability and strength to the Snake. Less proud than Snakes in other elements, the Wood ones like to think of others. That’s why they will have many friends and a happy family.

Their group of friends will be cheerful and devoted to them. However, you’ll never see them looking for advice or to be supported. They prefer to walk alone, but they will get the help without even realizing. Two of their main characteristics are honesty and kindness.

The Wood makes them more imaginative and caring because this element is connected to their artistic expression. Any Wood sign will want enlightenment, to develop and to become bigger than life. The minds of Wood people are creative and ready to do anything with the end result in mind.

While many Snakes have a defensive attitude, this one is very creative and open to expressing himself. Wood Snakes’ tenacity will be focused on making new relationships and establishing friendships.

Having this in mind, it’s easy to notice how easily they can make friends and deal money. However, you can never see them indulging in life’s pleasures or being complacent.

They will continue to gain knowledge and to take on challenges because they want to put what they have learned into practice. Not to mention how much they wish to improve their life and to help others. This type of snakes can memorize information and analyze situations more easily.

Because they are charming and hard-working, it’s possible they’ll become famous and attract many fans. They want the recognition anyway, so don’t be surprised if they pay too much attention to how they look.

But they will work on their character too. Their tastes are amazing, so they will be great with arts and design. Because they are the friendliest Snakes, they will make many friends with whom they will share impressions and advice.

Some of the life lessons they should learn are about not being so open to making new friends all the time and about being careful not to work themselves too much because they can get stress-related diseases.

The Wood Snake man

The Wood Snake man has a peaceful and harmonious life because he never hurries and just waits for things to happen naturally.

This native knows how to appreciate beauty and how to feel the art. He loves to talk about his feelings and has many friends. He’s wise and has good relationships with everyone. When he’ll have a problem, he will rapidly find a solution to it.

While the Wood Snake man may seem vain because he has many ambitions, he’s in fact very careful with the ones he loves.

You will never see him crossing limits just to have his career plans fulfilled. Smart and educated, many will want to be his friends. He’s attractive and knows his way with women.

Because you can easily talk to him, he won’t try to appear or be somebody else. He’s the life of the party, which makes him very good with any complicated woman.

You can never hear him complaining about the opposite sex. He has great ideals when it comes to his love life. Only intelligent and resourceful women will go on dates with him.

When married, he’s trustworthy and faithful. As soon as he will meet the lady of his dreams, he will lose interest in all other women.

The Wood Snake woman

The Wood Snake woman loves life and enjoys every moment. She’s communicative and likes to play with the images she formed in her mind.

As she doesn’t like to waste her time, so you will never find her doing something that doesn’t satisfy her morally or in a material way.

Intelligent, she will know how to make her plans work without investing too much money. When she will ask for help, she will be tactful and subtle. Good with arts, this lady would do a great job in this field.

Her entourage will love the Wood Snake woman for who she is. She’s more polite, patient and friendly than other Snakes.

When it comes to love, this girl wants someone who can support her both emotionally and financially. A man who can’t offer her a comfortable life won’t get her attention. Because she’s talented and hard-working, she needs someone who’s the same. Not to mention how much she would hate to support her lover with money.

Her children will be educated because she’ll invest a lot of time in their upbringing. She will want them to succeed because she’s somehow vain as a mother and is prone to bragging about her children. When it comes to her vacations, this woman will want to travel far and to exotic places.

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