The Horse Chinese Zodiac Child: Balanced and Vibrant

This child zodiac is emotionally balanced and highly independent, they’ve devoted to their friends and family and are pleasant to be around.

Chinese Horse Child

Horse children are the most willful in the Chinese Zodiac. They know how to keep their emotions in control and how to manage other people’s feelings. Because they’re also very proud, it’s very unlikely for them to ever show their weaknesses, to ask for help or to pay attention to the advice they’re being given.

Seeing as they’re balanced most of the time, when they do have a rare angry outburst, it means something is happening with their inner feelings and they probably fear something. Because they’re overly independent, their parents should always keep an eye on them.

The Horse Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Keen to keep their emotions to themselves, they also have an innate ability to manage other people too.
  • The Boy: Energetic and independent, this boy lives in a sea of optimism, but isn’t afraid to stand up for himself either.
  • The Girl: Although she can come across as vain, this girl is highly attentive and driven to achieve her goals.
  • Advice for Parents: Being so head strong, their parents should offer guidance that allows the Horse child to see beyond their own comprehension.

Very energetic, friendly and active, they also remain devoted to the people in their life. Being good and kind all the time doesn’t mean they’re naïve and can be tricked into anything.

When having to defend what they’re standing for, they become very self-confident and even selfish. Harsh words and criticism can hurt them very badly, though most of the time, they’re joyful, communicative and thus a pleasure to be around.

Horse Baby Girl

The Horse little girl can carry on with any type of conversation. Her keen sense of humor has her adored by others.

She knows how and when to act, not to mention that she can handle more than one project at once. Enthusiastic about having a talk, watching TV and reading a book, she pays close attention to what other people have to say and the information she’s receiving.

This girl loves dressing up because wearing beautiful clothes makes her feel more dignified. She can be pretentious, but this is only because she wants to attract attention. If adults don’t listen to what she has to say and her advice, which she thinks must be shared, she becomes bored.

The fact that she likes to dress up doesn’t mean she only cares about appearances all her life, as she’s quite determined to achieve her goals no matter what.

Horse Baby Boy

When it comes to the Horse little boy, he’s very independent and fighting or arguing most of the time. This is because he can’t stand unfairness and stands by his opinions no matter the situation.

He loves to play games that consume his energy, which means he’s very good at any sport. When it comes to his behavior, it can be said he has a temper and gets angry each time he has to deal with failure. At least his bad moods don’t last for too long, as he’s an incurable optimist and a very cheerful person.

Diligent, he doesn’t stop working until his plans have turned into reality. The more he learns how to control his temper, the more success he’s going to achieve as an adult. Passionate, he’s prone to falling in love even at a very young age.

Horse Child Personality

Children born in the year of the Horse have a strong character and get noticed for their persistent need to be independent. They’re striving all the time to keep their freedom and can’t stand rivalry.

When it comes to making their dreams come true., they demonstrate determination and persistence. Their love is for everyone, even if they have a quick temper and are sometimes selfish.

The element of their birth year speaks a lot about who they are and how they act in different situations. Horse children will never cause their parents to worry. They have too much energy to not be able to solve their problems on their own. They want to seem older than they actually are.

Sometimes, their optimism fails to follow them, leading to moments in which they become sad and depressed. This is when they should be left alone to deal with their own thoughts. It’s good that they can come back to their cheerful old self very quickly.

They’re naturally joyful, hardworking and intelligent, so their success as adults is assured most of the time. Ever since a very young age, they’re active and do all kinds of things. Their desire is to shine and to attract others in being as active as they are.

They enjoy spending time with their friends and like being their leader. It would be a good idea to guide them towards a career that involves a lot of communication, such as one of an interpreter, tour guide or teacher.

They’re not only good communicators, but also efficient problem solvers. Challenges put their mind to work and they love finding practical solutions to any troublesome matter. They’re also always aware of their surroundings and others, so nothing can escape them.

Their intuition should be trusted because their hunches are right most of the time. Self-confident and optimistic, Horse children have a feeling that the Universe is always going to provide for them, and their plans are going to be put into practice sooner or later.

They’re charismatic and have many friends that are ready to follow them no matter where they may be going. What they love the most is their freedom and doing things the way they want, even if this may lead to failure on their part. No one can break their spirit, and their ideas are the most inspirational.

Horse Baby Health

Being so energetic and active, Horse children often get bruises. It’s also likely for them to fracture their bones, not to mention they can develop joint problems with age.

In spite of being very physical, they also love eating, so their parents should keep an eye on their diet, especially because they’re desperate for sweets and pastry products.

Having a quick temper, they can end up having their nervous system affected too. Their mood swings and negative thoughts can give them the most awful headaches.

With time, they can also develop cardiovascular issues. When adolescent, they may resort to drugs and alcohol when trying to relax, so their behavior should be closely monitored.

Hobbies of Horse Children

The temperament of Horse children influences their hobbies and interests. If they’re calmer, they’re the type to read and stay at home.

Those who tend to be more enthusiastic spend a lot of time outside, playing and even inviting the adults to their games. All kind of sports are good for them, so they should be encouraged to swim, run, play football and do other physical activities.

Since they love animals very much, their pets are sure to be greatly taken care of. Because their literary talents are impressive, their parents should take them to special classes on the subject.

At the same time, they should let them have pets because if they do, their sense of responsibility increases. Going to the zoo is also a good idea for them.

Making Friends

Since they hate feeling constrained, the sharp and happy Horse children have little problem defending their freedom. They usually act on their impulses and don’t apologize for their mistakes.

Their friends see them as the devilish players who are always up to something. Their relationships usually last for a lifetime.

The impulsive Tiger and action-focused Dog don’t have a problem keeping Horse children doing things all the time. Besides, these 3 signs have similar ideals and are very eccentric in the eyes of others when it comes to the way they take action. Rats think Horses are too superficial and uncaring, whereas stable Oxen don’t agree with their lifestyle.


Horse children need to always be stimulated, especially if they are to succeed in an academic environment. In case their teachers don’t challenge their mind, they become the trickster of the classroom and bring only trouble.

They’re very intelligent and can learn anything very fast, no matter the subject and difficulty. What they want most is to be the best and to feel like there’s nothing they can’t conquer or master.

Their intelligence is more the intuitive type, which means they don’t have a problem making decisions on the spot.

How to Raise Your Horse Kid

Independent, Horse children may need to be taken care of in a special manner, with patience and a lot of tact. If this doesn’t happen, they lose their self-confidence. It’s very likely for them to leave their parents’ home as soon as reaching and adulthood age or even earlier.

This is why they shouldn’t have demands placed upon them, nor they should be impeded from doing what they want.

Very optimistic and active, they don’t have a problem dealing with change. However, they should be taught what discipline means and that there are rules in life.

Because they’re very stubborn and impulsive, they may not understand why some people don’t agree with their ideas and become a disaster as far as relationships go, mostly because of their temper. They should learn how to control themselves and how to be more discrete.

Most of the time coming across as self-confident and courageous, they still have some fears that they never talk about which can put them in bad moods.

Their parents should tell them many times that failure is an experience too because if this doesn’t happen, the little ones’ behavior starts to become destructive.

They need to be reminded about their commitments because they’re always hurrying towards their next ideas and forget about what they have to do. If they don’t know that they have to be responsible, their adult life can turn out to be truly problematic.

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