Key Traits of the Earth Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Dog stands out for their trustworthiness and reliability as they always jump to the rescue and take time to consider any situation carefully.

Earth Dog

With immense stubbornness about them, the Earth Dog people don’t seem to be very sociable or friendly, at a glance. However, whilst insisting in their own ways, they also take other people’s opinions into consideration.

What they believe in the most is hard work and dedication. As natural born leaders, they are very fair, faithful, pragmatic and bold. Others will count on them to always be balanced and to make the decisions that usually bring victory.

The Earth Dog in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Faithful, practical and reliable;
  • Challenges: Sarcastic, sceptical and restless;
  • Secret need: They wish they could be less tied to certain emotions;
  • Advice: They should understand that some of their demands are exaggerated.

Because they want to achieve even more than they were initially set out to do, they will sometimes be exhausted by the slow but steady developments in their life. At least they’re always acting out of their own will and plan carefully before investing any kind of energy in something new.

The character of the Chinese Earth Dog

Those who are born in the year of the Earth Dog are very trusted by others as there’s no one more loyal than them.

Before committing to something, they carefully analyze the situation, but be sure that if they made a decision, they will stick to it. As soon as Dog people are in a relationship, either romantic or of friendship, they are the most devoted people who would never do anything to deceive the other.

The Earth Dog natives have an elevated sense of justice and always want to do what’s right. But they can have anxieties and be very pessimistic. Not to mention they always feel like danger is around the corner and they act very cautiously.

That’s why they need to be around people they really trust. When life becomes too much, they can just turn to the ones they love and have an honest conversation that would calm them down a little bit.

Dogs are known as intelligent and rational creatures. They prefer to use their head instead of their heart in any situation. These are the type of people who always plan ahead and don’t want the future to surprise them.

When things happen at the last minute, they get to be very upset and to no longer know what to do. These natives really need to know things before happening because their time to adapt is slower than that of other people.

When it comes to their relationships, they are the best friends, partners and colleagues. Not to mention how successful they are at raising children. If you need someone trustworthy to deal with one of your problems, you can definitely count on Dogs to have it done in the most efficient way.

The personality of the Earth Dog is more calm and composed than that of Dogs belonging to other elements. They take longer time to make a decision and are very loyal when they trust someone with all their heart.

Cautious and always looking twice before taking action, these natives won’t waste their time with people who are not worthy of their attention. That’s why they will only hook up with those who are faithful and believe in them.

There’s no one to have a stronger sense of justice than these natives. Cool and wanting to hear both sides of a story before taking sides, they are very good at negotiating and bringing peace around them.

Different from Dogs in other elements, they are more the seekers of harmony than the competitive personalities who are looking to win all the time. Anyone can notice they’re stable, firm and trustworthy because they work hard to get what they want.

It’s amazing how much they can endure, and sometimes it’s difficult to even notice they’re thinking of themselves too because they are acting a lot in the benefit of others.

So if you happen to have an Earth Dog partner in your life, make sure you pay attention to his or her needs as well.

The influence of the Earth element on the Dog

Earth Dogs are intelligent and honest people. They like to think logically and are very supportive with the ones they love by always being there for them.

The Chinese Earth element makes them more secure, self-reliable and inspiring. There’s no one or nothing to diminish their sense of justice or judgment. They are great leaders because others sometimes trust them more than they would trust their own relatives and family.

Earth is all about being stable, having common sense and a stable character. Its purpose is to keep everything in good order and to care. As a matter of fact, Earth is the most motherly and nurturing element in the Chinese zodiac. Not to mention how much peace and quiet it inspires.

People who have it in their chart are hardworking and very pragmatic. They can organize very well, so they make great CEOs and managers. There’s no one more traditionalist and composed than them, and they are able to make the wisest decisions in life.

Earth Dog individuals like to be cautious and as practical as possible. They have high ideals and standards, because they work hard to be perfect. When they form relationships, they want others to be stable and devoted to them.

They are not at all afraid to share their opinions, so expect them to always be honest and straightforward, even too criticizing. You can always count on them to give you good advice and to give you a hand, though.

Out of all Dogs, they are the only ones who are open to listen to what others are saying. Just like the stable and down-to-earth Earth natives, they are logical and want to carefully plan before taking action.

They are also better at managing their emotions and not known to oscillate between feelings. These natives have a strong intuition and are very sensitive, so when working in teams, they’ll be very efficient.

They really know how to make the talents of those around them more valuable. While they are often right and act fairly, they still need to keep their thoughts to themselves sometimes because they may be offending people.

As they have high standards, they should be careful not to demand too much of others.

The Earth Dog man

This is a very balanced and down-to-earth man. He’s independent and trusts himself very much, so people will always respect him. He never hurries, and when it comes for a new situation to affect his life, he likes to go with the flow.

The Earth Dog man doesn’t work without having a purpose and usually achieves success, no matter what he may be doing. He’s very professional and appreciated by his colleagues not only for this, but also for being supportive.

Anyone can count on him to always give a hand because he doesn’t mind sacrificing himself for others. Never having any bad feelings, he’s one of the most stable and trustworthy friends anyone could have.

The Earth Dog man is pragmatic even in his love life. He doesn’t want to court for too long and prefers to take action rather than to use big words. Life with him may be a little bit dull, but at least he offers security.

This man will never lie to his loved one because he’s too honest. He doesn’t care about gossiping and doesn’t feel too empowered when in love. He knows what he wants and how to get it. His family will get all of his attention because he wants to be the best provider for them.

The Earth Dog woman

This lady seems very confident and realistic. She’s strong and always follows the path that can bring her success. She knows how to organize and is a true professional.

The Earth Dog woman can communicate with anyone and is truly the life of any party. Anyone can rely on her, but it’s essential that she has meaningful conversations because empty words don’t interest her.

She stands strongly by her own beliefs, yet she prefers to deal with things peacefully. She’s a very devoted lady, either it it’s to work or people.

Many of her admirers will notice that she’s cold and reserved. When a man courts her, she needs serious proof that he’s interested in her. She’s passionate, but she will only give her love to a single person.

This girl would never cheat, and her fans will still be around her even after she gets married. It’s because she’s beautiful and has a calm that can be rarely be seen in others. As a wife, she takes good care of her family and home while also going to work.

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