Key Traits of the Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Tiger stands out for their enthusiasm and easy-going nature but they can be very serious and show sound judgment too.

Water Tiger

Those born in the year of the Water Tiger are action people who don’t like to just sit and wait for things to happen. They know what hard work is, and they don’t hesitate to make things happen.

They are peaceful and cautious people who can deal with any problem that may occur in their life. Because they have a sound judgment, it’s almost impossible for them to make mistakes. They are different from other Tigers because they’re open to new methods and concepts.

The Water Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Generous, well-mannered and self-confident;
  • Challenges: Rebellious, unpredictable and vain;
  • Secret need: They have an immense need for affection that they don’t make public;
  • Advice: Help others more because through these actions you will achieve personal satisfaction.

Having a creative mind, these natives could learn any new skill in no time. They will most likely succeed at everything they are trying, making people jealous of them. Love will stay with them if they will pay more attention to what their partner is feeling.

The character of the Chinese Water Tiger

Water Tiger individuals are always open to new ideas and to deal with their adventurous side. That’s why they will travel far, adapt to any new situation and perceive things in the most humble way. While calm in nasty situations, they can still be indecisive.

These natives really know how to communicate and convince people to do what they want them to do. Their ingenious mind coupled with all these traits makes great writers out of them.

They have all it takes to obtain what they want. Energetic and determined, the impossible seems possible to them. According to the Chinese Horoscope, they aren’t afraid of conflicts.

More than this, they seem to get their energy from arguing with others. That’s why they’re so good at fighting for causes that many think of as lost.

If there was a contradiction and you heard someone won it, you can be sure that person is a Tiger. Having a special magnetism and a lot of charisma, Water Tigers are irresistible but difficult as lovers.

Anyone who wants to get them should be calm and patient. Because they’re passionate, they can have mood swings.

Being proud, they would never admit that they’re hurt. It’s very likely for them to bottle up negativity and one day to explode. Their other half should be careful not to take these outbursts personally.

In these moments, they would need as much support as possible because their emotional life needs to be balanced. In return, they should give more importance to the person they love or they risk losing them.

Subjects that interest them should be discussed because that’s how things would remain smooth and calm. Out of all the Tigers, they are the ones who need to pay the most attention to the disputes at home because they are the most capable of finding solutions and having harmonious relationships.

Water Tigers seem to be very lucky with money, attracting fortune and different opportunities. Some investments for the future are also suggested.

Water Tigers become more open to others and less upset when things are not happening the way they want them to. They are perfectly capable to adapt at the last minute.

They are as strong as other Tigers, but they’re the only ones capable of keeping their power in check. When it comes to what they are fighting for, they are very good at dealing with the impossible because they take things as they are and don’t want to make any changes.

As Tigers, they will always want to rebel, but they prefer cooperating too. They can concentrate better because they don’t allow emotions to get them. When not moody and too enthusiastic, Water Tigers can explore their power and energy, focusing them on doing good and without needing to work against authority.

In love, they are more ready to compromise than Fire and Metal Tigers. They can learn as easy as others put on their clothes on and they’re good with the arts.

Respecting themselves, they insist in their known ways and are very proud of what they are able to do. It can be difficult for these natives to accept others’ opinions, this being why they sometimes fail.

Charming companions

Water Tigers are more open to new ideas and challenges. They can see things clearly because the Water element makes them calm. They are kind hearted and very good judges of character or situations because they can feel what others are going through.

Intuitive and very good with communication, they would do a great job in public relations. These Tigers are very intelligent and can work fast, achieving success in everything they are doing.

Furthermore, Water makes them good at dealing with people through sensitivity and empathy. Any subtle nuance will be clearly interpreted by them.

If they will work with people, they will simply excel. That’s why jobs in entertainment, teaching and even Law suit them very well. They really know how to speak in public, convincing others to fight for their causes and for making the world a better place.

Because they’re communicative and sensitive, they will achieve their goals and rule by example. Most of the people who’ll interact with them are going to enjoy the benefits the relationship with these natives brings.

These Water Tigers are more realistic than those in the same sign, knowing what they have to deal with even before having a more in-depth look at the problem.

They rarely make mistakes because their mental capacity is impressive. Procrastination is something common to most Tigers, so they don’t make an exception.

At least they’re the least quick-tempered of all the other people in the same sign. They can control their emotions and focus on the matter at hand. The Water element is kind and at the same time insisting in their personality, so Water Tigers are not likely to give up easily.

They will always be precise about their goals, making sure the decisions they’re making are the smartest and based on insightful observations. They should not allow the fact that they have a sensitivity to what others are feeling to influence them in a negative way.

This ability should be explored and used to deal with people in a more efficient way. They should also not confuse sensitivity with emotionality, and not allow themselves to react harshly or too quickly.

The Water Tiger man

This gentleman is very creative and talented, so an artistic job is definitely indicated for him. Charismatic and friendly, this male Tiger native makes friends very easily.

He’s intelligent, adaptable and resourceful, so failure is something he barely knows of. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation, he will always be positive and keep his spirits up.

When it comes to defending what he has and wants, he’s courageous and firm. Because he is also kind, it’s easy for him to get along with others and to convince stubborn people to no longer argue with him.

As an attractive person, the Water Tiger man will always have many admirers amongst women. And they will not only like him for the way he looks, but also for the fact that he’s polite.

He knows what a romantic date is all about, so he’ll try to play with the imagination of his partner. Intelligent and resourceful, he won’t have a problem finding a soulmate.

But when he fails in love, he becomes less and less confident. This will probably not happen too often because he has everything he needs for a happy marriage and a good family life.

He’s devoted to his partner, so he’ll never have an affair. As a father, he loves his children and wants to make them happy.

The Water Tiger woman

This lady is talented and intelligent. She doesn’t like dealing with any challenge because she doesn’t seek to be the hero. Delicate and kind, she will care for anyone that she loves.

But when she’ll have to stand up for herself, she won’t hesitate to do it. Not to mention how persevering she can be when she wants to. All the qualities of the Tiger are present in her, which means she’s strong and subtle.

Intuitive and communicative too, the Water Tiger woman could interact with anyone and not raise any conflicts. Men will love her for being a beauty and for having many talents.

When it comes to love, she wants someone soft and emotional. She likes being courted, even if she may not answer in the same way. She “plays” subtly, making her admirers go crazy about her and not giving them straight signals.

This lady will not hurry to marry because she wants to think thoroughly about who she’s going to choose. She will date because it brings her pleasure to do it.

But after marriage, you can count on her to be the perfect wife. She won’t abandon her career, but will find time for both her family and her job. She likes taking care of her children and the house, so there’s nothing her husband could blame her for.

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