The Snake Chinese Zodiac Child: Guarded and Intuitive

This child is reserved, patient and strong, their will guides them through life even when others tell them differently.

Chinese Snake Child

Snake children are very complex and don’t like talking about what they’re feeling, as they’re also very cautious and don’t trust anyone. Their parents should understand that it’s difficult to raise them for these reasons.

They’re slow, but this doesn’t mean they can’t achieve a lot with their strong character and will. In case they feel that adults don’t understand them, or they’re not being paid enough attention, they become evil and mean.

The Snake Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Snake children find it difficult to communicate their feelings, but remain loyal to their own instincts.
  • The Boy: A patient thinker, the Snake boy prefers a seat on the sidelines, observing his surroundings.
  • The Girl: With confidence in abundance, she knows what she wants, and casts aside anyone who crosses her.
  • Advice for Parents: Parents should communicate with Snake children as much as possible, as these youngsters have problems relaying their feelings as it is.

Others are amazed by these kids’ ability to foresee the future. Their intuition is very strong, so they used it in order to protect themselves from danger. While they may sometimes doubt it, they take the right decisions because their inner voice tells them so.

This means they’re very good strategists and can achieve almost anything they set their mind to achieve. Besides, they’re very patient and don’t mind waiting for situations to turn in their favor. No one knows better than them that success requires hard work, not to mention they’re very smart and cautious.

Snake Baby Girl

The Snake little girl is very self-confident and strong. When wanting something from her parents, she doesn’t hesitate to manipulate them, which means that later in life, she will also do the same with the men that cross her path.

She likes to receive expensive gifts and she usually saves her money to buy what she likes. While not caring too much about her friends, she’s the most devoted to the people in her family.

When it comes to the activities she prefers, these are the quiet and peaceful ones because too much physicality wears her out.

From an early age, she analyzes people’s intentions and doesn’t make friends with children that don’t serve her interests. Because she only cares about herself, she’s seen as very selfish, which is quite true.

Snake Baby Boy

When it comes to the Snake little boy, he’s a thinker and a philosopher, the type of child who makes plans for the future.

It’s unlikely for him to take risks or to engage in activities that seem difficult. As a matter of fact, he’s considered to be lazy and indifferent to what other boys his age are doing.

In sports and competitions, he’s the one to stand aside and to observe what’s going on. He doesn’t like conflicts, but when needing to defend someone he loves, he uses his intelligence win a very effective manner. What he likes is spending his time with authoritative figures. Everyone appreciates him for being loyal and honest.

Snake Child Personality

In Chinese culture, the Snake is considered to be insidious, wise and willful. Snake children are known for their strength. If they want something, they don’t cry at their parents to get it. Instead, they close themselves and start making plans.

Naturally cautious and intuitive, they almost always find solutions to all their problems. As far as their negative traits go, they can be mean and vengeful, but the extent to which depends a lot on the element of their birth year.

They’re calm and prefer to observe rather than to take action. This means they’re also disciplined, collected and spend their energy on thinking. Their mind is very sharp and their sense of humor unique, but they don’t share their intelligence and jokes with too many people.

Besides, they prefer quiet and peace to noise and agitation. When doing something, they analyze the risks and never act on impulse or what their feelings are telling them. Because they love to read, they should be encouraged to pursue a literary career.

What they also like is to draw and take care of their pets. They happen to be very good at solving problems by using logic.

Anyone can count on them with a difficult situation or assignment. Many of them become great artists, educators, designers and even scientists. It doesn’t matter what they will decide to do for a living, their self-confidence won’t ever leave them. Disciplined and most of the time successful, they fascinate their parents and other people with the way they do things.

Snake Baby Health

Snake children should be given a lot of attention to their desires because they often act on intuition and this does them good. In case they don’t want to eat something, they shouldn’t be forced to do it because they would end up being even more disobedient.

Besides, a lack of appetite may indicate that they’re sick. They don’t try to attract attention on themselves by complaining, so their parents should look carefully for any sign of abnormality or discomfort in them.

Being focused on what they’re feeling on the inside, Snake children love to spend their time alone. Not possessing high levels of energy, they can suffer from headaches when having to do more than they’re used to.

They should be taught how to have a healthy lifestyle and to not be scared of sports. Very sensitive to colds, they should be kept very warm during the cold seasons.

Hobbies of Snake Children

When it comes to hobbies and interests, Snake children have many talents, a sharp mind and a logical way of thinking. It seems like they’re small versions of businesspeople too.

Any intellectual activity makes them curious, like playing charades and having to guess answers to riddles. They’re passionate readers who prefer books on the history of art. This means they may spend a lot of time in libraries and museums.

They love spending time at home and being with their family because this makes them feel the most secure. When comfortable, they can think about whatever they want and make plans.

Ever since a very young age, they may want to help their parents with decorations, suggesting the color of the walls and what art pieces to buy. While not at all the sporty type, they still manage to be in very good shape and not get too fat.

Making Friends

Cautious in nature, Snake children select their friends very carefully. In relationships, they have the tendency to be very demanding and even possessive, just because they take everything seriously and want to offer others a lot of themselves.

Their friends can count on them, no matter the situation. In an emergency, they light everything up with a good joke while also assuming the responsibility to find solutions to problems. For these reasons, their friendships are nurturing and long-lasting.

They get along very well with the reliable Oxen, the dauntless Roosters and the well-educated Dragons. At the same time, they don’t mind spending their time with impulsive Horses, overly active Monkeys and smart Tigers.


Knowing what hard work means and very studious, Snake kids can become their teachers’ favorite students and an example for their colleagues. They’re very intelligent and learn fast, so it’s not unlikely for them to excel, even in the subject they’re not too passionate about.

As far as discipline goes, they’re the neatest and most organized, so no one has to ever tell them to keep their things and desk together.

How to Raise Your Snake Kid

As said before, the complex personality of Snake children makes it impossible to guess how they’re feeling. Besides, they have the tendency to hide their emotions under a calm attitude. Their parents should always ask them questions.

Because they love loneliness too much, they can end up avoiding people, so they should be encouraged to collaborate with others as much as possible.

Their tastes are the most refined, so they need to be taken to museums and art galleries. The knowledge they gather there can help them greatly when they become adults, not to mention they may be convinced to pursue an artistic career.

Because they don’t talk about what stresses them, they may suffer from stomach problems sooner rather than later. In case they’re complaining about stomach pain, then they’re probably having some problems they don’t want to talk about.

In trying to identify these problems, their parents need to be patient and to ask all kinds of questions that seem like they’re not related at all to what they’re trying to find out.

Snake youngsters will never say directly what bothers them, so they have to be led to do it. In other words, they’re difficult to communicate with, just because they never reveal their thoughts and intentions.

It doesn’t matter how calm they may seem on the outside, inside they may hide an emotional struggle that would seem unbearable even for an adult.

Their refined tastes need to be developed, so they should be gifted good books, classical music CDs and drawing books. Anything artistic puts their mind to work.

When their parents pay more attention to their siblings or other children, they become very jealous because they think no one else besides themselves deserves to be loved. In such moments, they can harbor feelings of anger and start to ignore other people’s feelings. They should be given advice and be talked all the time because this way, they feel important and care for.

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