The Aquarius Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

Every bit a tyrant in love, she will force you to change in order to please her.

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Independent but at the same time helpless, honest and sensible, in love, the Aquarius woman can have a contradictory personality that confuses people.

Charming and friendly, this optimistic lady enjoys laughter and going out with friends. She’s not the perfect homemaker, but she definitely is the perfect partner for any social gathering.

If you want to be with her, you need to be trustworthy and completely honest. This is a woman of action.

She’s known for her independence and her positive outlook on life. While she likes being in the company of many intelligent people, she also likes spending time alone or in a small company.

It’s not like she needs people to be pleased, this girl can make it alone, as well as with others. As a matter of fact, it is more likely she’ll enjoy life more when alone.

Cool and always composed, this woman loves the unexpected and likes to be surprised. She’s known as loyal, but don’t suffocate her with your love, or else she’ll run away.

The dates of an Aquarius woman will be rather numerous, and of all ages and cultures. If you want to be with her, make sure you first become her friend and after try for something different. And keep in mind that she has many admirers.

The Aquarius is known in mythology as the visionary. That’s why people born in this sign need independence. They are sometimes doubtful about settling down, but capable of loving someone deeply and for a long time.

If you can adapt to the Aquarius woman’s unconventional ways and you can manage to offer her diversity, you will completely win her heart.

When in love

You can trust the Aquarius woman to follow her feelings when she’s in love. But you need to allow her to be herself in order for this to happen.

This lady is terrified of losing herself and her personality because of others, so people who will try and manipulate her into something she’s not, will definitely not be to her liking.

However, after she grows up a little bit more, the Aquarius woman starts to realize that she may need to sometimes change a few things about her, especially if she wants a partner and a family.

And changing will be the easiest thing this girl will have to do. If you are with her and she is different now from how she was in the beginning, understand that she loves you a lot for she has done the hardest thing for her in your benefit. It is the first act of gratitude and love that she is capable of.

When she’s in love, this lady sees beyond masks and lies. So don’t try to deceive or disappoint her. She will quickly catch on and see your true intentions.

Rational, the Aquarius woman knows a type of romance belongs only in the movies or books. Offer her the real thing and she will be satisfied as she is down-to-earth.

Unconventional, she wants a companion to follow her in all of her life adventures. Freedom is essential to her. She needs to be independent in order to be happy and fulfilled.

Generous, the Aquarius is known as the most humanitarian sign in the zodiac. People in need will always seem to turn to them because they give without asking anything back.

The Aquarius woman will seem like she always has time for someone else besides her partner. This means her generous side can hold her behind sometimes.

Treat her like a lady as she likes to be courted and appreciated. When it comes to wooing her, she’s pretty old-fashioned and she likes manners.

This lady doesn’t hurry love, and she expects to be respected and admired. Don’t think of her as affectionate in public. She doesn’t like to show her feelings that much. Treat her as an equal if you want and you will be with her for a long time.

Communication is essential to the Aquarius woman. She is talkative and once she starts trusting you, she will be the most devoted partner you have ever been with.

She isn’t too tight when involved. She likes to be easygoing and she’s more of a good friend rather than a passionate lover. Try not to demand too much from her because this girl runs away from obligations and too much responsibility.

Keep in mind that this is not a woman to be kept in a cage like a bird. If you are what she’s been looking for, she will be yours forever. Don’t be afraid that she would love you less just because she needs space and to be herself.

Understanding this woman

All Aquarius women have inner conflicts that give them a mysterious air and thus, an attractive look. The lady in this sign likes to be respected and appreciated. She will always make sure she deserves to be loved and admired.

The more she has been hurt in life, the more difficult it will be for someone new to make her open up. She is by default rational and logical, but once she has been deceived, she will be even more like this, and she will analyze everything and everyone.

Always on the move, this lady likes change and diversity. She’s a good conversationalist, so be knowledgeable on every subject if you want to keep up with her.

Irresistible, many men would want to be by her side. A little bit of a tyrant, she can make you change if she doesn’t like certain things about your personality.

Sociable, she makes friends easily and for a long time. No matter if you know her for only one day or her entire life, she will treat you the same and she’s a good friend. All Aquariuses are known to have many acquaintances, from all over the world.

The right man for her

One thing’s for sure with the Aquarius woman: she needs a man who is fun and always up for a new adventure. Those who are needy or pushy should stay away from her as she has no regard for them.

This is the type that will run away when she feels the partner is too possessive or jealous. She likes men who are charming and witty, and who leave her alone to fulfill her dreams.

With her, you’ll enjoy an unconventional, happy relationship. But be prepared to often go out, have intelligent conversations and experiment new things in bed. This lady is just fine on her own, so she won’t hesitate to leave you if she’s unhappy.

If you are willing to explore the world with her, pack your bags and get yourself a loving travel partner. Be confident and independent yourself. She likes strong men who know what they want.

This woman in a relationship

It may appear that the Aquarius woman will resist any type of man. She likes to talk a lot before she gives in.

Because people know her as a player, it can be difficult for her to prove the deep love that she is capable of. This lady often flirts without even realizing that she’s doing it, even when she’s already in a serious relationship.

Her partner needs to understand that his lover is not doing all this intentionally, and that she doesn’t mean anything when she’s just chatting with someone of the opposite sex. Expect her to be fun and adventurous in the relationship.

New experiences and tough challenges are everything for this girl. Don’t even begin to woo her if you are the type who likes sitting at home and watching Netflix during the weekends. You will definitely bore her.

Independence and freedom are everything this lady is looking for in life. When she feels tied down, she tries to escape the situation that caused her to be like that.

Her sexuality

Not caring too much about what is taboo and what not, the Aquarius woman is ready to experiment in bed. She will show her passionate spirit no matter what others may think or how they’d interpret her actions. She’s not at all subtle when it comes to this.

Rational and composed, she will never make a scene, no matter what may happen between her and her partner.

She is interested to experiment new sex techniques and positions, and she would very much like to have sex somewhere outside. If you are close minded and a prude, don’t even think of getting together with the Aquarius woman.

The negatives of the Aquarius woman

This lady will play by her own rules in romance but at least she has some rules that she follows. The society’s right and wrong principles are not something that she respects.

Her intuition is enough for her to live a balanced, fair life. This may be difficult for the person that loves her. It will be difficult for him to convince her to do something, and on top of this, he won’t be able to change her mind when she has decided about something.

Another downside of this lady is her capacity to move on fast. When she feels unsatisfied with her relationship, she will simply walk away and look for someone else.

And it’s possible that she won’t end things peacefully and in a fair way. Because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, the Aquarius woman may end up lying and cheating.

Her tremendous desire for freedom and independence can be another criticism to this lady’s character.

She does whatever she wants, not caring about what others think or need. If you give her enough room and freedom, you won’t have any problem with her, though.

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