Aquarius Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Aquarius woman shows an affection and tenderness that have no match and she will always try to please her partner.

woman with an Aquarius sign

The Aquarius woman is one of a kind in the sense that she is the independent and freedom-seeker lover of the zodiac.

Anything that might stand in her way is quickly pushed aside or ignored in any way, and this includes toxic relationships, bad friends, and so on. This is why she finds it so hard to find a partner that matches her personality.

Pros Cons
She is charming and impresses people easily.She is not the most straightforward communicator.
She is open to having lots of fun.She becomes easily disillusioned.
She is able to prepare the most thoughtful surprises.Her stubbornness will keep things from advancing.

Commitment is a sensitive subject for her precisely because of this reason. A lot of people see her as irresponsible or childish, even naive, but the truth is she doesn’t like to be held down. Give her some space and don’t become clingy, you’ll see how quickly she comes around then.

Her affection and tenderness bloom forth

In a relationship, the Aquarius women are usually the ones who take on most of the responsibilities, doing the hard work and bringing money home, so being irresponsible is out of the question.

They are there for their partner’s sufferings and mishaps, but this doesn’t mean that she’ll pamper him with sweet words and emotional support every time.

They are a very loving species and they don’t want to get to a point where they are the only ones giving affection and appreciation in the relationship.

The Aquarius air sign is connected to the plane of the higher mind, of the great and profound ideas, and this is why you’ll often see her meditating, thinking about her life, plans, and such things.

This trait is very attractive to men, especially since she is also very charming and feminine. Even though she may prefer to have a rational perspective on things most of the time, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have emotions.

In a relationship, her affection and tenderness bloom forth, spreading far in time.

In general, the Aquarius woman is a very independent individual, always doing things her own way, never stopping to think about the status quo or the opinions of other people.

After all, one’s own dreams and aspirations are their own subjective desires. In this sense, she wants to experiment and live novel sensations in a relationship, sexually speaking.

Physical pleasure is less important than the discovery of innovative techniques, passionate surprising moves, and so on. Moreover, try to stimulate her intellectually and show that you are also interested in the same things.

That’s how you’ll draw her attention and love. Once she says something, it’s as good as done because she knows the importance of promises.

Find new challenges to throw her way and never set into a routine, otherwise, you’ll lose the appreciation and love of your Aquarius partner.

Don’t be closed-up to experimentation and new avenues of thinking, because this is her way of living, and what she does best. She may appear as cold and very distant from the present because her thoughts are on other, grander things, planning and envisioning the future.

A relationship is more like an idealistic pathway for the Aquarius woman, a journey of the mind, rather than an emotional affair.

She does best when she cannot see the object of her interest when there’s distance keeping them apart.

This way, the mystery preserves itself and she’s in a constant state of anticipation, an endless curiosity that only wears away after some time, or upon a meet-up.

When things get boring and tedious, or when she fully uncovers her romantic interests, she may become colder and more disinterested. Her original keen attitude and passionate interest will get dulled down to mere routine, and she will have to get her own free time, to explore other ideas and keep her mind occupied.

Build a relationship that is stable and fulfilling

You should know from the very beginning that the Aquarius woman will never be as sensitive and affectionate as other natives out there, like the Cancer one or the Piscean woman.

As long as you keep it interesting and stimulating, while also giving her free reign on her time, you will have a happy and keen partner. Don’t exclude her unconventional suggestions right from the start because you’ll distance her greatly.

She’s afraid of submitting herself to other people because she might have to abandon her way of being, and that’s extremely scary to her.

As time goes on, she prepares herself for the prospect of having a family, of giving some form of love and affection to her husband and children.

If you’re looking for a long-standing partner with whom to build a relationship based on stability, foreseeable plans and ideas, then the Aquarius woman in love is going to be a challenge for you.

She is the very definition of unpredictability, a paragon of non-conformism and unexpected thinking. She wants to be free to explore the world, to think her own way and not to be inhibited or obstructed by people and rules.

She won’t decide to commit or marry unless she finds that partner that makes her shiver with anticipation, a man who activates her innermost instincts and emotions.

She keeps coming up with weird and innovative ideas spontaneously, and you should know that dismissing them from the get-go is the worst mistake you could ever do.

Besides the possibility of having loads of fun alongside her in one of these endeavours, you are distancing her greatly by not taking her ideas into consideration.

She has an open mind and quite a quirky personality, so don’t be afraid to contribute yourself with fresh ideas. She’ll learn to love you very much that way.

Finally, you should never present her with a tedious and routine-based lifestyle for the future because that’s going to kill her enthusiasm right then and there.

She’s in this relationship for the intense and new experiences, not for doing the same things every day. Don’t rush her into a commitment and instead agree to explore the world with her, in a friendly and cool way.

The Aquarius woman is a very interesting and intelligent woman who appreciates strange people with interesting stories, likes delving into the natural state of the world, meditating incessantly. Give her the time to do this and you’re golden!

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