Aquarius In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

Secretly, this sign is searching for their soulmate.

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The Aquarius is a sign that is quite unconventional and unique in their ways, so these people will be the same in love. They need someone who can stimulate them both physically and intellectually as they easily get bored and like to learn about new things.

This is the reason why Aquarians get on so well with other fellow Aquarians. The fact that they are very independent makes them difficult to settle and become like anyone else. The traditional domestic life is definitely not for these guys.

When they love, they invest a lot of feelings and they are deep. Because Aquarians are so interested in making the world a better place, their partners will often feel like they are being ignored.

It’s in the nature of the Aquarius to be interested in how the world works. People born in this sign will always fight injustice and deal with the lost causes. They are all the time busy to save the world.

That’s why their ideal partner should be the same or at least have the same interests. It doesn’t matter how in love an Aquarius person is, he or she will need freedom and independence in order to be happy.

Don’t even think of being too possessive or making them feel trapped. They run away from this kind of behavior.

Friendship is always the first step

These are the type of people who can have a strictly carnal relationship without investing emotions or the wish to develop something more. If you want to hook up with an Aquarius, make sure you first make friends with him or her.

They like people who are mysterious and not that easy to read. These guys love a challenge, so a person who is an enigma for them will always be interesting and exciting. Not to mention they get aroused when they are intrigued by someone.

It’s very easy for Aquarians to make new friends. As said before, it is very likely that they’ll first be buddies with a person, and only after that lovers.

When they love, they are very generous and flexible. They expect to be left alone to do what they want, and they will permit their partner to be free too.

You will never hear an Aquarius nagging or complaining too much about a mistake you have made. It is difficult to convince them to commit, but once they do, you will have someone loyal and caring next to you.

Many will perceive them as too straightforward because they are honest. But at least you can be sure there is no double talk with them. If you are not the type to be sociable and open to meeting new people or going to parties, don’t even think of getting too close to the Aquarius.

These guys want a big social life. Without it, they would be depressed and sad. Offer them support no matter what they may be going through. They tend to take part in big projects, so they need someone to be by their side.

Their magnetism is hard to resist

Aquarians are known for being in the search of the meaning of life. If they find someone special with whom they can share all this, they get to be happy.

Not interested that much in romantic gestures, they appreciate when someone connects with them mentally. Some people who like more demonstrative characters will not be able to share their life with an Aquarius because people born in this sign are simply not that open to expressing their affection.

As a matter of fact, Aquarians work perfectly with those whose behavior is not so universally accepted. They will be able to make a person turn his or her life around as they are understanding and kind.

Don’t think that if your Aquarius partner doesn’t get jealous or possessive, he or she doesn’t care. Not at all. It’s just that these people are never clingy or too emotional. They only know respect and caring when it comes to romantic relationships.

If you are too needy, an Aquarius will definitely not want to be around you for too long. They are committed and loyal, but only to the right person, someone who can be both a lover and a friend to them.

Believing in true love and happiness, all Aquarians are looking for their soulmate. And you will surely want to be with one of them as soon as you will see how fascinating and charming they can be. Glamorous and magnetic, they attract people no matter the circumstances. Their romanticism in them is different from the one in other people.

They are classical and they prefer intellectual conversations. As soon as someone has captured their attention with something smart and funny, they will want to get physically involved.

The most eccentric people in the zodiac, Aquarians want a partner who’s the same as them and at the same time somehow mysterious.

Don’t blame them for putting the greater good over their own interests and those of the person they love. It’s in their nature to be like this. Friends of many, they will only truly fall in love rarely.

Breaking the norm … in love too

In a relationship, Aquarians are fun and full of surprises. They don’t like anything superficial, and they want someone with deep thinking to share their intense way of thinking. People may find them strange and unusual, but this is what makes them interesting and charming.

Governed by Uranus, which is the planet of study, independence and electricity, Aquarians are capable of bringing the buzz into anyone’s life.

Most of them like to make love and are very sexual creatures. But they won’t make love until they have a mental connection with the partner. Because they are so adventurous, these guys will experiment everything in the bedroom.

Appreciating your freedom very much, you will be able to date someone else at the beginning of your relationship with the Aquarius. But when things get serious, you should be loyal and devoted.

Keep in mind that these guys are unconventional, so expect them not to base that much of their relationship on tradition.

You can even be shocked by their ideas of love and romance. Be friends and after that lovers with them. They need someone with whom they can talk.

Be daring and go over any known social rules and norms. This will make you seem more attractive to them. If you are also independent and always defending your freedom, you can make them go crazy about you.

Sometimes, Aquarians can develop a real obsession over a person or a relationship. It is advised they go out and enjoy their friends and families more. Because they like to be free so badly, long-distance relationships may be just the thing for them.

These are the type of people who would live separately from their partner even after they got married. For them, being strongly connected on a mental level values more than touching.

The rebels of the zodiac, they will shock wherever they will go. They will ignore their parents’ advice to settle sooner, and they will bend the rules thinking they are making the world a better place. But it’s fun and also amusing to be around them. Dare to get involved and you will have more fun.

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