Key Traits of the Metal Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Rat will not give up on their dreams and goals.

Metal Rat

Everyone can rely on a person born under the Metal Rat and these people have the power and ability to turn around their luck in life.

These are among the most faithful and loyal Rats in the Chinese zodiac. Their relationships are usual strong, and they get along very well with their family, friends and colleagues.

The Metal Rat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Ambitious, logical and convincing;
  • Challenges: Repressive, nervous and egoistic;
  • Secret need: Amassing power and money;
  • Advice: Be careful about how you express your impulses.

These natives really know their way around money and how to invest. On the surface, Metal Rats may seem like they have all the confidence and positivity in the world. But inside, they are always worried because they imagine things will take a bad turn.

The character of the Chinese Metal Rat

Metal Rat individuals have many talents. Their mind is both analytical and imaginative. They are great dreamers and need affection, but they don’t obsess over obtaining it.

Very independent and charming, they like to live fast and are very sensual. You won’t see them inhibited or holding on to taboos. Very emotional, they sometimes act on impulse and prefer to show their charm and cheerfulness.

They are really struggling to hide everything that’s negative about themselves. They’re determined to succeed, so expect them to always aim at the highest ideals.

It’s possible they’ll become workaholics trying to make their dreams about their career come true. Chinese astrology believes the Rats belonging to the Metal are not that influenced by this element. What can be noticed is the fact that they’re more firm and instinctive when the Metal is present in their chart.

Therefore, they will be more determined and goal-oriented than other Rats. However, don’t think of them as too insisting or pushy. Just know that inside, they are very focused on what they want to obtain and it’s possible they won’t care how they reach their goals.

To put it differently, they have great will and won’t think of what it costs them to reach their goals. When the Metal element is involved, its natives become more resourceful and purposeful.

They’re ingenious and committed to do only what’s best for themselves. Another thing the Metal does to Rats is making them more energetic. These natives can juggle more activities simultaneously because they have enough energy.

As a matter of fact, being multi-tasking is what’s always helping them to become successful in both their personal and professional lives.

Taken separately, Rats are popular and highly appreciated by the people surrounding them. They are very enthusiastic and want to live their life to the maximum. And they’ll inspire others to be like them because they have this ability.

Their taste is incredible, so they are always inclined to choose the finest things. You will find their home to be elegantly decorated and cozy because they love to combine decoration styles and to make their place comfortable.

They are not the most romantic Rats of the Chinese zodiac, but they definitely have a sensual side and good morals. If they want to live a peaceful life, they need to control their emotions, or they’ll generate many conflicts.

Metal Rats can have a very intense emotional life. They can sometimes get so jealous or angry that they no longer see the truth and start destroying their most beautiful relationship.

They act the same when they are being contradicted. Their partner may not have done anything, they will continue to accuse him or her of cheating or being deceitful. Such an intensity of extreme emotions can make their life very difficult.

They should also try and be less selfish or possessive. It’s essential they understand sometimes compromise is necessary and that other people’s needs are also important. This is the only way for them to become happier.

The influence of the Metal element

Idealistic in everything they are saying, doing and planning, Metal Rats are very emotional. They will always seem happy on the outside, but on the inside they could be miserable as they can hide their feelings very well.

These Rats can be everything: from too jealous and possessive to exaggeratedly selfish and angry.

They love getting lucky and being in the spotlight. But don’t believe them for a moment when they say that they’re happy. Inside, they may boil with totally opposite feelings.

Concealing negativity and the ugly feelings mentioned earlier is in their nature. It doesn’t matter if it’s about business or their personal life,

Metal Rats will always concentrate on what they need to obtain and how to get it. They will ignore everything else and focus on what they need to work on.

When it comes to their finances, they are not cheap and love to spend. But they only want high-quality and useful things.

They like people who dress well, and they’ll try as much as possible to decorate their home stylishly. Metal Rats won’t go with what their senses can’t perceive.

They like money, but they won’t save or buy useless things. These natives really know how to invest because they have some instincts when it comes to finances.

The romantic partners of Rats can discover the world has many different facets when spending their life with these natives. When it comes to their emotions, they have them tremendously accentuated when influenced by the Metal.

As far as love goes, they are very passionate and want to sweep their lover off his or her feet. One of their main problems is that Metal element makes them very headstrong. It wouldn’t matter if they would be on a destructive path, they would still be too stubborn to change their ways.

Their persistence is only stronger when the Metal element is present. It’s very possible they’ll be blind to what can work in their advantage.

The Metal Rat man

This man is determined and firm but this doesn’t mean these traits won’t bring him any problems. He has great ambitions and he won’t spare himself or others trying to attain them.

He wants to be important and to have a leadership position. Out of all the men in this sign, he’s the only one able to make bold decisions, so the role of manager suits him very well.

When communicating with his colleagues and associates, the Metal Rat man is friendly and doesn’t like to express his real thoughts. It can be normal for him to act in a cruel and unfair way.

Some may find it difficult to compete with this native because he seems to always win and focus on himself. At work, he’s the perfect employee who gets work done the most rapidly.

Always proud of his achievements, women will be at his feet and wanting him to show how great he is. No one can resist his charm and the fact that he’s always faithful when it comes to romance.

He likes to give and doesn’t mind spending good money on his lady. When he’ll be the head of a family, he’ll be the one who decides what to buy.

The opinions of his other half will rarely matter. He would hate to be cheated on, so when feeling that things are not going so well with his lover, he will speak openly and even be rude. However, he’s considered a good family man because he always takes good care of his loved ones.

The Metal Rat woman

The Metal Rat woman is innovative and business oriented. She will overcome any obstacle in her way because she has energy and enough resources to make the right decisions.

This means she will always achieve her goals. She will never disobey rules because she’s famous for her integrity. As she’s too confident in her own forces, she may be sensitive when others will gossip about this.

Very professional, her colleagues will always appreciate her. She wants to get along with everyone, yet this doesn’t mean she’ll be sincere. Just like all the Metal Rats, she prefers to hide her true feelings and thoughts.

She’s independent and loves her freedom so that’s why she won’t spend too much time at home, but more at her workplace, trying to become the manager.

Many will talk about her, but her family won’t believe a thing because they would realize it may be out of envy. She’s devoted to her family and to have all the problems at home solved.

Her taste is amazing, so expect the house of the woman in the sign of the Metal Rat to be decorated with the most beautiful furniture.

It’s suggested she’s more flexible with her loved ones as she can be a little bit tyrannical. The thing is, leadership is in her nature and she doesn’t want to give up ruling. But she can also be feminine and delicate when she wants to.

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