Are Aquarius Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Aquarius jealousy surfaces only as a last resort.

Aquarius is one of the most independent signs in the zodiac. The Aquarius woman will always be good friends before turning the relationship into something else. This friendly attitude makes her not jealous with the partner.

The way Aquarius women love can’t be compared with anything else. They have an intense way of making romances work and last.

The Aquarius woman will never be possessive or jealous as she carefully analyzes if she can trust the partner before deciding to be in the relationship. If you have broken her trust once, it is very difficult to win it back.

It’s not an Aquarius’s way to be jealous. The woman in this sign will probably not even notice if the partner is flirting with someone else. If she does, she will simply ignore what’s happening and occupy her mind with something else.

Also, she doesn’t like being around people who are jealous and possessive. She simply doesn’t understand why a person has to be like this.

The Aquarius woman is similar to her male counterpart when it comes to jealousy. This term is something they both don’t know too much about.

They are simply not the jealous type and if someone would cheat on them, they would simply leave that person.

It is important to communicate everything that goes through your mind when with the Aquarius woman. She will listen and try to come up with the best solutions she can think of.

Making her jealous would be the worst thing you could think of. Not only she will not pay attention to your efforts, she may end the relationship if she gets bored with what you may be trying to do.

And Aquarius women need to be entertained by their partners for the relationship to work.

If you want to win an Aquarius woman’s heart, treat her with respect. She doesn’t like her decisions being questioned and she wants fairness in a relationship.

She doesn’t turn jealous as she doesn’t see any logic in it, not because she doesn’t care. Don’t try to make her jealous because such strategies wouldn’t work.

The Aquarius woman is known to be adamant about her freedom and she likes doing things her way and her way only.

As soon as she finds someone who can respect her and her freedom, she becomes the most loyal and open-minded partner.

Not too passionate when in love, the woman in Aquarius will make you feel, but in a more platonic way. She invests a lot of time and efforts in a relationship, and she likes it when things work as she desired.

Never jealous or possessive, the Aquarius woman speaks her mind and she would like her partner to do the same. She will discuss any issue your relationship may have.

Aquarians break up if they feel their independence is being threatened. Keep her close to you, but not possessively close.

She believes in the ideal first true love and she is looking for a partner with whom she can spend her entire life with.

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