Key Traits of the Metal Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Tiger possesses an impressive determination to succeed.

Metal Tiger

Usually self-assured and open to making new friends, people born under the Metal Tiger have a unique determination that will help them achieve their goals and many other things.

When waiting for something, they can grow to be very impatient. And when their plans don’t go the way they want them to, they can end up depressed. Many people will admire and respect them for who they are.

The Metal Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Brilliant, enthusiastic and protective;
  • Challenges: Impulsive, egocentric and stubborn;
  • Secret need: Getting others to accept their point of view;
  • Advice: You need to focus more on what matters for you.

Metal Tigers believe in family values and dream of being married with children. Only if they’re patient and flexible, they will manage to live the life that they want. If they want a smooth career, they should temper their straightforwardness a bit.

The character of the Chinese Metal Tiger

Metal Tigers think everyone should keep their promises. They are very affected when seeing things are not quite this way.

Focusing on what works for them can be a very big problem for these natives. Just like all Tigers, they can be very heroic, especially when seeing they can easily deal with something.

However, if they allow too themselves to be too confident, or for their impatient and ambitious character to take over, they can get disappointed pretty badly.

Metal Tigers are not at all the type to stand aside and do nothing. They have the energy, aggressiveness and passion to do what goes through their mind.

Possibly oriented towards the arts, they will look to always seem more glamorous than they actually are. Focusing only on themselves and pretentious, they like to compete because they want to be the first and they are hard workers.

Their problems will be approached directly and maybe even radically. These natives never doubt what they want to achieve.

The problem may be that they want things to happen faster and sooner than supposed to. Not to mention they believe in the best results because they’re incurable optimists.

Stay out of their way when they’re after a goal. They will never listen to advice and will only do what they think it’s best for them without analyzing too much. They like to compete and are too confident.

When their expectations won’t be fulfilled as fast as they want them to, they’ll be lost. But they can work very hard and keep their energy in line when they want something. All they need to do is to believe in what they are pursuing.

Because they don’t all the time feel good with who they are, they will often change. At least they are faithful lovers and good friends. The fact that they’re contradicting can be their biggest enemies, coupled with their suspicious mind.

They think only their own vision and force are meant for efficiency, trying to convince their friends and loved ones that only what they know is going to work.

While they precisely know what they want, Metal Tigers will never be reckless in obtaining it. They are type of people who keep all their force in control.

They would get influenced by both negative and positive factors, but they will still act the way they want because they’re very independent.

What Metal Tigers need to do is being careful not to end up suffering from nervous diseases and even physical exhaustion. Trying all the time to keep their force in control can have them dealing with nervousness and anxiety.

It’s suggested they learn how to think more about others and less of only themselves. They should also try and be less impulsive because their actions could have others confused about them.

The influence of the Metal element

The most obvious influence of the Chinese Metal element over them is that it makes them fixed and stronger in their already existing qualities and even negative traits. In their case, this element works in special ways because they have very original personalities.

For example, they simply can’t follow the already established path and they are looking to develop on their own.

And this individualism is further accentuated by the Metal, making its Tigers twice as eager to do what they want, not what others expect of them. It can be very difficult to have them adhering to something different than what they believe in.

The Metal makes them rigid because they can’t accept other people’s points of view as soon as they have accepted to deal with a challenge.

It’s also possible they’ll act in an unusual manner out of impulse, offending many people on their way to success. They’re ambitious and different than other Tigers because they are more focused on themselves than on the good of the community.

It doesn’t matter how many people they’re upsetting, they will only be interested in putting themselves first. Metal in this lunar sign makes the Tigers unconventional and firmer. They will not care whom they’re bothering with their actions, if these will bring them the success they are aiming at.

They’re adventurous and always ready to take the initiative, which makes them different from the rest of the Tigers. They will always analyze a situation and think of all the consequences before doing something they only know half about.

When confronted, they won’t show a fiery and raging side, they will be cold and distant, which can be even more scary.

The Metal gives them more intensity and makes them cold when it comes to their emotions. They will be cool and not all too emotional because this is how they usually are.

While they enjoy being around people and sharing their ideas, they won’t get their feelings involved and allow only their logic to rule.

Metal Tiger people are very aware of what makes them the individuals that they are. They prefer to keep some things to themselves, so they won’t get to be very close to others.

But when the Metal comes into discussion, they are more passionate, loyal and fervent, which is not something common in Tigers belonging to other elements.

Even when involved in a serious relationship, they are still able to turn heads because they are highly attractive. Not to mention how much their sex appeal can bring them all the success they’re usually having with the opposite sex.

Imagine what happens when the Metal brings in more passion and an energy that can’t be kept in line too efficiently.

The Metal Tiger man

This man is strong and capable of making courageous decisions. People around him will admire the fact that he’s positive, persevering and a survivor.

He’s ambitious, so he’ll achieve his goals. And don’t think for a moment that he wants a modest existence because he’s the one to chase after the perfect salary and a high position.

He loves peace, but it’s suggested that others stay out of his way. Not that he’d attack, yet the person who has dared to interfere with his peace of mind will be ruthlessly dealt with.

The Metal Tiger man really is capable of destroying lives when crossed. He respects and adores women. With the lady of his dreams, he’ll be lost in pleasure and all that she wants.

But he can’t stand courting for too long because he doesn’t have enough patience for it. It’s possible he’ll be jealous and possessive to the point of not seeing reason anymore.

Metal Tiger will be at peace with whom he has chosen as his soulmate, but he’ll still look when seeing a beautiful girl. And his wife will try to get some sense into him with no success.

He loves his family more than anything, being patient and caring with them. He will never be angry or upset around his spouse and children.

The Metal Tiger woman

The Metal Tiger woman can be vain because she only wants to be famous. She will work hard and diligently to get what she wants in life.

As she’s not happy with less, probably her job will most likely bring her a lot of money. A leadership position will definitely by occupied by her, somewhere.

Confident, bold and charismatic, she can pretend to be this vulnerable and kind person when she wants a man. But in reality, she’s as strong as steel. She would work better with an assistant who would stop her from going for impulsive decisions.

This lady can’t have patience and acts recklessly, affecting the work of entire teams if she happens to be a manager. Many don’t know the real her and how she can turn from this pleasant creature into the angriest person.

She’s pretentious, quick tempered and demanding. That’s why she needs a man who’s strong and ready to play the leader with her.

She will be honest with her husband and lover, but not during the courtship when she’ll keep her emotions in line.

As long as she doesn’t contradict all the time, she can make the life of any man very happy. A faithful wife and a loving nurturer, the Metal Tiger woman will be very responsible when it comes to her family.

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