Key Traits of the Wood Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Horse always seems to display such a positive attitude.

Wood Horse

Wood Horse people are very imaginative. They have a unique perspective on life and feel the need to express themselves. They may be too emotional at times, but they surely make great leaders.

Everything about them is about pleasing and communicating in an intelligent way. It’s difficult for these natives to accept that there’s something else besides hard work. That’s why their bosses, colleagues and friends will greatly appreciate them.

The Wood Horse in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Progressive, disciplined and optimistic;
  • Challenges: Impulsive and tactless;
  • Secret need: They wish to stick to a routine;
  • Advice: Don’t get as engulfed in other people’s problems.

Many will reach out to them because they can be very practical and find solutions no one else can ever think of. They are generous and want to help others the best way they can.

The character of the Chinese Wood Horse

Horses are the most cheerful and friendly people in the Chinese zodiac. They are open to experience new things and have an abundant energy that makes them want to live their life to the maximum.

But because they are rushing all the time, it’s possible they will be too impulsive in situations where calmness would be required. It’s possible they will decide to do something just to get the thrills.

Thankfully, the Chinese Wood element comes and changes this situation entirely, making them more stable and down-to-earth. While other Horses find it impossible to go against their own nature and become more composed, the Wood ones prefer to think before acting.

They will simply not behave like other Horses because they are different. And this will only be owed to the fact that they belong to the Wood element. Contemplation is normal for any other Wood people out there.

As natural born leaders, the Wood Horse individuals can make good decisions because they think things through and are very cautious for their subordinates to never feel insecure.

When it comes to love, they want something stable, but they have to pay attention not to cheat because the opposite sex is very into them. It’s important they also pay attention to the work relationships they develop because these may turn into something romantic and destroy all the professionalism.

As far as money goes, it can be said they are lucky as they will usually make some extra besides their monthly income. Part-time jobs and different ways of working from home are definitely their way to go.

But it can be impossible for them to put aside, so they need to invest in some long-lasting opportunities. It isn’t suggested they get involved with their friends when they want to make some serious money.

Another thing that the Wood’s influence brings them is stability. They will be better at committing to long-term endeavors than other Horses. These Wood representatives of the Horse sign can stick to a routine and are less unpredictable. That’s why they are better partners when it comes to both romance and business.

As a matter of fact, they are the most reliable Horses in the Chinese zodiac. They can stick to the pace of a project and change the gears if they are required to. While they will still be able to deal with changes, they will continue to be trustworthy.

And this can be seen in the way they hold on to relationships, for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter that they are appealing and successful with the opposite sex, they won’t be very lucky in love.

And this is not only because they are prone to cheat, it’s also because they want too much to be free. At least they are more capable of attaching themselves emotionally.

Other Horses can barely fall in love, not to mention keep the passion going for years. Therefore, Wood Horses will have more long-term relationships and more fulfilled families.

While they will still function at a pace that can be compared with a gallop, their partner can be sure they will always come back home after a long day at work.

A balanced friend

Wood gives Horses steadiness and more power. These natives won’t have a bad time deciding, like other Horses. They will stick to what they believe in and people will be able to easily predict their next move.

It will be easier for them to maintain a discipline in both their own life and the one of those they are dealing with. They have no issues associating with different people and getting what they want with a little bit of help.

More than other signs and specifically Horses, they can stick to what they have planned and complete their projects. Adaptability and working with others towards success will bring them what they want in both their personal and professional lives.

Only their bosses will be able to tell them what to do. When someone else will try to do this, they’ll become nasty. Being the most balanced Horses, they will work hard to get what they want.

People will like them for their force and friendliness. They like to have a busy social life and to maintain their friendships for as long as possible. They are known as very generous people.

Their mind is open to any new ideas and they are usually interested in more than one project at a time. The determined element of Wood makes them disciplined and much more successful than others in the same sign. Down-to-earth, they will still think progressively and in a practical way.

The Wood Horse individuals are the type of people who adhere to the latest methods and who are not sticking to tradition. As a matter of fact, they prefer to go with whatever works.

While those in the Wood element are more open to compromise, as Horses, they still prefer to be independent and to lead. To avoid dissatisfaction, they should be mindful not to commit to projects they have a feeling they won’t be able to finish.

The Wood Horse man

Well-intentioned and always full of energy, the Wood Horse man loves communicating with his friends. He likes to have fun and it’s very possible he’s the one who always initiates fun adventures.

But on his own, he’s too hard working and serious to have fun. His colleagues will always respect him for devoting himself to his assigned projects. He will be able to deal with the most complicated tasks and doesn’t expect to be appreciated for what he has done.

As a boss, he will communicate with his subordinates and will be very liked because he invests his soul in them. Many will want him around because he’s a good person who always knows what to say.

Any lady will want to talk to him because he makes good jokes and is an intellectual. This Horse native is indeed charming, so don’t be surprised if a woman will accept his marriage proposal after a few months of relationship.

At home, he will never be depressed or negative. His children will love having him as a father and he will be more than happy to spend his time with them.

The little ones will always be forgiven for not listening. His wife can trust him to be faithful because he doesn’t want to give away his family for trivial pleasures.

The Wood Horse woman

The Wood Horse woman is very open to people and she will always smile when around others. Everything about her speaks loudly that she is a lover of life and a communicative being. These are all traits from the Horse side.

They will help her overcome any obstacle she may face in life. You will never see her desperate about something because she can see the easy way out from any situation.

Many will envy the Wood Horse woman for being so positive. Others will admire her ability to see behind what’s bad and identify the good opportunities. Her colleagues will like her for being firm and always ready to help.

She will in fact be the favorite member of the team of which she’s being a part. When it comes to love, she will devote herself completely to the man that she loves.

She’s the type of girlfriend and wife who supports her other half with everything that she can. It won’t matter what life throws at her, she will always be proud and ready to take action.

But going back to love, she’s a devoted wife and a supporting girlfriend. Her children will love her for being by their side no matter what. Domestic issues won’t be a problem for her energy and her home will always be clean and ready to welcome new guests.

And when it comes to other people offering their advice to her, she won’t hesitate to listen. It can be easy for her to change what she was doing because she’s very adaptable.

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