Ideal Partner for the Aquarius Woman: Committed and Strong

The perfect soulmate for the Aquarius woman cares about companionships and free expression of emotions, not only about love life.

ideal partner Aquarius woman

There’s a tad bit of oddity when it comes to an Aquarian woman. Due to her overall charisma and open-minded demeanor, it’s quite easy to build bonds with others, however, the constellations make it so that this zodiac is a tad bit difficult to crack.

While she may engage in a multitude of social relations, not many of them will be anything more than shallow, hence the difficulty in creating a meaningful bond with someone. This is emphasized by her overall detachment and self-sufficiency.

A good match for this sign would be someone who is not so focused on sensual interactions and attachment as they are on companionship. During the early phase of her life, love doesn’t present much of an interest for this woman. In fact, she would prefer staying away from such a concept, fearing the entrapment that may come with it.

However, once she does warm up to the idea of love, the bonds she can forge will last throughout a lifetime. With a rather unique perspective in mind, her relationships might prove to be some of the most intriguing out there.

When it comes to a long-term commitment or even a marital life, the faithfulness and devotion an Aquarian woman can show are truly without contenders. Of course, as logic entails, the same is to be expected from her partner, otherwise there wouldn’t be any pleasure in such an engagement.

Because of how fragile love can be, her patient nature helps in the slow and arduous process of trusting someone completely, however, once she manages such a feat, their partner will benefit from undivided attention and compassion.

Generally, when it comes to relationships, this Aquarius doesn’t see things as black and white as others do. In order to live a fulfilling and joyous life together with her chosen one, both parties involved must also show interest in their own side of the story.

The Aquarian will deal with her own plans and her partner will do the same. Once an affinity between the two is achieved, the fruits of their labor will give birth to an all encompassing environment of tranquility and prosperity. More often than not, the best suitors for this woman belong to Air and Fire signs.

Alas, finding one’s soulmate does not consist only of finding a common ground. Out of the zodiacs, the Aquarius woman has the best chances of finding her soulmate in a Gemini or Libra, due to the fact that they share the same outside the box way of seeing life. Above all else, however, it is a Fire sign that can truly create a blinding love with an Aquarian.

Once she finds a suitable partner and forms a bond with him, their relationship will be one filled with thrills and built on the joy of unshackled freedom. This can only happen with like-minded individuals, that see life through the same eyes.

People who don’t care much of the social norm and are dare devils in their own right tend to be the best choice for an Aquarius woman. This, of course, translates into a rather intriguing and arousing love relationship that is bound to have its foundation rooted in exploring and experimenting.

When this lady is in love

It might not be that surprising that many aspects of life are seen as a playful activity for the Aquarian woman. None more important and impactful than love.

Her freedom loving nature comes into play here, making her search for love as pleasant as a joyous stroll through the park, all while figuring how to arrange the things that matter for her to better suit the accommodation of love in this grand equation called life.

It’s hard to find something more intriguing and passionate than an Aquarian’s romance. Because of her adventuring traits and desire to experiment, she will don the mantle of many personas in order to make things spicier in the bedroom. After all, the Air in this sign allows for great flexibility and adaptability.

Regardless of any such qualities, this does not make the Aquarius woman an easy flirt that takes romance lightly. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s rather difficult for her to truly fall in love with someone. The time it takes for this to happen might as well categorize such an event as a miracle.

Fierce, sometimes stubborn and definitely self-reliant, a relationship with an Aquarian woman is not something to be taken lightly. The one she chooses as partner better be prepared to adapt to what’s coming his way, else the relationship will be bound for failure.

In order to make sure such a commitment reaches proper fruition, it’s crucial that both parties involved understand the importance of openly communicating their wants and issues, in a civil, rational yet relaxed manner.

Once a proper understanding of one another is reached, then they can make way for love seen only in fairy tales. While it might take some time to reach this point, it will all be more than worth it, for romance with an Aquarian is something that can spin the tale of a lifetime.

Able to care for themselves, these women strive to always remain self-reliant. This is a quality and drive that they look for in a possible partner as well, regardless of how able they may be in this regard.

If she finds them lacking in this department, she is more than willing to lend a nurturing hand. The chosen one for an Aquarian will more often than not be someone that is intellectually apt and able to fully comprehend the inner machinations of this brilliant woman.

Once she manages to embrace love completely, the Aquarius will still appear as infuriatingly detached, even to her partner, which could drive anybody insane. It’s not that this is her intention, only that it’s quite difficult to openly express their feelings with others, even if it’s their soulmate.

Her overall thought process is what drives this behavior, making decisions rationally even when it comes to love and choosing to keep to herself rather than be left vulnerable in the aftermath of someone taking advantage of her.

Relationships tend to be quite distinctive

Given all her attributes and characteristics, it comes with no surprise that an Aquarius woman will prioritize her own freedom above all else. This is the one thing she cherishes most and keeps even when bonded with someone of her choosing.

A successful relationship with such an individual will require great patience, and of course, a partner who will not try to take hold of the reigns and lead the Aquarian wherever he pleases. This woman must be left unshackled and untamed, not that tying her down would be possible to begin with.

She best gets along with people from the Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius signs, and it’s in these zodiacs that she has the best chance of finding her soulmate. Hard headed and with a knack for piercing through any lies, it’s important not to take her kindness for granted.

Those who try to benefit off of her efforts and good will shall suffer a fate quite cruel. Seeing as how her overall coldness and stubbornness is not something that can be changed, patience is the best tool at her partner’s disposal. With time, she will show love, affection and compassion unlike ever seen before.

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