The Aquarius Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Very strong life principles for someone who is otherwise unconventional and visionary.

Aquarius is not like other Air signs. People born in Aquarius are very serious and anchored in reality. As far as the woman born in this sign goes, she is a force of nature that sometimes can scare people with her power.

If you find a woman in Aquarius, wait for her dominant side to surface and after start to discover her. She is self-sufficient, wise and authentic. Her life is a continuous search of new ideas and independence.

Most of the Aquarians are great thinkers and genuine humanitarians. They will amaze you with their interpretation of life and brilliance. Among the most famous women born in Aquarius, we should mention Virginia Woolf, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Shakira, Yoko Ono and Jennifer Aniston.

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Her independence can’t be played. As a fixed sign, she isn’t kind with people who try to control her. Whenever you may need help or sound advice, the Aquarius woman will be there to give it to you.

She is caring with people that surround her and she loves animals. She will get involved in any cause meant to make the Earth a better place to live.

The Aquarius woman will socialize with everyone. Her friends are from many places and cultures. She’s loyal to them and she keeps her promises. She is also loyal to concepts and ideas.

Don’t be surprised if the Aquarius woman in your life will want to go to the same restaurant every time you are going out. Not many people are like her when it comes to devotion.

An independent lover

She will find love fun and will transform herself into anyone for her significant other to be satisfied. She will play the mother, the sister, the provider.

However, don’t think the Aquarius woman is easy about falling in love for someone. She’s not like that at all as she always waits to get attached to someone. She finds it hard to trust a partner from the first few dates.

You will notice that it’s not easy to love an Aquarius woman. This strong, independent lady will search for someone who is psychologically prepared for a force like her.

She puts a high price on communication and she filters her emotions. She may be friendly, but she doesn’t let you get to her that easily.

As soon as the woman in Aquarius falls in love, she becomes the most dedicated partner.

Her actions can’t be predicted, so in the bedroom someone may discover brand new pleasures with her

Love making is cerebral for an Aquarius woman. She isn’t inhibited and she likes to experiment new things in bed.

The woman born in Aquarius will protect her independence no matter what. She likes a partner who is like her, and she will respect self-reliance.

She has a side that she never shows to other people. Her ideal partner will be smart and understanding.

She is not very domestic

It is important that you give the Aquarius woman all the space and discretion she needs when in a partnership.

She’s not the traditional type, to cook your dinner and do your laundry. She has this rebel side and she wouldn’t be happy doing all these things for you.

The ideal partners for an Aquarius are Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries.

A loving mother, the woman in Aquarius needs some time for herself as well. Her children will learn individuality and they will know how to treat others with respect.

She treats her children as equals and she likes playing games with them. The Aquarius native will always be proud of her family and she will talk to others about them.

Don’t ask yourself what’s going on when many people seem to greet your Aquarius friend on the street. This woman has many friends and she allows anyone in her life.

It is true that she sometimes is reserved in showing her feelings, but she will be nice with anyone. She likes people who share the same views on freedom as her. Her group of friends will be made of of intellectuals and deep thinkers.

There will be people from different social environments, with colorful personalities. She needs her group of friends to be diversified and interesting as she herself is multilateral. Valuing friendship, the Aquarians will be devoted and reliable.

Money is just the means, not the goal

As the carrier of ideas, just as her sign is the water bearer, the woman in Aquarius imaginative at work. She is able to make things happen and for as much as she is able to keep her assertive side in control, she can make a good boss.

Her colleagues will find her inspiring and nice. She is hard-working, and she would be good as a teacher, psychologist, musician, politician, social worker or manager.

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.

Rosa Parks – A famous Aquarius

Her independence makes the Aquarius good at making money. She doesn’t mind taking risks whilst investing as she is open to new ideas. She doesn’t live for money but she knows how to make them.

She will be generous and you will often find out that she makes monthly donations to those who don’t have as much.

Some Aquarius women who come across more money should hire accountants because Aquarius is generally a sign that doesn’t value money that much or who doesn’t think too much of it.

Her own kind of trendsetter

Healthy people in general, Aquarius women won’t exercise that much. Thy should get on board with an exercise routine at an older age, however.

This sign appears to be most sensitive in the area of the ankles. She has to take good care of her legs and pay more attention to where she is stepping.

You won’t find the Aquarius woman at the mall that much. She prefers small shops that sell unique pieces.

She doesn’t follow the trends and she “works” the clothes she has in her wardrobe. Her natural style is courageous and she makes interesting combinations with her clothes.

She looks good in bright colors like turquoise, emerald green and pink. Blue-green seems to be the nuance that characterizes this woman. She will wear elegant clothes and discrete jewelry.

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